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Our progressive inside-outside strategy is producing results, but we have more work to do! Make an investment in Our Revolution today to fund the critical fight to deliver more for the working class and expand voting rights ahead of the midterms.

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After months of hard work, Our Revolution is celebrating the passage of Build Back Better – and its working class investments – in the US House Friday morning.

Now, we take the fight to the Senate, where we have a small window to maximize our priorities in this critical legislation.

Bernie pledged to fight to “strengthen” the bill as it moves through the Senate in order to deliver “the demands of the American people.”

It took progressive Dems voting ‘NO’ twice on the bipartisan bill to force the hand of leadership and corporate Dems to make Build Back Better a reality.

Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told the LA Times: “There’s a new day in Washington,” with progressives emerging as a “much more powerful and assertive” voting bloc in Congress.

“We had to play legislative hardball to get taken seriously. It’s a numbers game, and we’ve got to elect more people who are willing to stand up,” Joseph said. “There’s a playbook here that can work incredibly well if we have more progressive Democrats in the ranks.”

Without the dauntless organizing by our grassroots members, key working class and climate provisions of Build Back Better would not have been on the table. Left to their own devices, corporate Democrats would have pushed through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill only and called it a day for their donors.

That’s why our inside-outside strategy has been so critical to keeping Build Back Better on track and getting it passed. Our Revolution kept up pressure on corporatists and supported our allies on the inside, making it impossible for corporate Dems to abandon the working class provisions that candidate Biden promised to deliver.

The legislation isn’t everything we’d like it to be, but it includes many hard-fought wins and it is something substantial we can build on.

This is a huge step forward for climate, healthcare, childcare, and more, helping to put an end to the age of government austerity.

We must deliver even more for ordinary Americans to give them a reason to come out for Democrats in 2022 and beyond. And, now, we must pass voting rights to ensure that folks are able to vote.

Join Our Revolution today as a sustaining donor to keep our fight moving forward.

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Sending gratitude to all of our members this Thanksgiving holiday! Our next Live Monday Night Broadcast will air at 8:30p ET/5:30p PT on Dec. 6th.


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Cleveland’s new Mayor-elect Justin Bibb joined our Live Monday Night Broadcast to discuss how he ran and won on a bold progressive platform, including police reform.

On Election Day, Bibb was voted in along with a ballot measure for the Safer Cleveland Initiative to create a Community Police Commission.

He said the success of the ballot initiative speaks to the frustration among many residents across the city. “I believe this issue is going to be the foundational point to allow us to truly be a model for America on how to finally get policing right once and for all.

Bibb’s campaign focused on bread-and-butter issues like safety, climate justice, and making sure the mayor’s office is responsive to residents.

“It wasn’t about if I’m progressive or not, but if I was going to be a fighter as mayor and if I was going to instill a better sense of pride back into the city,” he said.

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With all but a couple of races called, Our Revolution is celebrating big down-ballot wins and gearing up for 2022! This cycle, we demonstrated that our army of grassroots volunteers helped progressive candidates win, and that our progressive message motivated people to go to the polls.

We clinched executive power with mayoral wins in major cities across the country, and even passed ballot measures for police reform, housing and a living wage.

This is how we’re building the bench up and down the ballot, and building power to deliver more wins for the people as we head into 2022.


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On our Live Monday Night Broadcast, we were joined by Councilor khalid kamau who is running to be mayor of South Fulton, GA, a new city that was formed in 2017.

Running on a bold progressive platform, khalid made it through to the run-off election against the incumbent, which will be held on Nov. 30th.

He said voters are gravitating to his message on transparent budgeting, public safety, and police reform.

“Showing what we were spending on policing people versus developing economic opportunities – that just woke so many people up,” khalid said. “They’d never looked at their city budget. It’s not something that you see on the nightly news, so that really resonates.”

“When people find out things like that about how their money is being spent at the local level – it really ignites a fire,” he added.

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Living in this tumultuous time can be daunting, frustrating.. even painful. The remedy is taking action, getting involved, and knowing you’re making a difference.

Together, we are powerful.

As more people like you join Our Revolution, our movement and our impact grow. Knowing what we’re up against only serves to harden our resolve and make our victories along the way that much more motivating.


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For months now, we’ve been bird-dogging and protesting corporate House Dems for their obstruction against the working class provisions in Biden’s agenda.

Every one of them fell in line

This includes U.S. Reps. Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Kathleen Rice (NY), Stephanie Murphy (FL), Henry Cuellar (TX), Filemon Vela (TX), Kurt Shrader (OR) and the rest of the Nefarious Nine.

Because of our in-district organizing, they cast their votes for the budget bill after months of expressing opposition.

As it stands, the $1.75T package includes $555B for climate action, $400B for affordable child care and early childhood education, an extra year of the child tax credit, and hearing benefits for Medicare.

Aggressive activism and strategizing on the inside succeeded in getting some priorities back into the bill, such as four weeks of paid family and medical leave and limited drug price negotiation with Big Pharma.

The bill is paid for through taxes on the ultra-wealthy, IRS funding to crack down on rich tax cheats, and a 15% corporate minimum tax, Common Dreams reports.

Now, the legislation goes to the Senate.

