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HEADLINES: Progressives Outperform in Midterms! | Fetterman Flips Senate Seat | Georgia Runoff | 7 New Allies in Congress | Keith Ellison’s Victory | Megan Green Wins in St. Louis | AOC on NYPAN’s Leadership | & MORE!

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Come celebrate our progressive wins from the midterm with US Rep. Ro Khanna, talk about what is next during the lame duck session with Greenpeace USA Co-Director Ebony Martin, and hear from other special guests on our LIVE National Organizing Call this Monday at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT.

We’ll also strategize around the Georgia runoff, our Black Friday actions to Make Amazon Pay, and stopping the Dirty Deal again! You won’t want to miss this.


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Thank you to everyone who made calls, volunteered, and donated to Our Revolution’s massive GOTV effort in this pivotal midterm election!

With your help, we beat back the far right, flipped a Senate seat, elected 7 new allies to Congress, and expanded progressive power up and down the ballot.

Your donations and volunteerism powered our work on the ground and online — turning out progressives, young voters, and working-class folks, who were the margin of victory in top races with tight margins around the country.

Our organizers and volunteers made more than 4 million voter contacts — 2 million calls and texts! Through collective action, we are lifting the progressive movement into power.

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We proved in this election that progressive policy and organizing are a roadmap for victory.

“Our populist economic message powered John Fetterman to victory in a critical battleground state and elected the largest progressive voting bloc in Congress while preventing a red wave,” said Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese.

Progressive candidates won nearly every race they ran in with campaigns focused on the fight for justice, reproductive rights, and improving the standard of living of their constituents.

“Bread and butter issues resonated with voters who want a government that puts the needs of working people ahead of the rich and powerful,” Joseph said.

With progressives growing their margins in Congress, Democrats should take note of the powerfully fought and won campaigns, driven by progressive ideals, that galvanized voters.

“This sends a clear message and roadmap that going into 2024 Democrats must lean into the popularity of the progressive platform, not write it off,” Joseph told The Guardian.

Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution to keep growing our movement and our impact between elections — we have a lot of work to do before 2024!

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Dr. Oz is headed back to New Jersey after the right-wing spent $100 million trying to defeat John Fetterman — and lost!

Our Revolution volunteers made over 260,000 voter contacts in PA and helped Fetterman outperform President Biden in every county — flipping some red counties blue.

“I’m proud of what we ran on,” Fetterman said in his victory speech Tuesday night. “Protecting a woman’s right to choose, raising our minimum wage, fighting for the union way of life, healthcare as a human right, standing up to corporate greed, making more things here in America, standing up for our democracy…”

He dedicated this win to every person who has felt left behind and everyone who has been knocked down and had to get back up.

Celebrate this BIG WIN in PA by getting your Fetterman sticker in his iconic shorts and hoodie — while supplies last!


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Now, we must focus our work in Georgia, where a runoff election between Sen. Raphael Warnock and Trump’s handpicked candidate Herschel Walker will determine the fate of the Senate.

From now to December 6th, we must outwork and out-organize the coming surge of money and Republican propaganda.

In 2020, our targeted voter outreach boosted turnout by 11% to help Senator Warnock win his first Georgia runoff — and we need a repeat performance.

Can we count on you to help us cut through the attack ads, make personal connections with voters, and defeat Hershel Walker once and for all?


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That’s right — we elected 7 new allies to the House on Tuesday — vastly growing the power of our progressive voting bloc in Congress!

Organizing overpowered big money to clinch wins for Greg Casar (TX-35), Delia Ramirez (IL-3), Maxwell Frost (FL-10), Summer Lee (PA-12), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Jonathan Jackson (IL-1), Becca Balint (VT).

“Progressives had a good night,” Slate wrote. “Despite major efforts by various outside spending groups to move the Democratic Party to the right during the primaries, the leftward push continues.”

​“We’ll have a historic number of progressives, true progressives, in Congress,” Our Revolution member and US Rep-elect Greg Casar told In These Times.

Become a recurring donor to Our Revolution to support our work as we partner with new allies in Congress to fight for our progressive policies!

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Minnesota AG Keith Ellison proved you can take on corporate criminals, prosecute the police officer who murdered George Floyd and win re-election!

Keith Ellison defended his progressive mantle after attacks from all sides, The Intercept reported. When you stand up to the powerful, you get powerful enemies — but with the help of Our Revolution volunteers who made over 100,000 personal calls to MN voters, Keith held his seat by a 20,000-vote margin!

“Thanks to Our Revolution, we are going to continue our work to make sure folks can afford their lives and live with dignity, safety, and respect — every day,” Keith said.

As a board member of Our Revolution, Keith Ellison knows our inside-outside strategy for change will work. Sign up as a member today to keep building progressive momentum!

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Our Revolution-backed Megan Green won her grassroots campaign for President of the St. Louis Board of Alderman against a wave of money from big developers in the city.

Megan joins a growing bloc of progressive power in St. Louis that includes Mayor Tishaura O. Jones and US Rep. Cori Bush, who was also re-elected on Tuesday!

“An unapologetic progressive wins in the heartland, STL Today wrote. “Her victory puts an exclamation point on the rise of progressive Democrats in the city.”

On the board, Megan helped pass a $15 min wage and she’ll be a strong advocate for housing justice, good union jobs, strong neighborhoods, and more as Board President.

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Our Revolution: NY Progressive Action Network worked in solidarity with Working Families Party NY to hold the line for narrow wins for Democrats.

While progressive organizers and trade union supporters worked tirelessly to campaign across the state, NYPAN’s Executive Committee reported that “the Democratic Party establishment itself was nowhere to be seen” and their ad messaging “neglected the suffering of New Yorkers.”

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told The Intercept that in the absence of state party leadership, organizations like Our Revolution-NYPAN are rising up to lead.

“NYPAN’s organizing is very ripe to fill the role that the state Democratic Party has left vacant,” AOC said. “An offshoot of the Our Revolution chapters that cropped up all across New York state, NYPAN retained their infrastructure and they are active across the state.”

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In some states, abortion rights were literally on the ballot. And, in each of the 5 states — MI, CA, KY, MT, and VT — the pro-choice position won!

Economic justice was also on the ballot. Supported by Our Revolution DC and One Fair Wage, Initiative 82 passed 3:1 to end the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers!

In Illinois, Amendment 1 created a state constitutional right to collective bargaining, and both Nevada and Nebraska voted to raise the minimum wage.

And, folks in Maryland voted on ballot measures to legalize marijuana — Missouri did the same and will expunge records for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses.

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We must marshal our resources NOW to execute our strategy in Georgia all the way through the run-off election on Dec. 6th! In the 2020 Georgia runoff, we helped boost turnout for Warnock by 11 percent and our work can make the difference again.


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This midterm season, Our Revolution Phonebank Force has made 1.2 MILLION CALLS to voters across the country and we’re keeping that energy going for the Georgia run-off election. Volunteer with us to help elect Senator Warnock, defeat Herschel Walker, and save the Senate!


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Celebrate this BIG WIN in PA by getting your Fetterman sticker in his iconic shorts and hoodie — while supplies last!


Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for just $5/mo. and get your official membership card. For $10, get our collectible sticker 6-pack — $15, get the stickers + a poster — $27, get both + a tote bag — $50, get it ALL + a T-shirt!


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