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HEADLINES: Taking Insurrectionists to Court! | Nina Turner vs. Shontel Brown | Making the Student Debt Pause Permanent! | Taking on Big Oil | Pressure for M4A Grows | Amazon Workers on our Next LIVE Call! | Getting NY Progressives on the Ballot | & MORE!

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Our Revolution is making big moves right now to defend democracy, elect progressive allies, and advance the fight for policies like Medicare for All. Millions of us are coming together to take power for the people, and you can help by joining Our Revolution today.

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Our Revolution is the largest grassroots-funded political action group in the country, and our members’ investment in this movement is producing results.

Inspired by Bernie, we’ve laid the groundwork organizing in our communities and in the party, built a groundswell for our policies and against the far right, and honed our ground game to elect allies who will partner with us for change.

Now, we’re poised to build on over five years of work and take our inside-outside strategy to the next level. We know what we’re up against, but we’re proving that organized people beats organized money. As we keep growing, so will our victories.


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Don’t miss our National ‘Organize to Win’ Broadcast this Monday, April 11. Sign-up to join the live Zoom call with 8:30p ET/5:30p PT with Amazon Labor Union leader Justine Medina on their historic grassroots win!

We’ll also dig into campaign strategy with progressive candidates challenging the Democratic establishment! U.S. Rep. Andy Levin (MI-9) is running against a conservative ‘New Democrat’ in Michigan’s new 11th District; David Segal is taking on corporate power with his bid for Congress in Rhode Island’s 2nd District, and Annette Johnson is going up against the machine in her re-election bid for local office in Indiana.


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On Thursday, Our Revolution and our partners at Free Speech For People expanded our campaign to bar insurrectionists from seeking reelection, The New York Times reported.

Our Revolution members in Arizona filed three lawsuits in the Superior Court of Maricopa County against U.S. Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, as well as State Rep. Mark Finchem. The basis – they violated the U.S. Constitution by aiding a violent rebellion against the U.S. government.

In the run-up to the Capitol attacks, Gosar and Biggs preached of Trump’s false victory, and Gosar organized some of the earliest Stop the Steal rallies to keep Trump in office.

On Jan. 6, Finchem actually joined the mob as a fellow rioter and breached the Capitol, while Gosar was on social media posting an image of rioters scaling the building’s walls with the ominous caption, “Americans are upset.”

The evidence against these three is damning, and Americans are upset — at them! The peaceful transfer of power is foundational to our democracy, and that’s why our members are taking concrete action to stop a descent into mob-rule and political violence.

We need more progressive patriots to step forward. Can we count on you to help fund our work to defend democracy?

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With our democracy under attack, we know that everything we love is on line. That’s why if your membership has lapsed or you’d like to start a brand new membership, NOW is the time to sign up to be a MOVEMENT BUILDER!

Membership has its privileges! For $5 a month, Our Revolution members get to vote on our 2022 candidate endorsements, help craft our policy platform and strategy, and receive our official Membership Card above.

At $10 a month, you’ll also receive our collectible sticker 6-pack; and for $15, we’ll send along a poster, too. For $27, get both and a handy tote bag; and at the $50 a month level, it’s all-of-the-above and the Our Revolution T-shirt!

As committed Movement Builders, we know the real reward is taking action to make a better world, but we want to share these fun items as a way of thanks. Plus, who doesn’t love stickers and a comfy shirt to proclaim our political revolution is growing stronger?


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Nina Turner joined Our Revolution Ohio’s State Organizing Call on Wednesday as part of her tireless efforts to strengthen the progressive movement and to discuss her rematch against Shontel Brown for Ohio’s 11th District.

“Things are going to change because we’re going to elect more progressives,” Nina said. “We can’t wait one more election cycle — we’ve got to get power and use it.”

Meanwhile, Shontel Brown is taking credit for Biden’s spending bill, which allocates $7M to northeast Ohio, Sabrina Eaton reports at “I was proud to vote for this bill,” she tweeted to followers. Except — Shontel Brown didn’t request these funds, Sen. Sherrod Brown did.

Shontel Brown arrived in Congress after the appropriations process ended and didn’t submit any community project funding requests for 2022. Nevertheless, her office insists that she helped deliver the money.

The truth is, she secured ZERO dollars,” Nina said. When we’re up against this kind of petty lying – backed by big money – it shows exactly why we need Nina Turner in Congress speaking truth to power and wielding power on behalf of the people.

Nina also noted that – thanks to extreme GOP gerrymandering – Ohio’s redistricting process is in chaos. Scheduled on May 3, the primary could be postponed until the Fall because the Ohio Courts have repeatedly rejected the Republican legislature’s proposed district lines.

This is classic voter suppression tactics… They should not break up this election at all,” Nina told The Daily Beast.

