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We’re battling corporate authoritarianism at every turn: taking on Big Tech, challenging Insurrectionists, and electing allies to replace corporate Dems in the 2022 primaries. Become a RECURRING DONOR to Our Revolution right now to help shift power to the people!

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Thursday kicked off the January 6th Committee hearings – but the truth is – while Congress has the power to investigate and expose, it has no power to prosecute.

That’s why Our Revolution members are hitting the streets to demand that Secretaries of State enforce the Constitution and bar criminal insurrectionists from the ballot.

Fox 43 reported on our demonstration in Harrisburg on Wednesday, calling on PA Secretary of State Leigh Chapman to bar US Rep. Scott Perry and GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano from the November ballot.

On Thursday, we rallied outside Andy Biggs office in Mesa, AZ, calling AZ Sec. of State Katie Hobbs to bar him and his fellow Rep. Paul Gosar – as well as Trump – from the ballot.

Lima Ohio News reported on our action outside the office of Sec. of State Franklin LaRose, demanding US Rep. Jim Jordan’s disqualification.

In Grand Junction, CO on Friday, we called on Secretary of State Jena Griswold to act on the constitutional mandate that US Rep. Lauren Boebert, too, is ineligible for re-election.

This week, Our Revolution leaders also started sending official letters to 51 state election officials requesting meetings with our legal team with Free Speech for People to discuss how they can enforce the law of the land and protect democracy, Truthout reported.

It’s no secret that Trump is plotting his return to power, so there’s no time to waste. If you want to volunteer for our campaign and hold January 6th criminals accountable, please email us!

Be sure to add your name as a citizen advocate that our laws be enforced and insurrectionist criminals be kept out of government.


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A small number of companies have way too much power, and it’s crippling our democracy.

Join Our Revolution and our allies in a strategic national campaign to bust up the power of the big tech monopolies acting as gatekeepers to the public square.

The Open Apps Markets Act and the American Innovation and Choice Act have a REAL SHOT TO PASS and would enable fair competition on Big Tech platforms and app markets. This will create fairness for small businesses and empower users with more choice on the platforms.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has pledged a floor vote this month — and we’re going to hold him to it!

You can take a quick and simple action to kick off this fight! CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and tell them you want these two important bills passed!

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On Monday we were joined by US Rep. David Cicilline (RI-1), who has led the fight to Bust Big Tech as chair of the House Antitrust Subcommittee.

“There’s a lot of momentum behind these bills,” Bloomberg reported him saying on our live broadcast. “They have significant bipartisan support, and they will pass when they come to the chambers in the coming weeks.”

“Concentrated economic power comes with concentrated political power,” Rep. Cicilline told us. “By spending millions on ads and lobbying to try to defeat these bills, Big Tech is making our point of how dangerous monopoly power is to our democracy and economy.”

Apple, Amazon, Google and Meta spent $16.7 million lobbying in the first three months of this year, identifying the antitrust bills as their top priority. Tech-backed trade groups spent another $25M in ads.

“If you look at the history of our country, it’s been the battle between democracy and concentrated economic power,” Rep. Cicilline said. “This is the most recent form of it, and we can win this fight.”


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Barry Lynn, executive director of the Open Markets Institute, who pioneered understanding of how 21st Century monopolies, talked about his decades of work on our live broadcast Monday.

“For every ill we face today, monopolists are part of the cause — driving down our wages, driving up inflation and rent, causing shortages like baby formula, taking away our healthcare, undermining national security, fueling the climate crisis,” Barry said.

“We must use our most powerful political tool – our anti-monopoly laws. That’s how we build Liberty, Democracy, Community, Peace, Prosperity,” he stated.


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Fight for our Future Director Evan Greer revved up the folks on our national organizing call, emphasizing the huge opportunity we have to pass real antitrust legislation.

“Big Tech lobbyists are throwing everything they have because they’re panicking,” Evan said. “They see the writing on the wall — no member of Congress wants to go on the record as a shill for Big Tech, and they know when these bills hit the floor, they’re going to pass overwhelmingly.”

“We can strike at the heart of these companies’ harm – which is their scale and power that gives them outsized influence over our economy and what the future of our society looks like,” Evan said. “I wake up every day with cynicism, critical of our political systems, but then we have to be stoked and seize these opportunities to make something happen.”

We’re asking everyone to make a quick call to your senators right now and ask them to support two major antitrust bills to curb the monopoly power of Big Tech.

When you follow this link, you’ll put in info and instantly get an automatic call connecting you with your senators offices. Most times, you’ll just leave a brief message – so it’s not no work at all!

