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A Special Message: CRUNCH TIME!

This is it! We have 31 days left to win the 2022 election. It’s the final stretch of the midterm election cycle, and we have plenty of work to do.

Our candidates are facing millions being spent against them by dark money outside groups hellbent on stopping our progress. We can never match corporate spending, but we can fight back with progressive people power!

Read our newsletter below, learn about the work we are doing, and VOLUNTEER to get our candidates over the finish line.


Unlike other groups that cold call likely voters every two years, we are calling Our Revolution members across the country.

We have identified over 8.5 million progressive voters, and our job is to make sure we get these progressives out to the polls.

These phone conversations with fellow progressives are fun, and our staff is on hand to make the experience super easy!

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Over the past couple of days, Bernie Sanders joined US Reps. Ilhan Omar and Pramila Jayapal to travel across Minnesota and rally support for Keith Ellison in his tough re-election bid against a radical right-wing extremist!

Our Revolution’s grassroots volunteers are going all-out to get out the vote for Keith. We’ve got 147,000 Our Revolution supporters in Minnesota and we’re making sure we communicate with them using our winning turnout model that includes personal phone calls, texting, direct mail, and social media outreach.

Our Phone Bank Force has already made 41,163 phone calls to our members in Minnesota, and we’re getting ready to launch a massive campaign to send 100,000 texts.

Not only that, we’re also sending a postcard to 65,000 households of Our Revolution members with a simple message: The choice is clear.

While Keith is going after corporate criminals who are price-gouging their customers and stealing worker wages, his opponent wants to defund corporate law enforcement altogether and take away women’s reproductive rights.

Doing the people’s work earns you powerful enemies, and Keith is in a fight to the finish. Can you step up to help re-elect Keith Ellison?


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Progressives like Rep. Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib asked Our Revolution members to help send reinforcements to grow progressive power in the House — and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

The Washington Post noted this week that our movement is on track to dramatically expand the ranks of progressives in the House with Our Revolution-endorsed candidates like Greg Casar, Jasmine Crockett, Jonathan Jackson and other primary winners likely to win in the general election.

Our Revolution isn’t playing it safe, though — our volunteers are also working to win priority competitive races for progressives including Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon’s 5th District and Michelle Vallejo in Texas’ 15th!


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Our Revolution isn’t just working to win big federal races, we’re also campaigning to elect progressives in often overlooked — but very important — down-ballot races.

Last week, we announced our endorsement of Lauren Kuby for the Arizona Corporations Commission, and this week we are adding Sandra Kennedy to our slate in Arizona!

The Commission regulates investor-owned or privately-owned utilities that provide gas, water, electricity, or telephone service to Arizona residents. They also ensure that transmission lines, pipelines, and water pipes are operated safely, which is critical to protect our communities and our environment.

Join us to ensure that these progressive candidates for Arizona Corporation Commission make it across the finish line in November to protect consumers and the environment in the Copper State!

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Our Revolution has endorsed Adam Morfeld, Sean Flowerday and Rick Vest in Lancaster County, Nebraska!

State Senator Adam Morfeld served on the Education and Judiciary Committees where he was dedicated to criminal justice issues and school policy. He is now running for County Attorney against the Republican incumbent.

Commissioner Sean Flowerday has helped welcome wind and solar energy development and spearhead infrastructure for highways and bridges after the 2019 bomb cyclone and flooding.

And last but not least, Commissioner Rick Vest has prioritized criminal justice reform and green energy initiatives. He fought for renewable energy and won — preventing the county from zoning against windmills.

It’s important to have strong progressives like Morfeld, Flowerday, and Vest in state and local offices, where the decisions are made closest to the people.

We need to elect progressives up and down the ballot this election. Sign-up to volunteer with Our Revolution

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We’re raising $300K for our Swing State Fund to FLIP TWO SENATE SEATS in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Reaching these funding goals — or not — will determine whether we get John Fetterman or Dr. Oz and if Mandela Barnes replaces Ron Johnson, whether we cancel out Manchin and Sinema or face a new MAGA majority.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and there’s a real danger that many progressive, independent, working-class voters will not be motivated to turn out.

Our Revolution volunteers will use our proven electoral turnout model to mobilize our list of 413,251 voters. Our research shows if we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, and door-knocking — we can boost turnout by 11 percent and make a decisive difference in tight races.


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Our Revolution member Lore Rosenthal re-joined our phone bank team after a two-year hiatus from volunteering. She last phone banked for Senators Warnock and Ossoff in 2020. The gratifying feeling of being part of a winning campaign led Lore back to make calls to help us elect John Fetterman to the Senate.

