FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, September 13th, 2021

Statement from Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese on the content of the House Ways and Means Revenue Bill: 

“As fires burn out of control in the west and flooding is taking a terrible toll in the east, Congress must hold the line on ending fossil fuel subsidies, including both $35 billion in subsidies for domestic production, and the $85 billion in new foreign oil & gas tax breaks added as last-minute giveaways to the oil and gas industry by the Trump tax scheme of 2017. 

“We are disappointed that, despite Senate backing, the Ways and Means Committee has failed to incorporate the entire plan to repeal fossil fuel subsidies, and has completely excluded any repeal of domestic fossil fuel subsidies. Ending these subsidies is critical to addressing the climate crisis and fighting back against the greed of the oil and gas industry. 

“The lack of action will have consequences, not only on our planet but also at the ballot box.  Ending fossil fuel subsidies is popular with voters.  If Democrats don’t deliver on their promises on this bill, it’s going to be hard to convince voters that Democrats have their best interests at heart come the midterms and beyond.

”If House members are not willing to do it, then we must rely on the Senate to do the right thing for our people and our planet.” 

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Our Revolution is dedicated to organizing a political revolution strong enough to challenge the structural forces that threaten our survival as a society. Together, we are building a national grassroots network of powerful local groups who are fighting to win progressive issue fights, elect progressive champions, transform the Democratic party and get big money out of politics.

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