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HEADLINES: Biden & Dems Must ACT | Rogue Supreme Court | Universal Healthcare on the Ballot! | Fast Food Worker Justice | Bust Big Tech | Rep. Levin vs. Trump Donors | Major Push Inside Dem Party | & MORE!

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Make sure to tune in LIVE for our National Organize-to-Win Call THIS MONDAY (July 11th) at 8:30p ET/5:30 PT, when Our Revolution will host US Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

We will talk with Rep. Jayapal about what Democrats can do right now to fight for abortion rights – from expanding the court to waging a national strike – and priorities Congress can and must deliver for the American people ASAP.

And, we’ll dig into the importance of building power at the state and local level with Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman – Bernie’s fellow independent from Vermont; and from Maryland, State House Del. Sheila Ruth and Montgomery Co. Exec. Marc Elrich.


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President Biden and Dem leadership can and must ACT NOW to check the power of a radical Supreme Court that has gone rogue, rolling back abortion rights, gun safety legislation, the EPA’s authority to regulate emissions, Native sovereignty, and more.

“Here we are with leadership basically [reduced] to begging for people to vote,” Our Revolution Political Director Aaron Chappell told The Hill this week. “No clear plan, no promises of what those votes will translate to.”

“I think that there is just this wishful thinking on the part of the party establishment that suddenly Roe being overturned is good news, that this changes the tide of the midterms,” Aaron said. “Delivering results now is critical.”

Join Our Revolution NOW to demand ACTION from our elected leaders. Democrats must do everything in their power to protect our rights, defend our democracy, and earn votes in the midterms.

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As US Rep. Pramila Jayapal will explain on our Monday Night Call, there are options to fight back and defend abortion rights – starting with a push to expand the Supreme Court.

“We must hold these rogue justices to account,” she said.

Mondaire Jones has bills to add justices and expand the Supreme Court, and his SCERT Act would institute a Supreme Court ethics and recusal standard and require disclosure of lobbying and dark money interests.

Pramila’s Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act would overhaul judicial ethics laws, and she said the Judiciary Committee must provide critical oversight and hold hearings on violations the Supreme Court has committed.

Elected leadership could also establish clinics on federal lands; increase grant funding for interstate travel and family planning services, and legally challenge state bans on pills.

Rush a donation now to ramp up our work to defend abortion care. We cannot sit idly by while the far-right dismantles our rights.

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Our Revolution is thrilled to endorse Ballot Initiative 1471 to create the Washington Health Trust – the first-ever non-profit, state-wide universal healthcare system in the country!

A successful state program will prove single-payer bills like Medicare for All not only save money but SAVE LIVES – and we need you to join this fight!

Ballot measures are a form of direct democracy that circumvent elected officials who have refused to act — but they require dedicated activists willing to put in the work.

Our Revolution is partnering with Whole Washington to get more than 400,000 signatures to put universal healthcare on the ballot!


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Worker activists like Moriah Foster of Burger King in Sacramento and Ingrid Vilorio of Jack-in-the-Box in Castro Valley, CA joined our National Organizing Call last week to make clear that your activism on this issue can tip the balance for critical labor legislation in California.

We need YOU to stand up with fast-food workers, Our Revolution, SEIU, and Fight for $15 and a Union to demand the California State Senate pass AB-257 – The FAST Recovery Act. This bill would give these essential workers a say in setting health, safety, and employment standards while holding major food chains accountable.

Right now, CA workers need you to add your voice in solidarity with AB 257 and demand more democracy in the workplace.

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Our Revolution and Fight for Our Future are calling on Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to bring two key antitrust bills for a vote, The Washington Post reports — and we need your voice!

“Amazingly these bills have support in the Senate, we just need Democratic leaders to ACT,” Our Revolution Long Island organizer Joe Sackman said at a demonstration in NYC. “Big Tech companies are monopolizing digital markets and damaging our democracy.”

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act would enable fair competition on Big Tech platforms and ban self-dealing. See our clip of John Oliver advocating for our bills on HBO!

Take a quick action right now — CALL YOUR SENATORS and tell them you want these two important bills passed ASAP!

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As you know, Bernie founded Our Revolution five years ago to wage the fight for our progressive policy solutions and elect allies into power who will work with our activists on the outside.

Our Revolution is the largest progressive grassroots-funded organization in the country — but we need to double our coalition and max out our power to beat back the big money dominating American politics. Become a sustaining member TODAY.

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Our Revolution is rallying this weekend with labor unions and climate activists working to re-elect US Rep. Andy Levin to Congress to represent Michigan-11.

In a video, Andy’s opponent Haley Stevens outright ignores a Jewish mother politely asking her why she’d accept more than $820K in ads from AIPAC — which is also backing 109 insurrectionists.

