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We kicked off the 2022 primaries with BIG wins in Texas, and proved our GET PROGRESSIVES to the POLLS PROGRAM works. With a monthly donation of $5 or $10, YOU can help us ramp up our volunteer-driven phone-banking, texting, and door-knocking efforts and help mobilize millions of progressive voters in upcoming elections!

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What Our Revolution members did in the Texas Primary is different from other groups in these races. Instead of buying expensive TV and digital ads, we focus on a people-powered ground game because we know that Our Revolution has enough members in each district to make a decisive difference.

Our volunteers made over 180,000 calls, texts, and door-knocks to get out the vote in Texas. We reached 17,500 Our Revolution members for Jessica Cisneros in TX-28, another 17,000 for Greg Casar in TX-35, and 11,500 for Jasmine Crockett in TX-30.

Our Revolution’s targeted one-on-one voter contacts powered the strong campaigns run by our endorsed candidates. With Casar winning outright and Crockett and Cisneros heading to runoffs, the results tell us that our on-the-ground organizing strategy works against Big Money.

When We Organize We Win! — and, the Texas primary is just the beginning.

Become a monthly Our Revolution member right now to help us keep electing allies who will partner with us to organize for transformational change.


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Make sure to join our next Monday Night Organize to Win Broadcast with 8:30p ET/5:30p CT on Monday, March 14th!

We’ll be joined by US Rep. Cori Bush and Our Revolution member Greg Casar – who’s on his way to being our next progressive champion in Congress. You won’t want to miss it!


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VICTORY! Our Revolution candidates came out swinging in the first primary of the 2022 midterms — delivering a major blow to the corporate establishment.

In the three big races to watch in Texas – the first real contest between progressives vs. the establishment – we came out on top and set the stage for more victories to come.

M4A was on the ballot, a living wage was on the ballot, good union jobs were on the ballot — and our issues won. As the corporate wing of the Democratic Party preemptively tries to blame us for their expected losses in November, we’re showing that our working-class agenda resonates at the polls.

These wins show progressive policies are popular in purple and red states, even in Trump country. We just sent a clear message to the forces fighting to maintain the status quo on Tuesday — voters want to send reinforcements to Washington who will fight for them, not the wealthy elite.

Even the establishment-leaning blog site FiveThirtyEight had to begrudgingly admit that “Progressives had a pretty good night in Texas.”

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Our Revolution member Greg Casar won his race outright with 61 percent of the vote to be the Democratic nominee for Congress in TX-35!

Greg is an organizer for worker justice who has proven himself as a leader on progressive policy during his time on the Austin City Council.

As Aaron Chappell, political director of Our Revolution, told Politico, “Starting off the 2022 midterms with a progressive frontrunner and a decisive victory out of Texas is incredibly important” because it shows our momentum heading in the rest of primaries.

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FiveThirtyEight gave Our Revolution a shout-out for endorsing Jasmine Crockett – who led the open primary for Congress in TX-30!

Jasmine earned 48.5 percent of the primary vote, compared to just 17 percent for the establishment Democrat, the next top competitor.

Jasmine is an Our Revolution member who served as a strong progressive fighter in the Texas House. She was a national leader in the fight for voting rights, and a founding member of the Texas Progressive Caucus.

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“Jessica Cisneros’ success in forcing Henry Cuellar into a runoff was one of the most striking results of Tuesday’s primary election in Texas,” The New York Times reported this week.

As Our Revolution’s Aaron Chappell told CBS News: “This is a win for progressives and a rebuke of one of the worst Democrats in the House.”

“And, it’s a moment Our Revolution members have worked hard for — Cuellar has continually fought for subsidies for fossil fuel companies while standing against workers’ right to organize.”

The head-to-head match-up “could bode well for Cisneros, who shares progressive positions with third-place finisher Tannya Judith Benavides,” VOX observed.

Jessica Cisneros had the backing of national progressive leaders,” The Times said. “Now, (she) has forced the nine-term incumbent into a runoff, providing progressives an opening to oust a powerful ‘moderate’ Democrat and upend South Texas politics.”

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We are well-positioned to GROW the SQUAD in 2022. Become a Movement Builder RIGHT NOW and help us get Jessica and Jasmine over the finish line in their runoffs!

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Our Revolution rolled out our endorsement of Melanie D’Arrigo for U.S. Congress (NY-3) on our Monday Night Organizing Call.

She told our live audience: “I’m running because I’m sick of watching friends and family struggle to pay for deductibles and medication while politicians tell us Medicare For All is too radical. I’m tired of politicians making excuses and selling our future out to the highest bidder.”

An active member of Our Revolution in Long Island – LI Activists – Melanie is a leader with National Nurses United in the fight for Medicare for All and helped found the Sunrise Movement in Nassau County.

“She’s an activist who has been building the progressive movement with us on Long Island for a long time,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told Politico. “She knows our struggle firsthand.”

