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RSVP now for our Special Town Hall to Take Action Stop Manchin’s Dirty Deal with frontline community activists, US Rep. Ro Khanna, and Greenpeace USA’s Tefere Gebre — this Thursday at 8:30p ET/5:30 PT.


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Our Revolution is leading the charge alongside frontline communities and environmental justice groups like Greenpeace to kill Joe Manchin’s side deal for more dirty oil favors.

Manchin is willing to shut down the government for more fossil fuel projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline in WV and strip safeguards from impacted communities.

Dems can’t celebrate “the biggest climate steps in history” while reversing them by caving to a literal coal baron.

Our coalition of 650 organizations is urging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to detach the deal from the must-pass bill to fund the government — we cannot let Manchin hold us hostage!

Bernie railed against it on the Senate floor this week and says he’ll vote it down, and Our Revolution is calling for a progressive mutiny in Congress.

A coalition of 72 US House Reps have signed onto a letter led by US Rep. Raul Grijalva – but we need more of our representatives in Congress to stand in opposition.

  • Don’t fast-track new gas or oil projects
  • Don’t fast-track carbon pipelines
  • Don’t cut safeguards for impacted communities
  • Separate the deal from the must-pass bill to fund the government
  • Sign US Rep. Grijalva’s letter
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Our Revolution has a blueprint for the Midterms, and we’ve launched our Swing State Fund to power our GOTV machine and mobilize millions of voters in November.

This election is an opportunity to sink or swim — descend into a rightwing extremist nightmare — OR — fight like hell to build on our work and progress.

We have a plan to defeat the far right and flip senate seats in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by electing progressives like John Fetterman and Mandela Barnes. Let’s grow our power to cancel out Manchin and Sinema.

With a goal of $300,000 for our Swing State Fund — $200K in PA and $100K in WI — we can reach half a million voters and FLIP TWO SENATE SEATS.

Reaching these funding goals – or not – will determine if we get John Fetterman or Dr. Oz and if Mandela Barnes replaces Ron Johnson in WI — if we cancel out Manchin and Sinema or if we face a new MAGA majority.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and there’s a real danger that many progressive, working-class voters will not be motivated to turn out.


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Bernie has joined us in endorsing David Segal for US Congress in Rhode Island’s 2nd — and election day is this Tuesday!

“David is one of those leaders we need in Congress,” Bernie said. “As a legislator and as a grassroots organizer, he has been a champion in taking on corporate interests, breaking up big monopolies, and demanding that health be considered as a human right, not a privilege.”

Last week, David joined Jane Fonda and US Rep. Ro Khanna in a conversation on how we can achieve progressive policy.

He has been a longtime ally of Our Revolution as director of Demand Progress and would make a valuable partner in Congress.

Make calls for David this weekend!

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We have a fantastic slate of progressives joining David on the ballot in Rhode Island.

For State House, Giona Picheco is a Navy Veteran running on a platform of gun safety, public schools, housing, and civil rights in the 14th District. And, Former Woonsocket City Councilmember Alex Kithes (District 49) is a champion of climate, gay rights, and racial justice.

A former Bernie delegate and former director of Black Lives Matter RI PAC, Corey Jones will bring valuable grassroots perspective to Providence City Council in Ward 3.

Jackie Goldman (Ward 5) is a public health researcher and member of the LGBT community fighting for more low-income housing and transparency in government.

Miguel Sanchez (Ward 6) is a community advocate who has organized for Medicare for All and a voice for marginalized groups.

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Tuesday is also election day in St. Louis, and it’s time to vote for Megan Green for President of the Board of Aldermen!

“If I win this race, I’ll be the link we need in St. Louis – progressives will hold the power seats to move forward our agenda,” Megan told us on our recent National Call.

Megan was a Bernie delegate in 2016 and we were proud to help elect her to the board in St. Louis, where she’s fought for a higher minimum wage, reproductive freedom, domestic violence protections, legal marijuana, and more.

