Bernie has suspended his presidential campaign, but the movement he inspired will keep going. Many of the issues we are fighting for — like Medicare for All and paid sick leave — are now being viewed as essential in the midst of the pandemic and the economic crisis.

That’s why Our Revolution is mobilizing voters in the remaining primary states to ensure Bernie earns enough delegates so we can continue to transform the Democratic party, elect progressive champions, and fight for progressive policies at every level of government.

You can read MORE about the FIGHT AHEAD in this edition of The Revolution Report!

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Member Survey Results

After Bernie suspended his campaign, we asked our members about what the priorities of our movement should be. Here are the results:

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A group Bernie Sanders founded is pushing to win him enough delegates to influence the Democrats’ platform

Even though Bernie ended his presidential campaign, he’s still on the ballot — and we need as many Bernie delegates as possible at the Democratic National Convention in August to both preserve the party reforms we won in 2016 and continue to move the party platform to the left. That’s why our work isn’t finished!

We’re activating members in Ohio, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon and elsewhere to get out the vote for Bernie. If we amass 1,200 Bernie delegates at the convention, we will achieve the 25% threshold necessary to bring motions to the floor. We need your help!

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All across the country, Our Revolution is helping to elect the next wave of progressive champions up and down the ballot:

Marie Newman’s victory over conservative Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski in Illinois is proof that, through persistent and committed organizing, Our Revolution-backed candidates can defeat the DCCC and their tactics, and win in our fight for the social and economic justice all of us deserve.

Mike Siegel, Austin assistant city attorney, won his primary to secure a place on the ballot in the July 14 runoff to represent Texas’ 10th Congressional District. Siegel’s grassroots operation, powered by Our Revolution Texas volunteers, proves that when we organize, we win!

Scott Feuless of Pearland, TX is a perfect example of our motto of electing progressive champions up and down the ballot. He’s running for Brazoria Drainage District 4, Place 2 Commissioner and will be in the runoff election on May 26. Scott is also a leader in Our Revolution Texas.

Georgette Gomez, San Diego City Council President, will be on the ballot in November to represent San Diego’s 53rd Congressional District thanks to the hard work of Our Revolution activists in southern California. If elected, Georgette will become the first queer Latina in Congressional history.

Jackie Fielder, candidate for District 11 in the California State Senate, won her primary to advance to the general election in November. “California has 157 billionaires. We have the 5th largest economy in the world. Yet here in San Francisco, many of us are trying to hold on for dear life,” she told the San Francisco Berniecrats at their Organize to Win rally.

Click Here to See Our Roster of Nationally Endorsed Progressive Champions

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Organizing During the Pandemic

Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese and Congressman Ro Khanna [CA-17] joined over 5,000 members for The Revolution Report National Call to discuss how the current crisis is a moment for our movement to advance progressive policies. “This is the time to insist on progressive policies, but it will require vigorous grassroots organizing to get Congress to understand it,” Khanna said.

National Town Hall on Medicare for All

With millions of workers at risk because they don’t have paid leave or health care during the pandemic, there couldn’t be a more compelling argument for Medicare for All. Over 3,000 Our Revolution members joined Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen for a conversation about how we can organize to win universal coverage during this pandemic.
Watch the meeting here!

Stand with Amazon Workers!

Chris Smalls, the worker who led the recent walkout at Amazon’s Staten Island, NY warehouse over safety concerns, spoke with over 150 Our Revolution leaders about labor organizing during the pandemic. “We need to help workers understand their true worth. People like Jeff Bezos don’t make their billions unless we go to work. By joining together, we can take power back. Amazon is not essential right now. We are essential.”
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Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform

Newly elected San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin joined Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese and over 3,000 Our Revolution members on our Revolution Report National Call to discuss how people power made the difference in his underdog campaign to reform our broken justice system. “We could not have won my race without the support of local Our Revolution organizers. It’s people power that made the difference. Our message resonated with voters who understood the horrific inequities of our criminal justice system. It’s this kind of honesty and organizing that can defeat the billionaires and the corporate media, and overcome all odds.”