Join 100s of volunteers petitioning to get Melanie D’Arrigo on the ballot — along with Jumaane Williams, who is the only progressive running for NY Governor!


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Our Revolution is backing Alexi Giannoulias in the race for Secretary of State in Illinois as part of our Defend Democracy Campaign.

“The Secretary of State is one of the last lines of defense in the fight for voting rights,” Alexi told over 5000 Our Revolution members during our live broadcast, listing priorities like pre-registration to vote and making Election Day a holiday. “One of the pillars of Our Revolution is defending democracy and that’s what I’m running to do.”

We stand with Alexi because he will stand with our members against the right-wing war on democracy and the onslaught of restrictive voter suppression laws.

Politico took note of our movement’s endorsement – “Our Revolution has more than 300,000 members in Illinois and the support of Illinois progressive US Reps. Chuy Garcia and Jan Schakowsky,”

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Join Our Phonebank Force and help elect Nina Turner to Congress! We’re hitting the phones early and often – and we need YOU to SIGN UP!

We need all hands on deck to elect Nina and other progressives in the critical 2022 midterms. Our Revolution-backed candidates are taking on corporate incumbents, fighting to flip red districts, and vying for open seats — and, you can help tip the balance.

With 30 Democrats stepping down this year, and congressional maps being redrawn, progressives have an outsized opportunity to grow our share of power and reshape the party.

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President Biden used his first State of the Union address to reset his administration after a year of crises at home and abroad that has left him with nearly record-low approval ratings.

The speech served to clarify America’s position toward Ukraine, and Biden warned Russian oligarchs that officials were coming for their luxury assets.

“We are joining with our European allies to find and seize your yachts, your luxury apartments, your private jets,” he declared. “We are coming for your ill-begotten gains.”

Biden drew attention to the PRO Act and many pieces of his unfinished Build Back Better agenda. But the Administration must be willing to fight against oligarchs in our country to enact these priorities and rebuild trust with voters.

There was no mention of the many executive orders Biden could sign ahead of the midterms to deliver relief to student debtors, restore worker power, lower drug costs, and more.

Biden spoke only briefly about climate change—talking about it roughly as much as diabetes—leaving some Democrats puzzled over Biden’s path forward on what he calls an ‘existential threat,’” Scientific American reports. He did hint that his climate plan would combat inflation.

Biden must connect the demand to end reliance on fossil fuels from autocratic countries like Russia with the need to jumpstart the American economy by leading in renewable energy technologies. Now is the time for the President to secure energy freedom for Americans and punish petrostate oligarchs fueling Putin’s war on the Ukrainians.

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This week, Our Revolution New Jersey joined unionizing Starbucks workers this week for a sit-in outside their location in Hopewell Township!

Our members called for passage of the PRO Act alongside the baristas, Mercer County Commissioner Sam Frisby, and Mercer County Education Association.

We ordered from the Starbucks cafe under names like #UnionStrong and wrote messages on the community support board to let management know that union-busting is disgusting and that our community stands with workers!

SIGN our petition in solidarity with the New Jersey Starbucks unionization effort.

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NYC progressives came out Thursday evening for the birth of a new Bronx-wide chapter of Our Revolution-NYPAN!

NY State Sen. Gustavo Rivera spoke on The New York Health Act and Assembly Member Karines Reyes spoke on The New Deal for the City University of NY.

We also organized efforts to influence the Democratic Party by running for seats on the New York State and Bronx County Committees.

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Our Revolution North Carolina members were the first to file a historic legal challenge against the candidacy of insurrectionist and US Rep. Madison Cawthorn under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Now, a Trump-appointed judge – intent on blocking the challenge – ruled that a 1872 law giving amnesty to Civil War rebels applies to all future insurrectionists, effectively repealing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Given that the only way to repeal a Constitutional amendment is by enacting a new one, we are joining with Free Speech For People to call on the NC Board of Elections to appeal this absurd ruling.

We’re not letting Trump-appointed cronies slow us down — we’re bringing the fight to Jim Jordan in Ohio, Scott Perry in Pennsylvania, and of course, Trump, who has utterly disqualified himself from a White House run in 2024.

Help fund challenges against the unconstitutional candidacies of Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and other enemies of democracy with a recurring donation today.

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2022 can be HUGE for our movement. We’re making ground, but everything we love is on the line.

WE CAN WIN a progressive policy agenda, but we need your help to defeat the enemies of progress. Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution today.

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SIGN UP to volunteer with Our Revolution to Get Jumaane on the Ballot! He’s the only progressive in the race for Governor of New York.

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Join our next Monday Night Organize to Win Broadcast with Cori Bush and Greg Casar on Monday, March 14th!


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Join Our Revolution Maryland for a forum with candidates for State Comptroller and State Assembly, and get updates on our campaigns to win universal health care and to keep insurrectionists off the ballot.


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The clock is ticking to save the climate. Join Our Revolution South Carolina for a conversation about the environmental policy platforms of the top Dems running for Governor!


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