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HEADLINES: Black Friday: Make Amazon Pay! | Ro Khanna: A New Vision | Georgia Runoff | 9 New House Allies | Dirty Deal Round 2 | Starbucks Red Cup Rebellion | One Fair Wage | & MORE!

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This Thanksgiving we are grateful for the solidarity of all our movement allies here and around the world.

On Black Friday, Our Revolution is leading US protests as part of a global day of action to Make Amazon Pay — pay its workers, pay its taxes, and pay for its climate damage.

Join us in coalition with 80 unions and organizations holding strikes and rallies in 32 countries to fight back against Amazon squeezing every last drop it can from people and the planet.


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Progressives won the 2022 midterms! Our movement fended off a red wave, flipped a Senate seat, added 9 new progressives to the House, and grew our power down-ballot.

Thanks to you, Our Revolution organizers and volunteers made more than 4M voter contacts — 2M calls and texts — to make the difference in tight races.

“You got the vote out, you got young people out,” US Rep. Ro Khanna said on our National Organize-to-Win Call Monday. “Progressives can be very proud.”

Ro said he is particularly proud of John Fetterman, “the resiliency he showed — and he showed our message works and we held the Senate.”

As a progressive populist, Fetterman gained in every PA county — his strongest gains in rural areas — won back red counties like Erie, which voted Obama twice then Trump.

Running on healthcare for all, the union way of life, and raising wages — Fetterman did better with independents than any other Dem Senate candidate.

“This sends a clear message and roadmap that going into 2024 Democrats must lean into the popularity of the progressive platform, not write it off,” Joseph Geevarghese, Our Revolution Executive Director, told The Guardian.

Ro Khanna is taking that message on tour, laying out a new vision for Democrats from economic patriotism to democracy reform to foreign policy.

“So many communities have been left out of economic revitalization, but we have a 21st Century plan to reverse deindustrialization,” he said. “That means investing in people.”

“Medicare for All is a patriotic investment, free public education helps our economy,” Ro explained. “Housing costs are soaring because Wall Street is buying up homes, gas prices go up while Big Oil makes record profits — this is a production agenda and an agenda that serves the working class.”

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Our Revolution is going all-in to make sure we re-elect Raphael Warnock, secure the 51st vote in the Senate, and diminish the power of obstructionists like Joe Manchin.

In 2020, our targeted voter outreach helped Sen. Warnock win his first Georgia runoff, and we can be the margin of victory in this race.

Our Revolution Phonebank Force made 2 million calls and texts in the midterms, and we’re keeping the energy going for the Georgia Runoff.

Help us cut through the attack ads, make personal connections with voters, and defeat Hershel Walker once and for all. Call shifts to start after Thanksgiving.


If you can’t volunteer, you can help by contributing to our Georgia Runoff Fund. Every donation helps power our targeted voter outreach work to turn out more than 150,000 progressive voters in the state!


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Get ready! Nine new Our Revolution-endorsed members are heading to Congress to take on the corporatist wing of the party.

“The House may not be in Democratic hands, but we’ve got a stronger progressive block that will have an outsized influence on administration policy,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told Daily Beast.

“We’ll have progressives leading the push on the administration to use executive action, regulatory authority, and appointment powers to push progressive priorities,” Joseph said.

New Our Revolution-backed Congress members include: Greg Casar (TX-35), Delia Ramirez (IL-3), Maxwell Frost (FL-10), Summer Lee (PA-12), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Jonathan Jackson (IL-1), Becca Balint (VT), Andrea Salinas (OR-6), and Val Hoyle (OR-4).

Become a recurring donor to Our Revolution as we partner with new allies in Congress to fight for our policy agenda!

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Amazon is squeezing every last drop it can from workers, communities, and the planet.

That’s why Our Revolution is leading actions on Black Friday as part of a global day of action to Make Amazon Pay — pay workers, pay taxes, and pay for the climate.

We are proud to be in coalition with 80 unions and organizations holding strikes and rallies against the corporate giant in 32 countries.

Join us in NYC, DC, Philadelphia, Bessemer AL, Detroit, St. Louis, and many other US cities — in international solidarity with workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, Columbia, and more.

“This is a fight for environmental justice, worker justice, tax justice, but also other struggles,” James Schneider of Progressive International said on our LIVE National Call Monday.

“In South Africa, the indigenous movement is standing up because Amazon wants to bulldoze sacred land and rivers for its regional headquarters,” James said.

We are workers and citizens divided by geography and our role in the global economy, but we’re united to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes, and for its impact on the planet.


