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HEADLINES: Stopping Manchin’s Dirty Deal | Fast Food Worker Justice in CA w/ Ro Khanna | McDonald’s Worker Tells Her Story | Ash Kalra on AB 257 | MN Wins – Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison | VT Wins – Balint, Zuckerman, Welch | |& MORE!

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Join our LIVE National Organizing Call this Monday at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT, with Jasmine Crockett, who’s headed to the US House from TX-30, to talk about how we grow progressive power in Congress.

We’ll also dig into the importance of winning at the local level with Megan Green on her run for chair of the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis, MO and Robert Jackson on his race for re-election to the NY State Senate.

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Our Revolution is organizing NOW to stop a secret deal Joe Manchin just cut with Democratic leadership to fast-track fossil fuels — further canceling out the climate gains remaining in Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Pelosi and Schumer are set to give Manchin what he wants – more pipelines, more drilling, fewer regulations for fossil fuels, and fewer safeguards for impacted communities — all packaged in the upcoming *must-pass* resolution to continue funding the government.

It’s insanity for our leaders to even consider this while hailing a historic climate bill. Don’t hesitate to contact your House Rep now to make these demands:

— Don’t fast-track new gas or oil projects
— Don’t fast-track carbon pipelines
— Don’t cut environmental safeguards in fossil fuel projects
— Separate the fast-track vote from the must-pass resolution to fund the government

Stop Manchin — MAKE THE CALL

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Congratulations to US Rep. Ilhan Omar who won a hard-fought race against big money and a conservative Democratic challenger in Minnesota’s 5th District.

Rep. Omar serves as the whip of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and she’s a potent ally in the fight for living wages, climate action, immigrant rights, Medicare for All and so much more.

Join our inside-outside work with elected allies like Ilhan, Rashida, Bernie, and others as a sustaining member of Our Revolution.

Our Revolution board member and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison won his primary Tuesday and we’ll have his back all the way through November!

A leading national voice for criminal justice, Keith successfully prosecuted Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. He’s been a steadfast ally in the fight for justice on all fronts – racial, economic, environmental, health, and worker justice.

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Join our inside-outside work with elected allies like Rashida, Erika and Abraham in the fight for living wages, climate action, immigrant rights, Medicare for All and so much more.

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Congratulations to all three of Our Revolution’s Vermont candidates – also endorsed by Bernie – who won their primaries on Tuesday!

US Rep. Peter Welch will now likely head to the US Senate! Peter has worked with Bernie for years in the state, representing Vermont in Congress since 2007.

In Congress, he cosponsored the Green New Deal and he’s led on lowering drug prices, childcare, rural broadband, and protecting our imperiled democracy.

State Rep. Becca Balint won her race Tuesday and is on her way to being Vermont’s Representative in the US House.

As VT Senate Majority Leader,
Becca passed the first gun safety laws in state history, invested in affordable housing, and passed the strongest reproductive rights in the nation.

David Zuckerman, a long-serving progressive, independent voice in the VT House and Senate, won the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor!

David is an organic regenerative farmer and a small business owner, who in elected office has led on universal healthcare, marriage equality, cannabis reform, raising wages, renewable energy, water quality, and more.

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The contest for Montgomery County Executive is coming down to the wire! Progressive incumbent Marc Elrich declared victory this week over Big Pharma CEO David Blair with a 42-vote advantage.

Such a close margin practically guaranteed a recount, but the efforts of our call team and organizing in Maryland paid off in this race for a lifelong champion of tenants’ rights, affordable housing, and more.

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This 2022 primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 500,000 calls to voters across the country. Right now, we have shifts for incredible candidates for Congress like Brittany Ramos-DeBarros (NY-11), David Segal (RI-2), Melanie D’Arrigo (NY-3), and many others!


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GREAT NEWS! AB 257 – the FAST Recovery Act to give California fast food workers a seat at the table – passed through the Appropriations Committee Thursday and heads to the full Senate for a vote the next week.