Make calls for Megan this weekend!

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Our Revolution members are packing Congress with new progressive allies like Greg Casar (TX-35), Summer Lee (PA-12), Becca Balint (VT), and others. Now, we have to get them across the finish line in November!

Can you chip in a donation to help mobilize millions of voters to defeat the far right and elect more progressives – there’s no time to waste.

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This year so far, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made over 750,000 calls – and counting! We want to hit at least 1 MILLION dials through November.

Our midterm fight is in full effect – and we need our folks to step up across the country to help us defeat the far right, flip senate seats, and elect more allies into power.


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A DNC committee blocked a vote on our resolution to Ban Dark Money from Democratic Primaries — a top priority of our members and the grassroots of the Party. 

Now, the real work begins. Our coalition of 33 progressive DNC members to fight for this resolution. “The 33 of us are not going to stand down just because the resolution committee pulled a fast one,” Nina Turner told Common Dreams

Democrats can’t be the Party of democracy in one breath and then allow an astronomical amount of money from Republican megadonors and corporate interests to flood their own primaries. 

Can you chip in to fund our fight in the DNC? Our influence in the party is growing, let’s ban dark money from the primaries. 

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Thank you and Congrats to fast food workers in California, who fought and won AB 257 and a seat at the table!

And, thank you to all the Our Revolution activists who helped clinch this HUGE win — sending a barrage of calls to state senators (flipping votes!), pressuring Gov. Newsom, and amplifying workers’ voices in this fight!

This is a BIG deal! An industry-wide workers’ council in California is a step toward sectoral bargaining, which means half a million fast food workers will have a voice as a whole industry in the state.

We can use this as a template to empower workers in states across the country. Become a member to fund the next phase of this work!

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Joe Biden argues he’s the most pro-labor president in a generation. That’s a stretch – until he takes action to stand with labor, Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese advocated over this Labor Day week.

“We need bold action by the President to grow union power,” Joseph said on Mornings with Zerlina on Sirius XM. He explained that when FDR ordered companies to be union to do business with the US Govt., unions grew by 10M. Biden could do the same.

“That power base created the biggest middle class in history and enabled Democrats to champion Civil Rights, Medicare, Voting Rights, and more,” Joseph said. “Unions are central to democracy and the core Democratic agenda – and, Democrats need unions.”

Become a member to fund our advocacy and organizing work to grow worker power. This is a foundational force for change.

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“The pandemic and economic disruptions have put pocketbook issues at the forefront of voters’ minds,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told The Guardian this week.

“Republicans have positioned themselves as economic populists, creating the perception that they’re the party of working-class voters,” Joseph said. “To overcome this, Democrats must buck corporate donors and deliver for people’s lives.”

More than 75% of voters say the economy is their top issue, and 78% of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction. We need structural change, and Democrats need to earn trust and votes.

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Joe Manchin plans to hold the government funding hostage for a deal to fast-track fossil fuel projects and cut frontline community safeguards – and Our Revolution is leading the call for a progressive mutiny in Congress.

A coalition of 72 US House Reps have signed onto a letter led by US Rep. Raul Grijalva – but we need more of our representatives in Congress to stand in opposition.


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We need YOU to make calls for John Fetterman! We have a chance to flip a senate seat, elect a progressive, and defeat that elitist hack Dr. Oz – does it get any better than that?


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David Segal is a key ally we need in Congress to rein in corporate power and corruption. Bernie just endorsed him and we need you to help make calls in this last weekend push before Election Day!


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Megan Green – a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman last cycle – is running for Board President. This is a key seat for a progressive and we can win!


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This primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 750,000 calls to voters across the country. Sign up to activate voters for progressive candidates across the country.


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Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for just $5 a month and get your official Membership Card. For $10, get our collectible sticker 6-pack — $15, get the stickers and a poster — $27, get both PLUS a tote bag — and at the $50 level, get it ALL and a T-shirt!


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