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McConnell Urged to ‘Finish the Job’ and Reconvene Senate to Put Twice-Impeached Trump on Trial

We cannot let the attacks on our democracy by Trump and the GOP go unpunished.  This week, Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese stated that our movement “stands with the Democratic and Republican members of Congress who voted to immediately remove Trump from the White House” and now calls on the Senate to “take swift action to neutralize this threat to our nation’s democracy and its people.”



Activists ask Hawley to resign: ‘What happened at the Capitol can never happen again’

In addition to calling on the Senate to convict Trump, Our Revolution members all across the USA are taking to the streets to hold rogue Republicans – like Sen. Josh Hawley – accountable for the assault on our democracy.  This week, Our Revolution Missouri held a protest in Kansas City calling for Hawley’s resignation for his part in repeating baseless election fraud claims leading to incitement of violence at the Capitol.   Democrats in the Missouri House have introduced a resolution demanding Hawley resign over “his leading role in inciting sedition and violent insurrection” against the U.S.

In addition to holding Hawley accountable, Our Revolution New Jersey members in Atlantic County protested to demand coup-supporter Rep. Jeff Van Drew immediately step-down from Congress; Our Illinois Revolution is calling for the  resignation of Rep. Mary Miller, who repeated a quote by Adolf Hitler while the Capitol attack was in progress; and Our Revolution Massachusetts members rallied at Malden’s City Hall Plaza to protest the violent attack inside the Capitol and draw attention to racism behind the lax policing against the insurrectionists.


After going all-out in November to defeat Trump, we shifted our focus to win the two critical Senate runoff elections in Georgia!

Our Revolution went all-out to mobilize our 50,000 member households in Georgia to overcome GOP voter suppression efforts and boost turnout in these tight races.  

Our local organizers led volunteers on COVID-safe GOTV door-to-door canvasses in Hamilton, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties, while activists from around the nation dialed-up our GOTV phone banking and text operations.  In total, we knocked on over 10,000 doors, made 200,000 phone calls and sent 495,000 texts!  Thanks to your volunteerism and financial support, we ended Mitch McConnell’s reign of terror as Senate Majority Leader, and put Vice-President Kamala Harris in the role of tie-breaker in an evenly split Senate!  

Now that we flipped the Senate, we need to fix the Senate by changing undemocratic, arcane rules that will allow the Senate Republican minority to block progressive legislation. 

That’s why Our Revolution is joining with Sen. Jeff Merkely, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the Fix Our Senate coalition to reform Senate rules, end GOP obstructionism, and clear the way for progress on urgent issues like healthcare, climate, and voting rights.  The coalition just released a new ad calling on Senate Democrats to eliminate the filibuster, calling it “a partisan weapon” that we must take away from  Sen. Mitch McConnell.


Winning Georgia means that Bernie will be the new Chair of the Budget Committee, a powerful position that will play a central role in shaping and steering the Democrats’ tax and spending plans through a Congress that they control with the slimmest of margins.  As budget chair, Sen. Sanders will have the ability to use a little-known but incredibly powerful congressional tool called reconciliation — that allows Congress to move health care and climate legislation without gaining 60 votes.

In 2021, Our Revolution is focused on strengthening our national network of state and local grassroots groups to: 

   1. Hold Biden Accountable:  In 2021, we’re mobilizing to fight corporate power and hold Biden accountable to turning his promises into policy.

 2. Elect Progressive Champions:  2021 isn’t an “off-year” for progressives – there are hundreds of state and local elections on the calendar – and we’re ramping-up our organizing to elect progressive champions at every level.

 3. Fight for Progressive Policies:  2021 is our year to make progress on our priorities – and we’re gearing-up to fight for  climate, health care, and economic and racial justice.

 4. Build a Progressive Party:  In 2021, we’re working to elect more progressives to party leadership positions so we can set the direction of the Democratic Party in upcoming election cycles.


In addition to pushing Biden to lead on legislation, Our Revolution members overwhelmingly agree that President-elect Joe Biden must also use executive action to make key progressive changes — beginning on Day One.  88% of Our Revolution members said that Biden should bypass Congress and sign executive orders to create policies that just can’t wait.  From the moment he takes office, Biden should use the power of the pen to cancel billions of dollars in student debt, raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $15 per hour, declare the climate crisis a national emergency — and more.  But we have to make him do it – read more about our first executive action below!

As part of an ongoing effort to rebuild Florida’s Democratic Party, Our Revolution Florida held a forum for several progressive candidates in the recent election for party chair. The following candidates joined the call — Alachua County Democratic leader and former lawmaker Dr. Cynthia Moore Chestnut, Hillsborough County Democratic Party Chair Ione Townsend, Democratic National Committee member Nikki Barnes, and Orange County Democratic Party Chair Wes Hodge – to discuss their vision for a Florida Democratic Party that is inclusive, transparent and competent. 

