WASHINGTON, D.C. – Joseph Geevarghese, executive director of Our Revolution, the largest grassroots-funded progressive organization in the country, released the following statement reacting to the returns of the midterm elections, where progressives have picked up key House seats and flipped Pennsylvania’s crucial Senate seat to expand the progressive voting bloc in Congress, contrary to mainstream Democrats’ continued disregard for progressive priorities:

“Progressives are the big winners in the midterms. Our populist economic message powered John Fetterman to victory in a critical battleground state and elected the largest progressive voting bloc in Congress, while preventing a red wave this cycle.

Up and down the ballot, progressives ran campaigns that talked about fighting to improve the standard of living of their constituents. Bread and butter issues resonated with the masses who want a government that puts the needs of working people ahead of the rich and powerful.

With progressives growing their margins in Congress, regardless of the outcome of the remaining uncalled races, Democrats need to take note of the powerfully fought and won campaigns, driven by progressive ideals, that galvanized voters.

This sends a clear message and roadmap that going into 2024 Democrats must lean into the popularity of the progressive platform, not write it off.”

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