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Our line-up features Rep. Mondaire Jones on the For the People Act;  Delaine Eastin, candidate for California Democratic Party Chair; CWA union leader Sara Steffens on the PRO Act; and Amirah Sequeira of National Nurses United on Medicare for All!


At the Capitol on Tuesday morning, Our Revolution members, essential workers, and union leaders held a nationally live-streamed press conference  to call Congress to pass the Protect the Right to Organize Act – a sweeping labor reform bill that overrides so-called “right-to-work” laws, gives labor rights to gig workers, and cracks down on union-busting by bosses. 

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 The PRO Act passed the House later that day, and we’re now pivoting to push every Democrat in the Senate to stand with America’s workers!  

The PRO Act now joins the Raise the Wage Act, the For the People Act and other transformative bills that will die on the Senate floor unless we kill the filibuster.   

That’s why Our Revolution is hiring organizers in Arizona and West Virginia to hold Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema accountable to unrigging the Senate rules so we can advance our progressive priorities!

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 Our Revolution Alabama’s Eric Hall joined our Monday Organizing Call to report on our work to support Amazon warehouse workers fight back against a ruthless anti-union campaign.   Amazon reportedly spends $10,000 a day on anti-busting consultants who flout federal labor laws.  Meanwhile, it receives billions of dollars’ worth of federal contracts for everything from web services to staplers.  

That’s why Eric’s local group kicked off a new campaign to call on the President to stop giving our tax dollars to union-busters.  

“Our tax money should not reward union-busting companies like Amazon,” Eric said.  “With the stroke of the pen, President Biden can ban anti-union companies from receiving lucrative federal contracts.”



This week, Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told NBC News that the Fight for $15 is far from finished.  Democrats campaigned on it, low-wage workers need it, and a majority of Americans support it.  Even Josh Hawley and major corporations declared support for $15.  “I think for Democrats to settle for anything less than $15 is political suicide, given the moment,” he said. 

That’s why Our Revolution is organizing to demand Congress raise the wage in the second budget bill that will be taken up later this year, and also calling on President Biden to issue an executive order to withhold lucrative federal contracts from corporations that refuse to pay a living wage.

Nina Turner, who is running for Congress in Ohio, joined our Monday Organizing Call on International Women’s Day, reminding us that all the issues we fight for are women’s issues.  Referencing the Alabama Amazon workers – the majority of whom are women – she said, “From challenge comes change, and we must challenge to get the change we want to see.”  

Our Revolution Ohio members are going all-out to elect Nina. So far, we’ve recruited nearly 1000 volunteers and made over 50,000 calls


Over 500 people attended the Virginia People’s Debates  – co-sponsored by Our Revolution – to hear from all eight of the candidates vying to be the next Lieutenant Governor.  The candidates are united in support of marijuana legalization, automatic voter registration, repealing right to work, and racial equity.  The Virginia People’s Debates series concludes Tuesday, March 16th with the candidates running for Governor.  RSVP HERE!

 Down to the Wire!  Our Revolution is phone banking to help Karen Carter Peterson win the March 20th special election to fill Louisiana’s open Congressional seat.   Volunteer today to send another progressive champion to Capitol Hill! 


California State Rep. Miguel Santiago joined our Monday Organizing Call to discuss CalCare – a bill which would set up a universal, statewide single-payer system.  CalCare would guarantee healthcare as a human right for the nearly 3 million Californians with no health insurance.  Rep. Santiago, a co-author of the bill, called it “the most important fight in this decade in the state legislature. And we know if we can do it in California, we can do it across the country.”

CALIFORNIA SUPPORTERS:  Tell your Representative to vote YES on CALCARE AB 1400!

Speaking of universal coverage, Our Revolution members will stand with Reps. Debbie Dingell and Pramila Jayapal to introduce Medicare for All in the House on Wednesday, March 17th.   Watch LIVE on our Facebook Page! 

Our Revolution Connecticut’s March Organizing Call featured State Sen. Julie Kushner, who discussed her proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund investments in jobs, infrastructure, and education.  State Rep. Robyn Porter also joined the call to talk about her initiative to legalize cannabis in an equitable way by making sure minority communities receive licenses to grow. The proposal would also allow workers to unionize by requiring labor peace agreements in the new industry.

In his weekly column and podcast, Our Revolution Board Member Jim Hightower writes about The GOP’s Shameful War on Voters.  He notes that at least 253 bills have been introduced in 43 states to obstruct voting.  “The electoral process is being stolen in broad daylight. This is pathetic, disgraceful political thuggery.”

Our Revolution scored a major victory this week when the DCCC officially ended its Blacklist – a ban on hiring or recommending political consultants who work with primary challengers.  Calling it “a major victory for progressives,” Politico writes:  “The move is just the latest example of the Left prevailing over their moderate colleagues in the House.”  

Our Revolution California members are mobilizing to elect Delaine Eastin as the next chair of the California Democratic Party.  Delaine has pledged to make the party more progressive and to champion healthcare, housing, and protections for frontline workers.  If she wins in April, Delaine would be the first woman to lead the CDP in 35 years.  Be sure to RSVP for our next Monday Organizing Call and hear from Delaine!

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As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Our Revolution Florida’s state organizing call will highlight progressive women fighting for equity and justice!


Join Our Revolution Oregon to discuss the implementation of Oregon Measure 110:  The Drug Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Initiative, a ballot measure that was passed by voters in 2020. 


Join Our Revolution Texas to hear from Greg Casar and Austin’s “Homes Not Not Handcuffs” campaign, Ananda Tomas and San Antonio’s “Fix SAPD” initiative, and Rep. Talarico’s bill to bring Teachers a minimum yearly salary of $70,000.  We’ll also rollout our first slate of locally endorsed candidates for the May 1st elections!


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