Our Revolution California is working with the California Progressive Delegates Network to have a voice in the state Democratic Party.   Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM) are now underway and we’re organizing to elect delegates in the state’s 80 assembly districts who are elected to serve 2-year terms.  ADEM delegates have real power to influence the party – they vote on platforms, endorsements, and rules at party conventions.  Over 100 Our Revolution-endorsed delegates are running.  CLICK HERE to learn more! 

When their state party chair recently resigned, Our Revolution Ohio organized and held the first Ohio Democratic Party Candidate Forum in partnership with progressive groups across the state.  The newly elected ODP Chair Liz Walters participated in the forum to talk about her support for Medicare for All and her track record of working with progressive organizations to move our issues forward.   The coalition is also calling for reforms that would make the party more dynamic and inclusive.   

Our Revolution Ohio is going all out to send Nina Turner to Washington to represent Ohio’s 11th Congressional District!  Since launching our Ohio GOTV Phone Bank in mid-December, our members have had hundreds of conversations with residents of the district.  The top issues on voters’ minds are Medicare for All, Criminal Justice Reform, the Green New Deal, the Fight for $15, Immigration Reform and Canceling Student Debt.


Our Illinois Revolution launched its first 2021 Organize to Win Kickoff by endorsing Daniel Biss for Mayor of Evanston.  With a primary election on February 23rd, Our Illinois Revolution is mobilizing activists across the state to support Biss — a proven progressive leader, who served in the both chambers of the state legislature, where he was a consistent champion for working people and marginalized communities.   Our Illinois Revolution Downstate also announced several key endorsements in upcoming local races: Chama St. Louis, for Mayor of Peoria, Titianna Ammons, for City Clerk in Urbana, Vance Wyatt for Treasurer of North Chicago, Rita Conerly for City Township Supervisor of Champaign, Jackie Gunderson for Mayor of Bloomington, and Nathan Columbo for City Council in Carbondale.

Will County Progressives – part of Our Illinois Revolution – also celebrated its stunning upset in the Democratic caucuses, ousting all but one incumbent in the Joliet Township elections.   Despite establishment tactics like keeping the caucus date and location secret until the last moment, our progressive challengers and their supporters were able to turn out three times as many voters as their opponents and win over 60% of the vote!

Together with several other local progressive organizations, Our Revolution / New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) hosted a forum for candidates running for Manhattan Borough President in the upcoming June 22 primary.  Featuring Democratic candidates Mark Levine, Elizabeth Caputo, Brad Hoylman, Kimberly Watkins, Ben Kallos and Lindsey Boylan, the forum focused on a wide range of issues important to citizens of New York’s Manhattan borough — including healthcare, racial equality, transportation and budget justice. In addition, current Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer joined the call to talk about the role of the borough president in city government. 

This Monday, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., there’s no better way to honor his Dream than to demand immediate action on the issue he died fighting for – the rights of low-wage workers.  That’s why Our Revolution is calling on President-elect Biden to bypass Congress and use the power of the pen to lift millions of low-wage federal contract workers (the majority of whom are women and people of color) out of poverty by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, mandating paid family leave and paid vacation days, improving working conditions (including COVID-19 workplace protections), and strengthening unions.   


 Our Wisconsin Revolution is celebrating success with the passage of a Medicare for All Resolution in Madison!  The Dane County Board of Supervisors voted by an overwhelming margin to support the need for a single-payer healthcare system in our country.  Our Revolution members including Madison physician Richard McGowan, in partnership with Public Citizen and other progressive groups, fought tirelessly to win this “small yet critical step” towards a national Medicare for All program.

Our Revolution Monmouth County, New Jersey is celebrating the unanimous passage of the Migrant Rights Resolution by the Mayor and Borough Council of Red Bank. 

Red Bank became the eighth city in New Jersey to pass a resolution calling for elected officials at the county, state and federal levels to “reunify migrant families presently separated in detention centers, to end migrant detention as a practice, and to afford these families meaningful due process in immigration proceedings”  Judy Pack, an Our Revolution local leader, denounced what she and others called “inhumane, unconstitutional and cruel policies” inflicted on people seeking a better life.   Undocumented immigrants are “our neighbors, and our friends. They’re essential workers, and they’re taxpayers, and some business owners, and they’re students, and we need them. They have so much to offer our little town, our state and our country.”


Our Revolution Montgomery County, Maryland started off 2021 with a virtual Town Hall featuring four Our Revolution-endorsed progressive state House delegates – David Moon, Gabe Acevero, Julie Palakovich Carr, and Vaughn Stewart – who discussed progressive bills they are sponsoring and ways to move them out of committee and ultimately pass them into law.  The legislation includes Medicare-for-All, criminal justice reform, increased protection for immigrants, and greater transparency in government.


Hello Somebody!   We have an incredible opportunity to send our very own Nina Turner to Congress this year!


Join Our Revolution Texas as we discuss the Healthy Texas Act with Medicare for All champion Michael Lighty, criminal justice reform with Garett Galloway, the 2021 state legislative cycle, and upcoming local elections!


Don’t miss the first National Organize to Win Call of 2021 on Monday, January 18th at 8.30pm EST featuring U.S. Rep. Marie Newman and a powerful line-up of progressive champions!


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