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Learning nothing, Corporate Dems have spent the Biden administration giving excuse after excuse about why they haven’t kept their promises or delivered for working people.

Bernie, as usual, put it best: “You really can’t win an election with a bumper sticker that says: ‘Well, we can’t do much, but the other side is worse.’”

Young, Hispanic, Asian-American and Black voters are all drifting away from Democrats, Politico said, noting Bernie’s warning: “Unless we turn around, the voter turnout is going to be very, very low on the Democratic base.”

With the Republican Party openly embracing fascism, we can’t afford another second of this pathetic weakness.

That’s why Our Revolution is working every day to defeat corporate Dems in primaries and elect progressives who will actually fight to make our democracy function and deliver for the lives of working people.

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While the mainstream media claims voters are rejecting criminal justice reform in big cities, they’re missing the real story unfolding in front of their eyes.

In major population centers like Alameda County, CA, progressive civil rights attorney Pamela Price is poised to win the District Attorney’s race! And in Contra Costa County, CA, progressive DA Diane Becton won her re-election bid!

Progressives fared well in other CA races, too – Alex Lee ran a corporate-free campaign that overcame attacks from real estate developers to win his primary for re-election to the CA Assembly D-25. And, Fatima Iqbal-Zubair – backed by Bernie! – will also move on to the General Election in November for Assembly District 65.

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Congratulations to Our Revolution Iowa victorious candidates in the June 7th primary!

Deidre DeJear made history on Tuesday by becoming the state’s first Black nominee for Governor from a major party. And, Kimberly Graham heads to November as the likely next Polk County Attorney, another progressive prosecutor winning on issues like wage theft and sentencing disparities – not prosecuting low-level marijuana offenses.

State Rep. Liz Bennett is on track to be the first out-LGBTQ woman in the State Senate! Molly Donahue also won her Senate primary on a message of restoring collective bargaining rights to public-sector unions!

Dr. Megan Srinivas led her primary for State House as a powerful voice for public health throughout the pandemic. She pledges to repeal Medicaid privatization and fight for a living wage.

Our Revolution also snagged two progressive County Supervisor seats with Jon Green, who wants to bring Bernie’s vision to Johnson County, home to Iowa City, and Tavis Hall who won on a message of economic and criminal justice in Black Hawk County.

Our fight is far from finished! This month, we have working-class fighters on the ballot in Illinois, Nevada, New York, and around the country. Chip-in now to keep chipping away at the corporate establishment.

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Amy Vilela heads to Election Day on Tuesday in Nevada’s 1st District backed by Bernie Sanders and Our Revolution. Sending Amy to Congress would be HUGE for our movement!!

One of our most passionate champions for Medicare for All, Amy served as Nevada Co-Chair for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign, and now she’s taking on a corporate-backed Democratic incumbent for this pivotal Vegas seat.

“I am running to represent the working class,” Amy told us on a National Organizing Call. “This is the right race at the right time, and stakeholders on the frontlines want a seat at the table.”

Let’s get out the vote in NV-1 — find a Vote Center HERE!

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Early voting is also underway in Washington, D.C., where Our Revolution is backing Erin Palmer and Zachary Parker to make the DC Council more progressive!

Erin is running for DC Council Chairwoman against a corporate-funded incumbent backed by gambling bosses and big developers. Like Erin, Zach is fighting for housing and economic justice and will always put DC residents and locally-owned businesses first.

Join our Phonebank Force to help power these allies into office!

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It’s not just a “squad” anymore, we’re building a powerful progressive voting bloc in Congress to take on the corporate establishment.

We’ve already clinched important wins for Congress with Greg Casar (TX-35), Summer Lee (PA-12), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Jamie McLeod Skinner (OR-5), Michelle Vallejo (TX-15) Andrea Salinas (OR-06), and others!

Even as corporate Dems sabotage their own prospects for the midterms, we are growing progressive power at every level of government. Let’s build on this momentum!

Pitch-in here to help us take down the worst corporate puppets before they forfeit what’s left of our democracy to Republicans in November!

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It’s official! Our Revolution-endorsed Jamie McLeod Skinner defeated Kurt Shrader – known as the Joe Manchin of the House! Her progressive campaign overcame huge spending by Big Pharma and Biden’s endorsement of Shrader, who worked so hard on behalf of Big Pharma last year to derail Build Back Better and drug price cuts.

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Our Revolution-endorsed Michelle Vallejo has declared victory in a close race for Congress in Texas’ 15th District!

