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HEADLINES: Battle to the End in Critical Races | Bernie Hits the Trail! | Fetterman & Oz in Tight Race | Barnes Behind in Wisconsin | AG Ellison in Tough Fight | 10 Progressives for Congress! | Megan Green for St. Louis | Climate Champs in AZ | & MORE!

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Critical races are deadlocked in the polls, and we have just ONE WEEK to do everything we can to shift the political landscape in this pivotal 2022 Election.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and there’s a real danger that many progressive, independent, working-class voters will not be motivated to turn out. Whether we face a MAGA takeover or elect allies to help us build on our work all comes down to what we do right now.

That’s why Our Revolution is working overtime to hit our goal of 1.6 MILLION voter contacts through calls, texts, email, social media, and more as part of our massive targeted GOTV operation.

Join us in this last MASSIVE phonebank effort to make the difference in these tight priority races in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

We’re calling all week to mobilize every last voter to the polls for John Fetterman and Mandela Barnes to flip these Senate seats!

We’re also hitting the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders this week to rally in NV, WI, OR, CA, TX, PA, and MI to make a clear case to voters.

“If we have any chance to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent,” Bernie wrote in The Hill, “we must expand the Democratic majority in Congress and continue to push them to represent the needs of the working class, not the billionaire class.”

“Too many Democratic members of Congress have been unwilling to stand up to the big money interests,” Bernie wrote in The Hill. “But here is the simple reality: the Republicans in Congress are far worse when it comes to addressing the needs of the working class.”

Under this administration, Bernie and our movement worked hard to get the first steps on climate, student debt, tax fairness, drug price negotiation, and other priorities — but we’re just getting started and have much more work to do.

“People feel like Democrats under-delivered on the things that matter to progressives, like raising wages, building unions, expanding healthcare,” Joseph Geevarghese, Our Revolution Executive Director, told NBC News 6. “There is no path to victory if progressives sit this race out.”

“It is no secret that many Americans are discouraged by what’s going on in Washington and are unhappy with both major parties. I got that,” Bernie said. “The answer, however, is not to make a bad situation worse by supporting candidates who will cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and give huge tax breaks to the rich.”

This election is a chance to defeat the far right, elect allies, and cancel out the veto-power corporate Dems like Manchin and Sinema. A MAGA Majority is unthinkable — we can’t let national abortion ban author Lindsey Graham replace Bernie as Senate Budget Chair.


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Our work to flip Senate seats couldn’t be more vital — the race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz is now very tight, and right-wing extremist Ron Johnson has a polling edge over Mandela Barnes.

We’re raising $300K to power our voter turnout model to mobilize our list of 413,251 voters in the two states. This is the concrete work that can make the decisive difference in these tight races. Donate to our Swing State Fund today!

If we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, ads, and groundwork — we can boost turnout by 11 percent. This could be the decisive factor in races across the country, but we can’t do it without you!


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If we put in the work, we can add as many as 10 progressives to Congress folks like Delia Ramirez, Maxwell Frost, Summer Lee, Andrea Salinas, Jasmine Crockett, Jonathan Jackson, Becca Balint, and Greg Casar.

Our Revolution is also working hard to elect progressives who are in tough, competitive House races — including Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon’s 5th District and Michelle Vallejo in Texas’ 15th.

Winning these seats could stave off a Republican majority in the House and grow our power to advance the policies that save lives.


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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison is one of our strongest progressive leaders — and he joined our
National Organizing Call Monday to dig into his tough battle for re-election against extremist Jim Schultz, who wants to criminalize abortion and defund corporate law enforcement.

Keith helped led the team that convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd — and now the far right is coming after him for it. “Help me make it so that if you’re standing up for justice you will not be turned out of office.”

“My opponent has tried to make this race all about crime, but he’s offered no good solutions,” Keith told us. “We have a package, a program, to promote safety and security at the AG office.”

We must make sure Keith can continue his great work taking on the negligent gun retailers, slum lords, and oil companies endangering lives.

While Keith fights price gougers, Schultz’s hedge fund employer made $2.6 BILLION as a pandemic profiteer. While Schultz wants to gut consumer protections, Keith has won more than $300 million for Minnesotans by holding Big Pharma accountable for the opioid epidemic.

“We’re working to help people afford their lives and standing up for our rights and freedoms,” Keith said. “My opponent aims to be the fox in the henhouse — inside the institution to stop any effort to help workers and to enrich the most powerful.”

OR Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told Politico this is a race to watch. “Nationally, you’ve got Republicans running on this tough-on-crime narrative, and Keith is at the epicenter of that. If he is able to fend off the attacks, it’ll give us a pathway on criminal justice reform.”

This is a priority race and we need all hands on deck! Doing the people’s work earns you powerful enemies, and Keith is in a fight to the finish. Can you step up for a phone bank shift to help Our Revolution turn out our 147,000 supporters in Minnesota?


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Megan Green joined our LIVE National Call Monday to talk details on her grassroots campaign for President of the St. Louis Board of Alderman.

On the board, Megan helped pass a $15 minimum wage and Coatar voted against it. While she supports hotel workers organizing with Unite Here Local 74, her opponent Jack Coatar is taking huge donations from their anti-union bosses.

Coatar is the big-money candidate in the race to replace Reed, who is headed to a likely federal prison sentence for taking bribes in development deals. “We have to put an end to this level of corruption that has had a stranglehold on city government,” Megan told us.

