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HEADLINES: Dr. Oz TIED w/ Fetterman?? | Deadlocked: Mandela Barnes vs. Ron Johnson | Far Right Weaponizes Crime | Ellison vs. Anti-Choice Extremist | AZ Race Key to Climate | Green vs. Big Money in St. Louis | Rallies for Democracy w/ MLK III | & MORE!

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Tune-in to our LIVE National Organizing Call for a massive GOTV push ahead of Election Day this Monday at 8:30pm ET/5:30 PT. Minnesota AG Keith Ellison will dig into his fight for re-election against a hedge fund lawyer who wants to criminalize abortion.

We’ll also hear from Megan Green, a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman who’s now up against union busters and big developer money in her run for board president.

Austin City Council candidate Zo Qadri and San Francisco School Board candidate Gabriela López will join us to talk about their races and the importance of electing progressives at every level of government.


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The polls in key races are getting downright scary as we head in the final TWO weeks to Election Day. Whether we face a MAGA takeover or elect allies to help us build on our work all depends on what we do right now.

Critical Senate races like John Fetterman in PA, Mandela Barnes in WI, Raphael Warnock in GA are showing polls deadlocked as the far right spends big money to spread lies and weaponize crime in a time of economic despair.

It’s up to us to circumvent the onslaught of false ads and directly engage with voters on the facts and our solutions to the issues affecting their lives.

That’s why Our Revolution is hitting the phones to send more than a million calls and texts, sending out mailers, taking to social media, and organizing on the ground to mount a massive and strategic GOTV operation.

That’s also why we’ll be hitting the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders as he rallies in states like NV, FL, WI, OR, CA, TX, PA and MI to make clear an economic message to voters misled to believe Republicans have their interests at heart.

Bernie’s right: to defeat extreme Republicans and their economic propaganda, Democrats need to earn trust and votes from the working class.

As he wrote in The Guardian: “you’re not going to have that support unless you show you’ll take on powerful special interests and fight for the millions struggling economically.”

As OR Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese said, “People are concerned with putting food on the table and a roof over their heads. With Fetterman and Barnes, we can authentically say ‘these are progressives who will go to the mat for the policies that will improve your life’.”

We have a chance to defeat the far right, elect allies, and cancel out the veto-power of corporate Dems like Manchin and Sinema. A MAGA Majority is unthinkable. We can’t let national abortion ban author Lindsey Graham replace Bernie as Chair of the Senate Budget Committee.


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Our work to flip Senate seats couldn’t be more vital — the race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz is getting tighter and Mandela Barnes is in a dead heat with right-wing extremist Ron Johnson.

We’re raising $300K to power our voter turnout model to mobilize our list of 413,251 voters in these two swing states. This is the concrete work that can make the decisive difference in these tight races.

Donate to our Swing State Fund today!

Our research shows that if we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, and door-knocking — we can boost turnout by 11 percent.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and there’s a real danger that many progressive, independent, working-class voters will not be motivated to turn out.


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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison is one of our strongest progressive fighters in the country — and he’s in a dead heat with a far-right extremist who’s taking big money to slander him with an onslaught of ads.

As the donor class weaponizes crime against Ellison, we have people-power on our side to reach voters directly with the facts. And, we hope you’ll join us LIVE with Keith on Monday to dig into this major race!

While Keith has never lost a criminal prosecution case, his opponent Jim Schultz has never stepped foot inside a courtroom. The truth is: Schutlz is a hedge fund lawyer who wants to criminalize abortion at 6 weeks, defund corporate law enforcement, and gut consumer protections.

Meanwhile, Keith has worked to combat price gouging in the pandemic and led the team that convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

As AG, Keith Ellison took on wage theft and put hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the pockets of Minnesota workers. And, holding Big Pharma accountable for the opioid epidemic — he’s won hundreds of millions of dollars for Minnesota.

When a hedge fund landlord stopped repairing their properties, leaving families without heat and subject to mold and lead paint, Keith stepped in to defend Minnesotans.

When we say Keith Ellison is the people’s lawyer, that’s what we mean. That’s the work Jim Schultz wants to defund.

Our Revolution is working hard to make sure we turn out our 147,000 supporters in Minnesota to vote for Keith. Our Phone Bank Force has made 58k phone calls in the state, and we’ll be sending 100k texts and postcards to 65k households.

Doing the people’s work earns you powerful enemies, and Keith is in a fight to the finish. Can you step up to help re-elect Keith Ellison?