“The fact that she ignored my question and turned her back to me shows Stevens knows it’s wrong to take millions from a PAC that supports anti-abortion insurrectionists,” said Susannah Goodman. “Clearly, she hopes to take their money without any public accountability, but as a Jew in Metro Detroit who just brought a new child into this world, I will not be silent as our representatives associate with antisemitic politicians who make us all less safe.”

As Bernie Sanders said in his endorsement: “Andy Levin is a strong pro-labor voice in Congress who’s not afraid to take on powerful special interests.”

Bernie’s right, Andy is standing up to Big Oil money right now because he is a climate champion and original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal. JOIN US and Rep. Levin for a climate canvass starting at 1 pm ET Sunday!


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So far in the 2022 primaries, we’ve notched some important progressive wins for Congress — Greg Casar (TX-35), Summer Lee (PA-12), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Jamie McLeod Skinner (OR-5), Andrea Salinas (OR-6), Delia Ramirez (IL-3) and Jonathan Jackson (IL-1), and others!

Even as corporate Dems sabotage their own prospects for the midterms, we’re growing our power at every level of government. Let’s build on this momentum and change the composition of power in Washington.

Join now as a monthly member to help us take down the worst corporate politicians to make sure we’re giving voters the best, most progressive options in November!

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This 2022 primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 500,000 phone calls to voters across the country! We’re recruiting as many folks as possible to help us hit that one-million mark and beyond!

Right now, we have shifts for incredible candidates for Congress like Brittany Ramos-DeBarros (NY-11), Andy Levin (MI-11), David Segal (RI-2), Melanie D’Arrigo (NY-3), and many others!


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Our Revolution and progressives are making a major push within the Democratic Party structure to make it more democratic and more responsive to the grassroots.

This month, transformative rules changes are on the table, and next month the DNC will hold its fall meeting, where we are organizing to win critical reforms.

These upcoming meetings are public, but there are more corporate consultants than ever. That’s why YOUR VOICE is needed to amplify our key priorities:

We need you to WEIGH-IN right now — tell us your priorities for change within the Democratic Party and what you like to see change HERE.

Over the past 5 years, Our Revolution leaders and allies have succeeded in making real change in 15 of the 57 Dem Parties. We’re not cheerleaders for the party, but we’re not giving up either.

Right-wing and corporate money is flooding primaries, and there are currently no rules to address it. We can truly make elections more fair and just — join us in this push!


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Make sure to tune in LIVE for our National Organize-to-Win Call THIS MONDAY (July 11th) at 8:30p ET/5:30 PT, when Our Revolution will talk with US Rep. Pramila Jayapal about actions Democrats can take NOW to help protect abortion rights.

And, we’ll dig into state and local power-building with Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman – Bernie’s fellow independent from Vermont – and from Maryland, State House Del. Sheila Ruth, and Montgomery Co. Exec. Marc Elrich.


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Congress can investigate J6, but cannot prosecute. That’s why Our Revolution is calling on state election officials to do their job, enforce the Constitution, and bar insurrectionists from the ballot!

The American people can’t stomach any more political theater. Let’s put the findings from the hearings into action and make sure Trump and his minions are disqualified from ever serving in government again!


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Two bills to bust up Big Tech monopoly power are heading to the Senate – and our collective action can tip the scales to get them passed. We need YOU to quickly call your Senators and join our call team reaching out to others to do the same!

“The rent is soaring here in Washington where Amazon is located,” Our Revolution phone banker Amanda Walker told us. “I called my senators, and now I’m making calls to other people asking them to do the same — this is a fight we can win.


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As our movement is showing with primary victories, we can overcome the force of big money with our direct voter outreach.

This summer, we can elect more allies and replace more #ManchinDems! It feels great to change a voter’s mind in real-time and know that you’re changing the composition of power.

Make an impact by making calls for Our Revolution candidates on the ballot SOON like Andy Levin (MI-11), Brittany Ramos DeBarros (NY-11), David Segal (RI-2), and Melanie D’Arrigo (NY-3).


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US Rep. Andy Levin is one of our most committed working-class fighters in Congress — and we need your help to make sure he beats a corporate Dem opponent gunning for the seat with AIPAC money!

We will be calling thousands of Our Revolution supporters in Michigan’s 11th congressional district, which includes Detroit area communities like Bloomfield and Pontiac — hop on the dialer with us to make a few calls!


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Montgomery County Maryland’s Executive Marc Elrich is one of the most potent and effective Democratic Socialists in the country — and he needs our collective action to make sure he’s re-elected on July 19th!

Don’t take our word for it — lays out Marc’s successful first term despite the staunch opposition of one of the world’s richest men — Jeff Bezos — and The Washington Post.


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Help us elect Del. Sheila Ruth to a full term in the Maryland General Assembly. Sheila is a great progressive and Our Revolution leader — and we need her fighting for us in Annapolis!

Join us on Zoom at 6:30p Tuesday for a quick training session. Then we’ll get to work for Sheila!


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