Lore, who is part of Our Revolution Prince George’s County, MD said that she is “thrilled to be able to work with the OR team to grow progressive representation in the Senate!”

You can join Lore by helping make calls with Our Revolution’s massive GOTV Phonebank Force to make sure John wins BIG in Pennsylvania! We have a chance to elect a progressive and defeat that elitist hack Dr. Oz — does it get any better than that?


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Our Revolution Ohio held canvases last week for Judge Terri Jamison (center), a locally endorsed candidate for Ohio State Supreme Court. Dozens of OROH members came out to knock on doors and talk to voters about the importance of having a progressive champion on the state’s highest judicial body.

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Our Revolution joined a virtual Town Hall with US Rep. Jamie Raskin and other movement partners to organize grassroots-led actions NOW, ahead of the release of the January 6th report.

“The hearings are important, but Congress only has the power to investigate, not to prosecute,” OR Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese said. “That power falls to us, we have the power to hold the insurrectionists accountable.”

That’s why Our Revolution is joining with Public Citizen and other groups to defend our democracy by holding actions across the country. There are already 68 events planned, including one this Sunday, Oct. 9th in Houston. We hope you’ll sign up for a rally or event near you! Find more event locations here, or sign up to host one of your own. Our coalition team is on hand to support you every step of the way.

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As the NLRB calls out Starbucks’ union-busting, Rep. Ro Khanna is leading a call for the company to work with workers fighting to organize a union at 200+ locations across the country. 30 fellow US Representatives have joined him, including David Cicilline, Rashida Tlaib, and Pramila Jayapal, MarketWatch reports.

Unfortunately, the National Labor Relations Board is currently underfunded and understaffed. With Starbucks hiring dozens of union-busting lawyers to fight the workers’ efforts every step of the way, we need to level the playing field for workers.

Join us in calling on Congress to fully fund the NLRB in the next government funding bill so that workers have a chance to win!

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Our Revolution: NY Progressive Action Network will hold a rally for Amazon warehouse workers in Albany, NY at 1pm ET next Monday, October 10 ahead of their union vote set to run from October 12-17. Given that there was a FIRE in the warehouse this week, we’re sounding the alarm to stand with workers who are organizing a union to improve health and safety in their workplaces.

Earlier this month, Amazon lost a key battle in its attempt to reverse the union’s victory at a Staten Island warehouse. An NLRB official recommended Amazon’s objections be rejected in full and the union be certified, NPR reports.

Sign up to join Our Revolution as we stand with Amazon Labor Union and demand the mega-corporation recognize the union and negotiate a fair contract!


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This week, President Biden — a long-time tough on crime guy — announced mass pardons for people convicted on federal marijuana charges. The move comes after Our Revolution supported Bernie, Elizabeth Warren and other progressive Senators who issued a letter in July calling on Biden to “issue pardons to all individuals convicted of nonviolent cannabis-related offenses.” When we organize, we win!

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The Hillsborough Education Association and Our Revolution Hillsborough, NJ partnered to organize a “Solidarity BBQ” to highlight the need to stand with workers and support their fight for fair wages, benefits, and a voice on the job. Local worker champions and State Assembly members Sadaf Jaffer and Roy Freiman also joined the event.

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Progressive Mandela Barnes can take out far-right Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin — with our help! He’s in a tough race, but we have a path to victory and can flip this key seat.


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We need YOU to make calls for John Fetterman! We are hitting the phones every Wednesday to make sure we flip this senate seat, defeat Dr. Oz, and elect a progressive!


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We have to marshal our resources NOW to execute our strategy over the next six weeks to defeat the far right and elect progressives on Nov. 3rd.

If we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, and door-knocking — we can boost turnout by 11 percent and make a decisive difference in tight races.

Donate now to power our Swing State strategy!

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Early voting has started in Minnesota and we need to re-elect Keith Ellison as Attorney General! Keith has fought price-gouging during the pandemic and led the fight to convict Derek Chauvin for the Murder of George Floyd.


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Megan Green — a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman last cycle — won her special election and is on to the general! This is a key seat for a progressive and we can win.


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This primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 800,000 calls to voters across the country. Sign up to activate voters for progressive candidates across the country.


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Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for just $5/mo. and get your official membership card. For $10, get our collectible sticker 6-pack — $15, get the stickers + a poster — $27, get both + a tote bag — $50, get it ALL + a T-shirt!


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