“We need a city government that is responsive to the needs of the community,” she said. “I brought participatory government to the 15th Ward — people should be able to vote directly on how their dollars are spent and that’s something we can do at the city level to build trust.”

This race will empower our growing progressive bloc in St. Louis — and we can lend a hand from all across the country. Please join a phone bank shift to get the message out to voters that Megan will fight for housing justice, good union jobs, strong neighborhoods, and more.


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In Arizona, we have progressives Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby running for seats on the little-known but powerful Corporation Commission to regulate utility monopolies, snuff out corruption, and lower energy prices.

“The choice for Arizona Corporation Commission is simple,” “We will ensure a clean energy future. Our Republican opponents will not,” Kuby wrote in AZ Central. “Investing in clean energy also creates local, high-wage jobs that benefit Arizonans while conserving our most precious natural resource: water.”

The utilities want to buy these key seats, but we can’t let them handpick their own regulators!

The electric utility APS spent more than $10M to defeat Sandra in 2014 and raise utility prices, but she came back to beat them in 2018 — and now we can re-elect her and add Lauren Kuby to join her in stamping out corruption!

Our Revolution is going all out in this critical down-ballot race — and we need your help! Sign up for a shift or two to get these climate champions over the finish line!


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Our Revolution is backing Zo Qadri in his race for Austin City Council in District 9.

Zo is the son of immigrants and will be the first South Asian and the first Muslim elected to the city council. He joined our Live National Call Monday evening to talk about how can help beat the crowded field of 8 candidates in this tight race — and what he would do in office.

Austin’s affordability is on the ballot this year. Zo is committed to fighting for housing, worker rights, equal justice, unions, climate action — and giving everyone a seat at the table.

“Austin is letting down its most vulnerable populations — we have a long way to go before we become that progressive city we claim to be,” Zo told us.

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As Election Day nears, OR Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told The Hill: “the closing argument has to be about what matters to the electorate. “In this moment in particular, voters are looking for the candidates who will fight to raise their standards of living.”

After running primarily on the important issue of abortion, Democratic Party leaders are now sounding the alarm on Republican plans to dismantle Medicare and Social Security, while cutting taxes for the ultra-wealthy.

“The headwinds are against us, so any pivot is timely,” Joseph said in Yahoo News, “but do I wish that Democrats had articulated a bold economic agenda that was going to be deflationary at the start of the summer? Yes.”

“Democrats can’t just run on fear,” Joseph told ABC News. “Fear is a mobilizing factor, but hope should outweigh it. You have to have something to believe in, something to vote for. That’s what really motivates somebody.”

The truth is, progressive policies address the root causes of the economic pain so many of us are experiencing — but we can only work to deliver on that agenda if we elect more and better Democrats in this midterm election.

From antitrust to reshoring jobs, taxing the wealthy, raising wages, and making healthcare and education free at the point of service — these are the policies that put power and money back in the hands of the people.

US Rep. Ro Khanna said in Yahoo News: “I call it a new economic patriotism, which is that Democrats are bringing manufacturing back home. We’re bringing back supply chains, and that actually is going to help tackle inflation.”

“The most singular thing progressive voters are looking for is someone who has a bold, progressive vision that is not purely idealistic but is also implementable — and that the candidate also has the ability to organize masses of people to implement that agenda,” Joseph said in the LA Times.

That’s why Our Revolution is joining Bernie to do the work between now and Nov. 8th, and make the case to every voter we can about what’s at stake as well as what we can accomplish if our candidates win.

Chip in now to help fund the direct voter outreach that can be the margin of victory in key swing states!

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Progressive Mandela Barnes can take out far-right Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin — with our help! He’s in a tough race, but we have a path to victory and can flip this key seat.


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Dr. Oz is closing the gap and we can’t let him win! We need YOU to make calls for John Fetterman! Let’s make sure we flip this senate seat, defeat Dr. Oz, and elect a progressive!


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We have to marshal our resources NOW to execute our strategy over the next three weeks to defeat the far right and elect progressives on Nov. 8th.

If we connect with each voter 4 times — by phone, text, mail, social media, and door-knocking — we can boost turnout by 11 percent and make a decisive difference in tight races.


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Early voting is open and we have a battle on our hands to re-elect Keith Ellison as Minnesota AG and defeat his far-right extremist opponent who wants to criminalize abortion and defund all corporate law enforcement.

Keith has taken on corporate price-gouging in the pandemic and led the fight to convict Derek Chauvin for the Murder of George Floyd — let’s make sure he continues his good work as Attorney General.


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Lauren Kuby and Sandra Kennedy are consumer watchdogs and climate champions, who we must help win seats on the little-known but powerful Arizona Corporation Commissioner. Let’s make AZ a leader in renewable energy!


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Megan Green — a 2016 Bernie delegate we helped elect to the St. Louis Board of Alderman last cycle — is up against union busters and big developer money in her run for board president. This is a key seat for a progressives and we can win!


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This primary season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made more than 900,000 calls to voters across the country. Sign up to activate voters for progressive candidates across the country.


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Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for just $5/mo. and get your official membership card. For $10, get our collectible sticker 6-pack — $15, get the stickers + a poster — $27, get both + a tote bag — $50, get it ALL + a T-shirt!


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