“Our work will not stop until the Build Back Better Act passes the Senate without any weakening of these popular provisions,” said U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal. “We call on the Senate to quickly pass this bill and send it to President Biden’s desk as soon as possible. It’s time to deliver.

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Our Revolution
activists were arrested again on Wednesday marching on the White House for voting rights, telling the Biden Administration: “No More Excuses!”

Our Revolution Maryland members – including Yvonne Baicich, Charlie Cooper, Debby Szeredy, and Joe Kirchner – joined with over 150 hundreds of activists to willingly accept arrest alongside Ben Jealous of the People for the American Way, Rev. William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign, and many other allies.

“We have to stand fast. We’re with you! Yvonne told the crowd before getting arrested.

At each demonstration, our numbers grow, and more of us are arrested. This kind of surging momentum and urgency cannot be ignored by the President.

Everyone should be in this fight because nothing less than our democracy is on the line.

President Biden must address the filibuster and pass voting legislation to counter the GOP’s brazen voter suppression efforts across the country. The Freedom to Vote Act would also include making election day a federal holiday, automatic voter registration, and ending partisan gerrymandering.

Voting rights and redistricting must be dealt with before the end of the year. Become a recurring donor now to help push this fight forward.

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Our Revolution Ohio
and Nina Turner also rallied for voting rights this week.

“It makes no sense in the 21st Century that we’ve got to beg people to protect and expand access to the ballot box,” Nina told the crowd.

Nina advocated a multi-pronged approach to protecting the right to vote: fighting to pass the Freedom to Vote Act on the federal level and battling against the GOP War on Voters state by state.

“We must put our sweat equity on the state level of government,” Nina said. “Republicans are decimating access to the ballot box because they know that a multicultural, multi-generation coalition of people will vote a different way so they want to steal it because they can’t win it – hello somebody!”

Other speakers at the event included several Our Revolution-backed officials like Cleveland Heights Mayor-elect Kahlil Seren and Lakewood City Councilmember Tristan Rader.

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Political change requires working-class power and solidarity.

At this historic juncture, we must have each other’s back to push the struggle forward. We invite you to invest in the mission of Our Revolution as we rise up to meet the challenges of our time.


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On Thursday, Our Revolution: New York Progressive Action Network launched a new Manhattan chapter to unite our existing neighborhood groups in the Big Apple.

Special guest speakers included NYC Public Advocate and Gubernatorial candidate Jumaane Williams, NY Attorney General candidate Zephyr Teachout, Manhattan Borough President-elect Mark Levine, and NY State Assemblyman Harvey Epstein.

“Over 300 grassroots members joined together with our progressive elected officials to launch our new official Manhattan chapter,” said Sam Ghazey, Our Revolution’s New York Organizer. “Our army of organizers is ready to head into the new year as a force to be reckoned with, ready to elect progressives up and down the ballot and fight for universal healthcare and free public college at the state level.”

Celebrate the launch of our new Manhattan chapter by becoming a Movement Builder today!

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Our Revolution
and our progressive allies are pushing for Byron Brown to be removed from the Democratic National Committee after he allied with the far-right to defeat Democratic nominee India Walton in the Buffalo mayoral race.

India dropped by our Live Monday Night Broadcast to talk about her next steps.

“I am not deterred, our campaign is still very excited,” she said. “Our volunteers are ready to be mobilized and active and do the work that’s required to make sure that we bring truly progressive politics to Buffalo and Western New York.”

India plans to keep building a coalition to support first-time candidates running in heavily-entrenched districts.

“We’re going to make sure that we come out stronger than ever next time and get ahead of the scare tactics and narratives,” she said, “so we’re not having to be put in a position to constantly be responding but to be able to proactively communicate what our vision is to voters.

When an establishment candidate wins a primary, progressives are told to fall in line behind the nominee without question. But, Byron Brown got a do-over in the general election, and corporate Dems cheered him on as he teamed up with Trump donors to topple the choice of Democratic primary voters. That’s unacceptable.

Sign our petition and tell the DNC that no one who ran against a democratic candidate in the general election should be allowed to hold a position at the DNC.

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Our Revolution is beholden only to our members and our progressive values. When you and a friend sign up as recurring donors, you’re directly growing our movement and power. We cannot let the obvious lies and injustices stand. Let’s double our impact and fight back even harder.

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While most of us have suffered from the impact of the pandemic, US billionaires like Jeff Bezos added well over $1 trillion to their net worth.

Bezos’ Amazon is omnipresent in the global economy. But at every link in this chain of abuse, we are fighting back to #MakeAmazonPay.

On Black Friday – November 26th – Our Revolution members will be joining workers and activists who are rising up in strikes, protests and actions across the world. Click here to find or host an event near you!

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Join us on Wednesdays in December (1st, 8th, and 15th) at 8:30p ET/7:30p CT/5:30p PT for our 2022 Endorsement Process Review! Before making endorsements in any 2022 federal races, all Our Revolution chapters need at least one member to join us for one of these sessions. We will discuss best practices for making endorsements, what to do once an endorsement is made, and how we can best work together to win in 2022!

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Join special guest US Rep. Ayana Pressley, Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese, Working Families National Director Maurice Mitchell, Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director Alan Minsky and others for a special panel discussion hosted by Massachusetts Peace Action to explore how we can move our organizing program forward with maximum impact and unite to build the power needed to reverse the destructive policies of our current governmental structures.


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