While we hope Nina’s Greater Cleveland District remains together, any delay affords Our Revolution Ohio members more time to do what we do best — hit the phones, knock doors, and mobilize voters!

Join us as we make calls to help send Senator Nina Turner to Washington! Training is available and our Slack crew is there to help throughout the phonebank session. Help us tip the balance!


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Thanks to our volunteers, we’ve successfully got Jumaane Williams and Ana Maria Archila on the New York State ballot for Governor and Lieutenant Governor!

Our Revolution: New York Progressive Action Network teamed up with NY Working Families Party to hit the pavement with petitions, and Thursday morning delivered 40,000 signatures to Albany.

New Yorkers know that we need investment in communities and restorative justice rather than the austerity and police-based solution offered by the current governor,” said Our Revolution National Organizer Anna-Marta Visky, who helped lead the effort.

Because of our organizing Jummaane and Ana Maria will be going head to head against incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul – who’s under fire for back room budget deals – and her sidekick Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin – who’s under investigation for campaign finance violations. As Bernie has said, Enough is Enough!

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Join thousands of Our Revolution volunteers to elect working-class fighters like Jumaane and Nina and replace the corporate-aligned politicians up and down the ballot.

If you have a couple of hours a week, you can power our movement as a caller with the 2022 Phonebank Force! Our crew will be there to help you make calls to voters, earn rewards, and tip the balance of power!

We’re hitting the phones early and often — and we need YOU to JOIN THE FORCE!

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VICTORY! It’s official, the Senate voted Thursday to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Jackson worked hard to make history as the first black female justice and she brings the experience of a public defender and labor law to the bench.

Our Revolution members helped lead the fight against a rightwing interference in the confirmation process. We launched a full-court press to the media and on social media, reached out to senators to make the case, and rallied the progressive base against a pro-corporate pick.

There’s a reason Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) attacked Our Revolution specifically during Jackson’s confirmation hearing. He knew she was qualified and would make it through — and that we’d thwarted his push, along with US Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), for an anti-labor jurist.

Graham and Clyburn’s SCOTUS pick, Michelle Childs, “had represented corporations in labor and discrimination cases. That alarmed, among others, people associated with Communications Workers of America, the Association of Flight Attendants and Our Revolution,” The Washington Post reported.

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When fired Amazon worker Chris Smalls joined our call two years ago, he told us that each of us, no matter where we are, must “be that spark that lights the fuse and starts the revolution.”

Well, he and his fellow workers did it! ALU organizer Justine Medina will join our Live National Broadcast this Monday to tell us how they beat Amazon to bring home this historic grassroots organizing win — and what comes next.

“We did the thing you’re supposed to do: we had a worker-led movement,” Justine wrote in Labor Notes. “Don’t be afraid to fight, to match or beat the energy the bosses are bringing. Bring together a coalition, do collective action, keep building.”

Chris Smalls, now Amazon Labor Union Interim President, said after the big win: “In order to take down the machine, it has to come from within. You need the workers organizing themselves. We’re not quitting anymore, we’re unionizing.”

Our Revolution National Field Director Mike Oles discussed the worker-led victory in Staten Island and what it means for union efforts across the country with Cheddar News this week.

This victory gives workers hope, this is David vs. Goliath 2022,” Mike said. “If workers can beat Amazon and their union busting, worker surveillance, and other dirty tactics — workers can win everywhere. They didn’t give up, they risked everything and kept fighting. It’s a new day for American workers.”

We couldn’t agree more, and Our Revolution is proud to be a conduit for people to organize and learn from one another as we mobilize for change from the bottom up.

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Our Revolution and Nina Turner marched on Capitol Hill this week with many activist organizations making clear the demand for student debt abolition.

The Biden Administration has again moved to pause student loan payments, now through Aug. 31, showing the President has the power to stop payments. And, he could do so permanently with the stroke of a pen.

Our Revolution New Jersey leader Gabriella Ambroise was on CNBC this week making the case for Biden to sign an executive order to cancel student debt once and for all.

“Canceling student loan debt doesn’t take responsibility away from the student — it recognizes the impact that disinvestment in public higher education has had on the children of working-class Americans,” Gabriella wrote in an op-ed a few months ago that caught CNBC’s attention.

She continued: “As recent election results have shown us, Democrats need to connect with Black voters and young voters in a meaningful way and provide concrete material relief to the communities most impacted by systemic racial and social inequities.

This isn’t just the morally right thing to do, it would jumpstart our economy and start to rebuild voter trust ahead of the midterms. Borrowers have saved $200B since student loan payments were paused under Trump, and Democrats are going to turn them back on right before the election?

“This affects 43 million people,” Nina told us on our Ohio broadcast. “t’s a multigenerational proposition – people shouldn’t be getting their Social Security garnished for student debt – and higher education needs to be free so we don’t end up back here again.”

