Our Revolution New Jersey 2021 Highlights & Victories

Despite the challenges, 2021 presented the chance to move the ball forward on our progressive priorities — and Our Revolution groups in New Jersey went to the mat.

Thank you all for organizing with us and for your solidarity and support! Here are our highlights from this past year:

  1. We got Rep. Pallone on board with Medicare for All! After years of unrelenting pressure, one of the most powerful Democrats in the country, Rep. Pallone (NJ-6) is on the bill!
  2. We passed NINE municipal Medicare For All Resolutions with the support of local governments and community members in key districts
  3. We campaigned for Real Rent Control in Asbury Park
  4. We organized to prevent the undemocratic, automatic re-endorsement (and subsequent re-election) of Mercer County Commissioners
  5. We helped oust a 27-year incumbent commissioner in Mercer County who voted for an armored police vehicle purchase and replaced her with our endorsed commissioner who is aligned with our agenda
  6. We hosted a rally to pressure Rep. Norcross to co-sponsor Medicare for All and built a district-wide coalition that will continue this campaign until he becomes co-sponsor
  7. We urged Sen. Menendez to Expand and Strengthen Medicare and to Lower Prescription Drug Prices with two rallies in Jersey City and a sign-on letter signed by 38 NJ organizations
  8. We battled for the budget and fought to pass Build Back Better with four large Gottheimer-actions; we also bird-dogged him at a fancy fundraiser to pressure him to support important provisions of the social spending bill such as paid leave, expanded healthcare, and childcare
  9. We created a petition and gathered 600+ signatures in support of immigrant essential workers, demanding the state government include immigrants in Covid Recovery Aid
  10. We hosted a rally to urge Rep. Pascrell to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
  11. We held a large car caravan in West New York as part of our campaign to get Rep. Sires to support Medicare for All
  12. We successfully campaigned and organized for our nationally-endorsed progressive candidates James Solomon in Jersey City (win), Kate Triggiano in Red Bank (win), and Joel Brooks in Jersey City (close). In addition, we helped our locally-endorsed state assembly candidates, Sadaf Jaffer and Roy Freiman win their races in LD-16
  13. We organized the first LGBTQ community cook-out celebration for LGBTQ+ month in Hillsborough and held the first-ever fiesta to celebrate Spanish Heritage Month, again in Hillsborough
  14. We pushed the local BOE there to invest in a digital system for their meetings and won
  15. We did educational work around the ballot “line” via community events and media - and we continue to support the lawsuit to end the practice of party-line ballots in primary elections
  16. We co-sponsored and spoke at multiple rallies for racial justice-centered around Police Accountability and Civilian Complaint Review Boards
  17. We advocated for public housing tenants who were without heat for months in Asbury Park
  18. We organized a 300-person rally to protest hate crimes against Asian Americans
  19. We passed a Resolution against the Woodbridge Power Plant in Edison
  20. We published an op-ed making the racial justice case for Student Debt Cancellation
  21. We called for the establishment of a Reparations Task Force through days of action and rallies
    We get the world that we are willing to fight for. Get involved, become a member and help us hit the ground running in 2022! Happy Holidays!

In community,

Anna-Marta Visky, Our Revolution Northeast Regional Organizer

347 574 5665 (cell)


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