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In September, Our Revolution and our network of allies rallied to defeat the Dirty Deal, which would fast-track fossil fuel projects and gut frontline community protections.

Well, it’s rearing its ugly head again, and Alice Madden, Policy and Political Director for Greenpeace, joined our National Organizing Call on Monday to stop it once more.

“Senator Manchin is still trying to fast-track approvals for oil, gas, and coal projects,” Alice said. “This Dirty Deal would sacrifice lives, lock communities into more pollution, silence local voices, and sabotage our climate goals.”

Manchin aims to include the Dirty Deal in upcoming must-pass legislation — and some in Democratic leadership have a mind to help him pass it.

“Manchin has already begun his maneuverings, and the bill has gotten even worse,” Alice told us. “Failure is really not an option, We must work in solidarity to amplify strong congressional and frontline opposition.”

In Round 1, Our Revolution members made thousands of calls to their Members of Congress to leverage the power of the people. Can we count on you to be ready for Round 2?


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Our Revolution – Hillsborough, NJ had the opportunity to advocate for the PRO Act with Amazon Labor Union, Starbucks Workers United, and Apple Workers Union at the NJEA Convention on Saturday.

Organizer Didier Jimenez spoke on the labor panel with ALU’s Christian Smalls and others about the state of unions and our fight to keep growing a resurgent labor movement in America.

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Our Revolution New Jersey rallied with striking Starbucks workers Thursday at Red Cup Rebellion actions.

We stood with baristas in Montclair, Hopewell and Summit NJ, amplifying the demand for a fair contract, fair staffing, and the living wages and benefits that all workers deserve.

Solidarity with Starbucks Workers United organizers in New Jersey and across the country!

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On Thursday, Our Revolution joined One Fair Wage for the Server for an Hour event at the Hyattsville Busboys & Poets, where progressive Maryland elected officials — including new Prince Geoge’s County Councilmember Krystal Oriadha — served lunch.

“We are excited to work with One Fair Wage to eliminate the sub-minimum wage,” said Our Revolution National Coordinator Hal Ginsberg. “The success of passing Initiative 82 to end the practice in DC shows the power and popularity of the movement.”

Among attendees were: Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese, One Fair Wage President Saru Jarayaman, Our Revolution MD co-founder Wala Blegay, and long-time Our Revolution MD member Danny Schaible. Like Krystal, Wala is starting her first term on the Prince George’s County Council, while Danny is a Hyattsville City Councilmember.

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Our Revolution joined 45 organizations in urging Congress this week to pass two popular, bipartisan antitrust bills to rein in Big Tech before January.

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act would enable fair competition on tech platforms and app markets, giving small businesses a fair shot and empowering citizens with more choice.

The bills are popular. In a recent poll, 77% of voters agreed Big Tech was too powerful and 65% were more likely to support their representative if they voted for more regulation.

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Our Revolution NYPAN and progressive groups across New York are calling for the removal and replacement of Jay Jacobs, who is not fit to serve as Chair of the State Democratic Party.

“It’s time for Gov. Kathy Hochul to work with the party to elect a focused, determined, unifying party leader,” our letter reads. “The state party lost 4 winnable seats, giving the U.S. House to Republicans – and the responsibility lies squarely with Jacobs.”

As chair, Jacobs has spent much of his time blaming progressives. But, while NYPAN and our allies worked tirelessly to get out the vote in NY, the party establishment was nowhere to be found.

This is the same Jay Jacobs who supported disgraced ex-Gov. Cuomo, tried to cancel the 2020 primary, and opposed Democratic primary winner India Walton for Buffalo Mayor.

“I called for Jay Jacobs’ resignation a year ago and I still hold that position,” US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday. Last week, she said NYPAN is well-organized and positioned to fill the leadership gap.

It is long past time to reform the NY State Democratic Party. But we must begin with leadership. Only then can we forge ahead together.


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On Black Friday, Our Revolution is leading US protests as part of a global day of action to Make Amazon Pay — pay its workers, pay its taxes, and pay for its climate damage.

Join us in coalition with 80 unions and ally organizations holding strikes and rallies in 32 countries to fight back against Amazon squeezing every last drop it can from people and the planet.


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Our Revolution is going all-in to re-elect Senator Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Runoff. Help us out-organize the right-wing money and propaganda, turn out 150,000 progressive voters in Georgia, and defeat Hershel Walker once and for all.


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Our Revolution Phonebank Force made 2 million calls and texts to voters in the midterms and we’re keeping the energy going for the Georgia run-off election. Volunteer with us to help elect Senator Warnock, defeat Herschel Walker, and save the Senate!


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