“I want us to build stronger and healthier neighborhoods and I have a plan to make this happen,” she said. “We all deserve to work and live with dignity, and I am ready to fight for that every single day.”

Also in Texas, Jessica Cisneros has called for a recount in TX-28, where she has battled Henry Cuellar – Trump’s favorite Democrat – into a dead heat. Despite Cuellar being opposition to abortion rights and gun legislation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Whip Jim Clyburn both campaigned for him and helped him eke out his paltry 136 vote lead.

This is why it matters that we muster all of our collective strength to battle the Democratic establishment in these critical races. Becoming a recurring donor today to help progressives fight back against big money.

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Our Revolution New York Progressive Action Network joined with NY Working Families Party to support Jumaane Williams ahead of Tuesday’s NY Gubernatorial Debate!

Jumaane is the progressive choice for NY Governor against the status quo Democrats, who seem more interested in giveaways to billionaires than in serving the vast majority of New Yorkers!

While Jumaane is taking on Kathy Hochul, his running mate, Ana Maria Archila is calling out the crypto-billionaire dumping $1M to back her opponent.

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This primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made 443,876 calls to voters across the country! We’re recruiting as many folks as possible to make calls to get us to that half-million mark and beyond!

Right now, we have shifts for incredible candidates for Congress like Amy Vilella (NV-1) who is on the ballot THIS TUESDAY, Brittany Ramos-DeBarros (NY-11), Andy Levin (MI-11), David Segal (RI-2) and many others!

One of our lead phone bankers, Amanda Walker, told us how fun and easy it is to make calls. “Our crew is there to help every step of the way, and it’s amazing to see our collective impact on these races,” Amanda said. “This is how we turn the tide against big money in these critical primary races.”

Sign up for a shift today to mount a unified front against big money targeting our movement and our candidates!


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Our Revolution New Jersey racked up more than 90 wins in local races on Tuesday, Insider NJ reports.

“Since 2016, our members have been doing the work of transforming the party,” said Our Revolution National Organizing Coordinator Anna-Marta Visky. “I’m excited to grow the base of county committee members who will work to build the party, engage voters and create transparency and good government in their districts.”

Our Revolution Trenton Mercer Chair Joe Marchica and his running mate Denise Soto, defeated two long-time incumbents and resources from the local party to win county committee seats.

Our Revolution NJ is also celebrating Karol Ruiz and Sandra Wittner winning seats in Dover – a further testament that a grassroots movement can confront the machine, beat back relentless attacks from well-funded incumbents and win.

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The January 6th hearings are underway, but Congress only has the power to investigate – not prosecute. That’s why Our Revolution is calling on secretaries of state to do their job, enforce the Constitution, and bar insurrectionists from the ballot!

The American people cannot stomach any more political theater. Let’s put the findings from the hearings into action and make sure Trump and his minions are disqualified from seeking re-election!


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We’re asking everyone (this means you!) to make a quick call to your senators right now and ask them to support two major antitrust bills to curb the monopoly power of Big Tech.

When you follow this link, you’ll put in info and instantly get an automatic call connecting you with your senators offices.
Most times, you’ll just leave a brief message –
so it’s not no work at all!

Just tell them to support the Open Apps Markets Act (S.2710) and the American Innovation and Choice Act (S.2992), which would end Big Tech’s self-dealing, creating fair competition for small businesses, and empower citizens with more choice on the platforms.

It’s a really simple way to make a HUGE IMPACT to wrest control of our democratic and economic power from corporate behemoths.


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As our movement is showing with primary victories, we can overcome the force of big money with our direct voter outreach.

We have a shot to elect more allies and replace more #ManchinDems in these pivotal elections — IF we do the work! It feels great to change a voter’s mind in real time and know that you helped get an amazing candidate into power.

Help us make calls for Our Revolution partners on the ballot in coming weeks like Alexi Giannoulias for IL Secretary of State, congressional candidates Andy Levin (MI-11), Brittany Ramos DeBarros (NY-11), David Segal (RI-2), Amy Vilela (NV-1), and DC Council candidates Erin Palmer and Zack Parker.


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Are you a member of Our Revolution? For $5 a month, you’ll be part of choosing our candidate endorsements and crafting our platform and strategy. Plus, we’ll send you our new 2022 Membership Card.

To show our gratitude to members joining at higher donation levels, we’re sweetening the deal! For $10 a month, get a sticker 6-pack, and at $15, get the stickers and a poster. For $27, get both and a tote bag, or join at the $50 level to get it all and a T-shirt.


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