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Join us for the June “Revolution Report” Call this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET — we’ll be talking with the next generation of progressive champions we’re organizing to elect up and down the ballot!


Don’t miss our National Organizing Call every Monday night — June guests include Georgette Gomez, candidate for Congress in California, Andrew Romanoff, candidate for US Senate in Colorado, and Khalid Kamou, city council member from South Fulton, Georgia and more!


In this moment of crisis, Our Revolution HQ is doubling-down on building-up a national network of state political powerhouses capable of fighting to win progressive issues, elect progressive candidates, and transform the Democratic Party into a true progressive party. SIGN UP FOR YOUR JUNE STATE MEETING!

Featured State Organizing Meetings & Actions

RSVP NOW! Join Our Revolution South Carolina for a conversation about criminal justice reform with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Bernie 2020 Co-Chair Nina Turner.

Join Our Revolution and our groups in New York to hear from Jumaane Williams, New York City Public Advocate, on the fight for criminal justice reform. He will be joined by other candidates running for public office in the Empire State.


Join Our Revolution Illinois for an interview with US Rep. Jan Schakowsky about how we’re working with the Congressional Progressive Caucus to advance our agenda on Capitol Hill.


Bob Muehlenkamp, Chair of Our Revolution Maryland, wrote in Jacobin about how Our Revolution’s sustained and strategic organizing model is critical to carrying on the legacy of the Sanders’ campaign. “Progressive activists want to be part of a movement that is grassroots and bottom up, deeply democratic, that fights on both national and local issues, has an inside/outside strategy of electing progressives to office and at the same time challenges and changes the Democratic Party. This is exactly what Our Revolution is doing right now.”

All across America, Our Revolution is electing the next wave of progressive champions up and down the ballot.

Our Revolution Oregon helped elect Mike Schmidt to serve as district attorney in Multnomah County, which includes Portland! At the Our Revolution Oregon Organizing Meeting in May, Mike laid out his vision for criminal justice reform in Oregon, including ending the death penalty, mandatory sentencing, and cash bail. “If we look at the data and research, it’s evident that we can do all these things and it will make us more safe.” Now more than ever, it’s important that we work to elect progressive District Attorneys up and down the ballot!

Our Revolution California’s Organizing Meeting in May featured Congressman Ro Khanna, an endorsed candidate for re-election and Bernie 2020 co-chair. “We need your voices now more than ever to keep holding us accountable in Congress, to push us to get more progressive policy. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Bernie Sanders is the most progressive person who has run in modern history, and he almost became the nominee. I am 100% convinced that a progressive future is ours. ”

Our Revolution Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania’s May Organizing Meeting featured State Rep. Summer Lee, an endorsed candidate running for re-election. Summer spoke about fighting to win a local moratorium on evictions and foreclosures — and how outside organizing was critical. “We know our legislation doesn’t move because Republicans have vowed never to bring up Democratic bills. But when we organize on the outside — when housing justice folks fight and speak up — we can win big on these issues.”

New York City Councilmember & Queens Borough presidential candidate Costa Constantinides was endorsed at our New York Organizing Meeting in part because of his bold plan to use clean energy as a way to bring good green jobs to Queens.

“By acting on climate, by shutting down dirty power plants, by putting renewable energy in every public building in Queens, we will have cleaner air to breathe and we can create jobs,” Costa said.

New York’s May meeting also featured nationally endorsed candidate Samelys Lopez, who is running to represent the South Bronx in Congress. “You have to center the voices of the directly impacted,” Lopez said. “We need working-class champions who are going to put people first and are going to respect the movement that we built with our blood, sweat and tears. ”

Our Revolution Colorado’s May Organizing Meeting featured Andrew Romanoff who’s aiming to flip Colorado’s US Senate seat from red to blue in one of the most closely watched races of 2020. He spoke about his support for Medicare for All as the antidote “to an industry that bases its profits on denying as many claims and excluding as many sick people as possible.”

CLICK HERE to see more of Our Revolution HQ’s endorsements — from drainage commissioner in Brazoria, Texas to governor of West Virginia!


All across America, Our Revolution is “getting out the vote” for Bernie so we win enough delegates to transform the Democratic Party into a true progressive party.

Thanks to Our Revolution / New York Progressive Action Network’s nimble grassroots organizing and legal action, Bernie is back on the ballot in New York! NYPAN’s George Albro updated our members on the win at the May New York Organizing Meeting — “Any day that we win back the right to vote is a good day. Bernie wanted his delegates to get elected to fight for a progressive platform but the governor of the 1% had a different plan. He liked it better if he picked all the delegates from New York. This was just an excuse, a power grab, a way to rob people of their right to vote.”

Our Revolution partnered with our allies to announce the formation of the 2020 Bernie Delegates Network, which will serve as a hub for more than 1,000 Bernie Sanders delegates to the Democratic National Convention. We’re organizing to make sure the Democratic ticket and the party’s top leaders are willing to fully recognize and respond to the broadly popular policy views of party activists. It’s up to us to hold the Democratic Party accountable — if you are a DNC delegate, let us know!


Our Revolution Maine and other chapters are organizing to ensure that all Bernie state delegate spots are filled at their state Democratic Conventions. “This was a huge undertaking to complete in a really short period of time,” Maine leader Leah Knightly said. “But we were able to text and email and phone bank our way to filling over 200 Bernie state delegate vacancies, and we filled them with tried and true Bernie supporters.”

Jessica Cisneros, the 26-year-old attorney who ran for Congress in Texas 28 against 15-year incumbent Henry Cuellar and nearly won, spoke at the Texas Organizing Meeting about how she took on the political establishment and the DCCC Blacklist. “We definitely pushed him left on some issues. He was out of touch with many in his district but the Democratic establishment ignored them.”


Attorney General Keith Ellison, known as the people’s lawyer, joined the May Minnesota state organizing meeting to talk about how this is a moment to organize because corporations are using our government to profiteer off the pandemic. He urged activists to fight to expand vote by mail because our democracy is under attack.


Our Illinois Revolution’s Organizing Meeting featured Martese Chism, RN, a leader with the National Nurses United. “This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that our healthcare system is broken and not sustainable,” Chism said. “We’re going to fight for Medicare for All, we’re going to keep on fighting and we’re not going to rest. When we fight, we win.”


Deborah Axt with Make the Road Action joined the New York Organizing Meeting to discuss the growing immigrant workers’ movement that is taking on Amazon for failing to provide essential workers with the resources and support they need to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Covid-19 Crisis Shows Why Food
Should Be a Human Right

“Progressives regularly make the case that healthcare and education are human rights. Why not food?” asks Our Revolution Howard County, MD Leader Paul Baicich in a new opinion piece published in In These Times.


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