Our Revolution activists and allies have worked for years for historic legislation like this, as
Fight for $15 lays out here, and we’re muscling the bill to Gov. Newsom’s desk.

On Wednesday, we strategized with worker activist Angelica Hernandez, US Rep. Ro Khanna, and CA Assemblymember Ash Kalra, on an Organizing Call to rally collective action in this final push for the bill

Angelica, who’s worked at McDonald’s in Los Angeles for 18 years, told us of an industry rife with wage theft, sexual harassment, discrimination, violence, and health and safety issues.

During the pandemic, things got worse, she said. “McDonald’s didn’t protect us. They made billions while we did the job of 2-3 people for minimum wage to survive, always fearful of getting infected and infecting our families.”

“I’ve faced retaliation because I raise my voice, they cut my hours, but it’s worth it to fight for my coworkers,” she said. “We need AB 257. We want to live, work and retire with dignity.”

US Rep. Ro Khanna said passing AB 257 is his top priority in California and could be a model for workers’ councils that can be replicated state by state.

“This is one of the wealthiest places in the world. Fast food and other service workers must be able to take part in that prosperity and have dignity and security,” he said.

Ro put it bluntly on our call: “There’s no reason these jobs can’t support families and communities. You can treat people with respect and still make a profit.”

CA Assemblymember Ash Kalra, who co-authored AB 257, said the bill creates a sector-wide council for fast food workers to have a say in the industry statewide — and hold corporations accountable

This fight is personal for Ash, whose uncle came from India and was exploited by Jack-in-the-Box. “It turns out, they were paying him in gift cards,” he recounted.

“The workers who feed our families are called heroes but they’re treated as expendable. That’s why we need AB 257. Let’s do all we can because this is it, with the vote coming up, the time for this is now.”

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Half a million California fast food workers are on the cusp of victory, but they need our solidarity and activism!

If you’re in California, help us counter the fast food lobbyists in Sacramento by calling your state senators to demand they publicly endorse AB 257. It’s a quick action for a big impact — don’t worry, it’s easy and there’s a script!


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Join Our Revolution for our next AB 257 strategy session, starting at 6:45 pm PT this Monday (Aug. 15) — going live shortly after our National Organize-to-Win Call. We’ll be sharing our latest organizing tool – the REACH App – which makes “friendbanking” a cinch!


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Our Revolution activists have been bird-dogging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on two antitrust bills – which can PASS – and now he’s agreed to bring them for a Senate vote in September.

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act would enable fairer competition on platforms, and ban self-dealing.

Our members and activists have driven 1300 calls to senators, urging them to Bust Big Tech’s monopoly power.


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We need YOU to stand up with fast-food workers and Our Revolution to demand the CA State Senate pass AB-257 – The FAST Recovery Act. This bill would give these essential workers a say in setting health, safety, and employment standards while holding major food corporations accountable.

TAKE ACTION – add your voice in solidarity with worker activists – tell your state senator to pass AB 257!

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Our Revolution is making calls to David Segal to Congress (RI-2) — He will be a key ally in the fight to rein in corporate power and corruption. Join us to make an impact on one of the most critical primaries of 2022.


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Melanie D’Arrigo is an incredible advocate for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and our popular progressive agenda – let’s beat out the establishment and send her to Congress! Help us reach voters directly in NY-3.


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Sign up to help elect Our Revolution member and endorsed candidate Brittany Ramos DeBarros to Congress in NY-11. We’ll be calling thousands of Our Revolution supporters in this Staten Island-based Congressional District.


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We’ll also call voters for Megan Green, a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman last election cycle. Now, Our Revolution is standing with her in her run for Board President.


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And, our crew will be phone banking to re-elect progressive NY State Sen. Robert Jackson in D-31. A champion of education equity and housing, Robert needs our people-power to combat big money in the race from rightwing donors pushing for “conservative education.”


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