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HEADLINES: Georgia Runoff Tuesday! | Dirty Deal Round 2 w/ Sen. Merkley | Make Amazon Pay Recap | Solidarity w/ Rail Workers | Khanna Pushes $15 Wage | Member Survey | Bernie Ornament | & MORE!

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In the 2022 midterms, our movement fended off a red wave, flipped a Senate seat, and sent 9 new progressives to the House. But, we have more work to do in Georgia!

With the last day to vote on Tuesday, Our Revolution is ramping up our GOTV operation to make sure we re-elect Raphael Warnock.

This is a must-win race to secure the 51st vote in the Senate, diminish the power of Joe Manchin, and defeat Hershel Walker once and for all.

In 2020, our targeted voter outreach helped Sen. Warnock win his first Georgia runoff, and we can be the margin of victory in this race!

Our Revolution Phonebank Force made 2 million calls and texts in the midterms, and we’re keeping it going in Georgia.

Phone banker Paulina Oberg told us how rewarding it is to make personal connections with voters, help overcome propaganda, and provide a service to voters.

“One man planned to vote early, but with attempts at voter suppression, I made sure to send him voter info,” Paulina said. “He was shocked his polling place was different for the runoff, and we were both grateful for the conversation.”

This work is vital — and we need your help! Sign up now for a call shift before Tuesday.

If you can’t volunteer, you can help by contributing to our Georgia Runoff Fund. Every donation helps power our targeted voter outreach to turn out more than 150,000 Our Revolution members in the state!


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In September, Our Revolution and our coalition fought to defeat the Dirty Deal, making thousands of calls to pressure Congress — and won — but we knew it wasn’t the end.

Now, it’s rearing its ugly head as Manchin moves to attach his Dirty Deal to upcoming must-pass legislation before the end of the year.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) joined our National Organizing Call to organize for Round 2 against this toxic deal that would sacrifice lives and reverse climate steps.

“We’ve got to say ‘hell no’ to any side deal that fast-tracks fossil fuels,” Merkley said. “We can’t say we’re fixing the climate crisis while funding more oil and gas projects.”

You can take action to stop the Dirty Deal by calling your senator, using this toolkit to set up a meeting with your Reps, or sign up to be part of our Rapid Response Team.

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Amazon is squeezing every last drop it can from workers, communities, and the planet. That’s why Our Revolution led protests across America on Black Friday as part of a global day of action to Make Amazon Pay.

“We’re calling on Amazon to pay — pay their workers, pay their taxes, and pay for the damage they’re causing through their business model,” Our Revolution Political Director Aaron Chappell told TAG24 NEWS.

We proudly stood in solidarity with 80 unions and groups striking and rallying against the corporate giant in 32 countries — from Bangladesh to Germany, Colombia to Italy.

Our Revolution led actions in Philadelphia, PA; Cambridge, MA; Joliet, IN; Detroit, MI; and more. In NYC, we protested outside of Jeff Bezos’ penthouse; and in Washington DC, we rallied at Amazon Fresh.

In Bessemer, AL we stood with Amazon workers fighting for a union. “These workers — whether they’re working in the plant, the facility, or driving trucks — deserve to be protected,” Our Revolution Birmingham co-chair Eric Hall told WVTM News.

Amazon workers are going through one of the toughest and longest shopping seasons after the corporation announced plans to lay off 10,000 employees last month.

In Detroit, warehouse workers delivered a petition demanding better wages, safety, schedules, and more. “As they marched on the boss, others spontaneously joined them, chanting and cheering,” Our Revolution Massachusetts Organizer Rand Wilson said on our National Organizing Call.

“Amazon is being unfair and unjust,” Our Revolution organizer Susan Steigerwalt told WWJ News Radio 950 in Detroit. Susan said the company should start with workers’ rights, recognize the unions and stop illegally fighting organizing efforts.

Workers in St. Louis, Germany, France, Poland, and others also walked out for strikes, Wilson said. We may be divided by geography, but we’re united to Make Amazon Pay.

On Nov. 23rd, our activists delivered 70k petition signatures at Amazon HQ in Seattle in solidarity with First Nations people in South Africa calling to halt a new headquarters on sacred land.

“The global solidarity we saw was pretty amazing,” said Our Revolution Comms Director Paco Fabian. “A company like Amazon can operate across borders, and it’s about time we started taking action across borders in support of workers.”

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On Monday, President Biden — calling himself a “proud pro-labor president” — called for Congress to override rail workers’ no-vote on a contract with zero paid sick days, Jacobin reported.

“A ‘pro-labor’ President would force the corporate bosses to take the workers’ deal, not the other way around,” VICE quoted Our Revolution on Wednesday.

Bernie Sanders and the CPC made a push to include 7 days of paid sick leave, but while it passed the House, it failed in the Senate. This is not the end, we won’t stop fighting against the corporate forces harming working people.

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US Rep. Ro Khanna is pushing to attach a $15 federal minimum wage to the NDAA — the ‘must-pass’ annual military spending bill Dems are working to pass by the end of the year.

By contrast, Joe Manchin is trying to use the same tactic to pass his Dirty Deal to fast-track fossil fuel projects.

“If Big Oil wants to hold the NDAA hostage to weaken environmental protections, then progressives should demand a $15 wage as part of securing our votes,” Ro told TYT.

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Last week, we asked Our Revolution their priorities in this final stretch before Republicans take control of the House in January.

Respondents chose their top three issues they’d like to pressure Congress to take action on, and here are the results!

84% Voting Rights – 69% Codify Roe – 59% Debt Ceiling – 45% Dirty Deal – 39% Child Tax Credit – 32% Fund the NLRB – 28% Student Loan Relief – 26% Paid Family Leave

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Our Revolution Maryland is already gearing up for action in Annapolis in 2023! Our Revolution leader and State Delegate Sheila Ruth will be leading a Forum on Legislative Priorities this week with five of our endorsed progressive allies in the State Assembly.

They’ll preview their top action items for the upcoming General Assembly Session and we’ll also talk about the issues that matter most to our members — from criminal justice reform to healthcare to raising wages for workers.

And most importantly, we’re going to talk about our plan to organize to win real progress when legislators arrive at the state house in January.

The Maryland 2023 General Assembly Session Forum will be held virtually from 7-8 pm ET on Wednesday.


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Our Revolution is going all-in to re-elect Senator Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Runoff. Help us out-organize the right-wing money and propaganda, turn out 150,000 progressive voters in Georgia, and defeat Hershel Walker once and for all.


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Our Revolution Phonebank Force is making hundreds of thousands of calls to tip the balance in the Georgia Runoff by Tuesday. Volunteer with us to help elect Senator Warnock and defeat Herschel Walker!


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