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In Arizona, we have two great progressives Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby running for seats on the little-known but powerful Corporation Commission to regulate the utilities monopolies, snuff out corruption, lower energy prices.

We have a chance to turn Arizona into a leader of the renewable energy transition, and that’s why we’re shedding light on this race and the dark money flooding it. The utilities want to buy these key seats, but we can’t let them handpick their own regulators!

The electric utility APS spent more than $10M to defeat her in 2014 and elect commissioners who voted to raise utility prices, Marketplace reports.

She came back to beat the big money in 2018, and now we have a chance to re-elect her and add Lauren Kuby to make sure it never becomes known as the “corruption commission” again!

Our Revolution is going all out in this key down-ballot race — and we need your help! Let’s not miss this opportunity to put progressives in key seats of power!


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Megan Green will join our LIVE National Call Monday to give us all the details on her grassroots campaign to be President of the Board of Alderman — and she’s up against an opponent flush with cash from anti-union and big developer sources.

Megan was a Bernie delegate in 2016 and we were proud to help elect her to the board in St. Louis, where she’s fought for a higher minimum wage, reproductive freedom, domestic violence protections, legal marijuana, and more.

While Megan is supporting hotel workers organizing with Unite Here Local 74, her opponent Jack Coatar is taking donations from their anti-union bosses.

“He’s the big-money candidate in the race to replace Reed, who was the big-money candidate before Coatar,” STL Today writes. “Reed, of course, is headed to a likely federal prison sentence for taking bribes in development deals.”

In her time on the board, Megan helped pass a $15 minimum wage bill in the city while Coatar voted against it. As board president, she would strengthen the growing bloc of progressive power in St. Louis, ranging from the mayor to US Rep. Cori Bush.

Our Revolution Phonebank Leader, Amanda Walker, spoke to a voter in St. Louis this week who expressed his frustration with the Democratic Party and his concern about “the city getting dangerous” — which he blamed on progressives.

By hearing out his concerns, Amanda was able to counter the rightwing narrative weaponizing crime by explaining Megan’s position on prevention and restorative justice. Like Megan says, good union jobs and economic security makes stronger, safer neighborhoods.

The man agreed that police only come after something bad has already happened and said he would consider voting. These are the conversations that can plant seeds and combat the big money misinformation. We need as many folks as possible to make calls and turn the tide!


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We need to send reinforcements to grow progressive power in Congress — and The Washington Post says we’re on track to do just that with Our Revolution-endorsed candidates like Delia Ramirez, Maxwell Frost, Summer Lee, Andrea Salinas, Summer Lee, Jasmine Crockett, Jonathan Jackson, Becca Balint, Greg Casar and others.

Our volunteers are also working hard to elect progressives who are in tough, competitive races — including Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon’s 5th District and Michelle Vallejo in Texas’ 15th. Winning these seats could stave off a Republican majority in the House!

Bernie also has their back, saying of Michelle: “She believes in an agenda that speaks to the needs of working people — that means passing Medicare For All, bringing good-paying union jobs to the district, and protecting a woman’s right to choose.”


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This week, Our Revolution pulled off several actions and rallies across the country demanding justice for the assaults on our democracy.

Martin Luther King III and Arndrea Waters King joined Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese in addressing the crowd and media gathered at The Capitol in DC on Thursday.

“We know right wing Republicans have a plan — they’re going after our elections, they are picking extremists to serve on elections boards and to take over key government positions,” Joseph told the crowd.

“Well, we have a plan too,” he said. “Our Revolution is leading a massive get-out-the-vote drive in key states where rightwing criminals are trying to take power. The only thing standing between US and THEM is Election Day.”

Our Harrisburg rally on Wednesday at noon was a great success! A coalition of progressive groups including Our Revolution, Indivisible PA, and Cumberland Valley Rising, came together to demand justice for January 6 conspirators.

Featured speaker Randall Hayes from the group March on Harrisburg drew cheers when he insisted that Democrats must fight for Main Street, not Wall Street, or we will see more insurrections and an increasingly angry and embittered working class.

At the Philadelphia rally on Thursday, Our Revolution PA activists Bo Dimbach and Karyn Hollis were joined by Philly D.A. Larry Krasner, who spoke about the need to enforce the rule of law when it comes to elites clawing desperately to retain their power.

At the Phoenix rally that day, our featured speaker was Rep. Ruben Gallego, who stood up to insurrectionists and protected others on Jan. 6th at the Capitol, and now he’s helping Arizona activists lead the fight to defend democracy!