Also this week, after two years of progressive pressure, New Mexico led the way with a new program making college tuition-free for its residents. We look forward to seeing it succeed and fighting to expand it to the rest of the country.

Join Our Revolution to make sure no generation is shackled by lifelong debt for the crime of seeking an education.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with US Reps. Cori Bush (D-MO) and Jason Crow (D-CO) introduced a bill Wednesday to spur domestic production of clean energy through the Defense Production Act, The Washington Post reported.

The Energy Security and Independence Act would lay the groundwork for President Biden to shore up domestic supply chains for heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines and other technologies crucial to a clean energy transition for America.

The Pentagon has said for years now that climate change is a key threat to national security, and we must also end our dependence on petrostates like Russia.

Biden has already used the Defense Production Act to boost U.S. output of minerals for electric vehicle batteries and to increase the supply of fire hose amid wildfires in the West. He must use it again to spur domestic renewable energy production.

The International Panel on Climate Change issued a final warning this week, saying it’s now or never to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees and calling to cut emissions by 50-percent by 2030. Our Revolution stands with the 1200+ scientists who took part in civil disobedience in 27 countries Wednesday — many arrested in Los Angeles.

But, Biden continues to expand offshore drilling, and Big Oil execs told Congress Wednesday that oil production will be up by 50 percent over 2020 when Trump was in office.

People are tired — of watching gas prices soar, seeing oil companies profit from war, waiting for green jobs, and suffering from climate catastrophe — and Big Oil is feeling the pressure. That’s why they’re desperately lashing out at US Rep. Ro Khanna and his Windfall-Profits Tax and doing stock buybacks.

The writing is on the wall. An energy transition is necessary and inevitable. We just need Biden to act — before it’s too late.

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Our Revolution members play a vital role in this movement for change. In return, they know they’re making an impact for a better world, but here are a few more reasons to SIGN UP today!
  • Get the sweet membership card you see above
  • Vote on Our Revolution candidate endorsements
  • Have a say in crafting our platform and strategy
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Our Revolution New Jersey is forging ahead in the fight for universal, single-payer healthcare, and the pressure is on for Rep. Andy Kim (NJ-3) to co-sponsor Medicare For All!

This week, Our Revolution National Organizer Anna-Marta Visky coordinated 21 groups to
make the case to Kim to sign-on in support of M4A. He’s a key member of the NJ Congressional Delegation we need to get on board.

“More than 20-percent of people are uninsured in places like Freehold Borough and Hightstown within your district,” we say to Rep. Kim. “And those hardest hit are people of color, small-business workers, people with low incomes, and young adults.”

So far, 14 jurisdictions in NJ have issued resolutions calling for Medicare for All. Our Revolution is building the groundswell of support among voters, elected officials, AND local media.

Insider NJ published the facts of our case: “Medicare for All will end premiums, lower prescription costs, and expand coverage. We can eliminate the choice between putting food on the table or paying for insulin, and we won’t have to think twice about calling an ambulance.”

Our push comes as the Biden administration moves forward on a Medicare privatization experiment hatched under Trump and as 15 million people are set to lose their insurance once pandemic protections expire, Common Dreams reports.

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Our Revolution New Jersey took part in a powerful march in Newark on Monday on the 54th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We’re proud to march with allies to end racism, poverty, and war,” Our Revolution National Organizer Anna-Marta Visky said. “Our generation builds on his work as we carry out the struggle in our time to defend democracy and voting rights and to end police brutality.”

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Invest in Grassroots Organizing! For $5 a month, each Our Revolution member gets a say on who we endorse as well as our new 2022 Membership Card. But, for a few bucks more, you can score some fun gear to sweeten the deal!

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Don’t miss our National ‘Organize to Win’ Broadcast this Monday, April 11. Sign-up to join the live Zoom call with 8:30p ET/5:30p PT with Amazon Labor Union organizer Justine Medina on their historic grassroots win!

Then, we’ll dig into campaign strategy with progressive candidates challenging the Democratic establishment! U.S. Rep. Andy Levin (MI-9) is running against a conservative ‘New Democrat’ in Michigan’s new 11th District; David Segal is taking on a corporate power in his bid for Congress in RI-2; and Annette Johnson is tackling the machine in her re-election bid for local office in Indiana.


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Join thousands of Our Revolution volunteers to elect working-class fighters and replace the corporate-aligned politicians up and down the ballot.

If you have an hour or two a week, you can power our movement as a caller with the 2022 Phonebank Force! Our crew will be there to help you make calls, earn rewards, and tip the balance of power!

We’re hitting the phones early and often — and we need YOU to SIGN UP!

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Are you a member of Our Revolution? For $5 a month, you’ll be part of choosing our candidate endorsements and crafting our platform and strategy. Plus, we’ll send you our new 2022 Membership Card.

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