Vote By Mail

The best way to safeguard our democracy during this crisis is to ensure that we secure strong vote by mail provisions in the remaining primaries and the November general election. Oregon has a proven track record of generating higher turnout results so long as every registered voter is mailed a ballot. We need to engage in state and county campaigns to enable universal vote by mail.
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All across the country, Our Revolution is organizing a national network of local political powerhouses to build the progressive movement from the bottom up:

Our Revolution Florida

Our Revolution Florida convened a virtual statewide call to continue our work to turn the Sunshine State into a progressive powerhouse. Joined by State Representative Dotie Joseph, who represents a portion of Miami-Dade County — as well as activists Nadia Ahmad and Alexei Lizanich — local leaders highlighted the need for progressive policies that would help protect the most vulnerable from the devastating impacts of our current public health and economic crisis.
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution New Jersey

Our Revolution New Jersey activists joined candidates and elected officials, including Zina Spezakis, candidate for Congress in District 9; Arati Kreibich, Glen Rock Councilmember and candidate for Congress in District 5; and Rachel Ehlrich, Madison Borough Councilmember — to emphasize the need for Medicare for All, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, affordable housing, climate justice, canceling student debt, and transforming the Democratic party.
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution Maine

Maine’s virtual state organizing meeting featured Betsy Sweet, our nationally endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate running against Susan Collins. “We’re on the cusp of a political and economic revolution. We have a real opportunity not just to take on Susan Collins, but to elect leaders who will make programs like Medicare for All permanent policy.”
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution Texas

This month’s Texas Organize to Win virtual meeting featured inspiring remarks by our own Jim Hightower on the movement’s Beyond Bernie moment. It also showcased two progressive candidates running popular campaigns — Mike Siegel for Congress and Lorenzo Sanchez for State House — and two city officials — San Marcos’ Joca Marquez and Dallas’ Adam Bazaldua, who discussed several progressive issues their city councils are working on.
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution Pennsylvania & Reclaim Philadelphia

Held in partnership with Reclaim Philadelphia, our virtual organizing meeting featured two progressive champions — Philadelphia City Council Members Helen Gym and Kendra Brooks — who spoke on the local impact of Covid-19 and efforts to protect essential workers and vulnerable communities. They were joined by several local issues leaders including Marty Harrison of PASNAP/Temple Univ. Hosp. Nurses’ Assn, who gave a report from the frontlines. We also announced our endorsement of three local candidates: Elizabeth Fiedler, Nikil Saval, and Rick Krajewski.
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution Wisconsin

Wisconsin activists convened in Madison for their first Organize to Win summit. Congressman Mark Pocan, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, told attendees: “What our revolution is about is making sure we have a movement and not a moment. The only way we’re going to get change is to build it from the bottom up.” Randy “IronStache” Bryce, who ran against Paul Ryan in 2018, encouraged participants to put the “move into movement.”
Watch the kickoff here!

Our Revolution North Carolina

North Carolina’s Organize to Win summit was held at North Carolina Central University with activists from across the Tar Heel State. Moises Serrano, who was the subject of an award-winning documentary, Forbidden, spoke on the importance of immigration reform. “It’s 2020 and we still have not fixed this issue. We need to support candidates who are willing to defend immigrant communities.”
Watch the kickoff here!

Our Illinois Revolution

U.S. Rep. Chuy Garcia headlined the our Illinois monthly meeting with a recap of the first Congressional stimulus package and lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us about systemic inequities. Joining him on the call were State Rep. Karina Villa, who is pressing employers to improve workplace safety, and Alderman Andre Vasquez who spoke on the racial inequities of the Covid-19 impact. Alfredo Villalobos, an Amazon contract warehouse worker, described the challenges of performing his job during the COVID-19 crisis.
Watch the meeting here!

Our Revolution Colorado

Our Revolution board members Jim Hightower and Jane Kleeb helped kick-off the Colorado Organize to Win Summit. They joined OR group leaders from Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Weld County who together represent over 20,000 supporters. Our members were joined by Colorado State Rep. Emily Sirota, and former Colorado state rep Joe Salazar, executive director of Colorado Rising, and others who spoke on a wide range of issues.
Watch the kickoff here!

Our Revolution Long Beach, California

The Long Beach Organize to Win Summit — led by Cesar Armendariz — brought together activists and candidates who are working together to win progressive victories across Southern California. Jasmine Kanick talked about Measure R, a citizen-led ballot initiative that aims to reform Los Angeles County’s police system. Several OR-endorsed candidates were there, including Long Beach City Council candidate Tunua Thrash-Ntuk and State Assembly candidate Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, who both won on March 3 and are advancing to the general election.

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