Other events were held this week in Phoenix, Manhattan, Dayton, OH, for a total of 70 locations nationwide. Sunday, we’ll rally in Cincinnati, OH, and we hope you’ll take a stand with us online by posting using the #OurFreedomsOurVote to make our voices heard.


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Nina Turner’s new show Unbossed premiered this week and she’s already hitting it hard on topics like skyrocketing insulin costs and Republicans efforts to cut social security.

A hell-raising humanitarian, Nina is on a quest to unite our movement and coalition to take on the corrupt forces that seek to keep the power from the people. Watch live on weekdays 4pm ET/1 PT!


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On Sunday, the Our Revolution: NYPAN gala event brought together the progressive movement in NYC — organizers, activists, candidates and elected allies took part.

Just some of the progressive leaders included Sen. Robert Jackson, Yuh-Line Niou, Melanie D’Arrigo, Ana-Maria Archila, Brad Lander, Harvey Epstein, Mark Levine, and Jumaane Williams.

“It was awesome seeing so many organizers in one place and in person,” said Our Revolution National Organizing Coordinator Anna-Marta Visky. “I’m proud of the relationships and collaboration we have developed there and look forward to continuing the work.”

Even Sen. Chuck Schumer saw the value in making an unannounced appearance and a long speech at the event — showing that he recognizes the power of our coalition.

Then, on Tuesday, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined a call with Our Revolution: NY Progressive Action Network to organize with our members around advancing the progressive movement.

AOC talked about her time as a member of Our Revolution Bronx and all the work she is doing to build grassroots power. Topics and questions ranged from healthcare to Palestine to school funding to public banking.

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Last Sunday morning, Our Revolution-NYPAN leader Maria Ordonez organized our coalition of community groups to March for Housing Rights in Upper Manhattan.

It was a sunny day for a long march from 135th to 181st St. calling attention to a housing crisis and demanding lower rents, The Uptowner reported.

Later that day, Our Revolution NJ Rutgers chapter co-hosted The Your Rights, Your Vote – Abortion Rights Rally in New Brunswick, marching for reproductive freedom and youth voter turnout.

“Young people are key to ensuring reproductive rights are protected at the ballot box this November,” said Our Revolution National Organizing Coordinator Anna-Marta Visky. “There was great energy and a message of intersectionality.”

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Our Revolution South Carolina held a statewide Candidates Forum on Wednesday, showcasing five great progressives running in the conservative “Cradle of the Confederacy.”

Our guests: Keith Grey Sr., Judith Polson, Daniel Duncan, Katie Crosby, Ashlyn Preaux are all fighting to protect reproductive rights, guarantee fair wages, and protect SC public education.

The event drew raves from viewers. “Wonderful,” said Marla. Helene texted: “It was a wonderful and inspiring forum. We have amazing candidates.”


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Progressive Mandela Barnes can take out far-right Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin — with our help! He’s in a tough race, but we have a path to victory and can flip this key seat.


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Dr. Oz is closing the gap and we can’t let him win! We need YOU to make calls for John Fetterman! Let’s make sure we flip this senate seat, defeat Dr. Oz, and elect a progressive!


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We have to marshal our resources NOW to execute our strategy over the next three weeks to defeat the far right and elect progressives on Nov. 8th.

If we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, and door-knocking — we can boost turnout by 11 percent and make a decisive difference in tight races.

Donate now to power our Swing State strategy!

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Early voting is open and we have a battle on our hands to re-elect Keith Ellison as Minnesota AG, and defeat his far-right extremist opponent who wants to criminalize abortion and defund all corporate law enforcement.

Keith has taken on corporate price-gouging in the pandemic and led the fight to convict Derek Chauvin for the Murder of George Floyd — let’s make sure he continues his good work as Attorney General.


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Lauren Kuby and Sandra Kennedy are consumer watchdogs and climate champions, who we must help win seats on the little-known but powerful Arizona Corporation Commissioner. Let’s make AZ a leader in renewable energy!


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Megan Green — a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman last cycle — is up against union busters and big developer money in her run for board president. This is a key seat for a progressive and we can win!


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This primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 857,000 calls to voters across the country. Sign up to activate voters for progressive candidates across the country.


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Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for just $5/mo. and get your official membership card. For $10, get our collectible sticker 6-pack — $15, get the stickers + a poster — $27, get both + a tote bag — $50, get it ALL + a T-shirt!


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