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HEADLINES: Dirty Deal Round 2 vs Manchin | Powering Warnock to Victory | Sinema Defects | Bernie vs War in Yemen | Bronx Event w/ Gustavo Rivera | Bernie Ornament | & MORE!

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Who better to embody the spirit of the season than Bernie who has given so much to our movement. As we head into a new year, let’s remember what “Not me, Us” is all about and move forward together.

When you become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for $5 or more, we’ll send you this limited edition Bernie holiday ornament. Made of seed paper, this makes for a unique no-waste gift!

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This was a good week to be a progressive — and a bad week to be Joe Manchin.

Not only did we diminish Manchin’s power by clinching the 51st Senate vote with Warnock in the Georgia Runoff, but we also dealt a second blow to his Dirty Deal.

Our Revolution activists jumped into rapid response this week to stop Speaker Pelosi and House Reps from attaching the deal to the ‘must-pass’ National Defense Authorization Act.

Now, the fight has moved to the Senate, where Chuck Schumer is looking to advance this disastrous giveaway to polluters in their version of the NDAA. We can win again — but we need to take action immediately.

With lobbyists rushing to convince Democratic Senators to back the dirty deal, we must show them just how many of us oppose Manchin’s selfish push to fast-track fossil fuels and gut protections for frontline communities.


“We’ve got to say ‘hell no’ to any side deal that fast-tracks fossil fuels,” Sen. Jeff Merkley said on our recent National Organizing Call.

In September, Our Revolution and our coalition fought to defeat the Dirty Deal, making thousands of calls to pressure Congress, but we knew it wasn’t the end.

They’re going to keep trying to push this into must-pass legislation through the end of the year. That’s why we need you to stay vigilant as part of our Rapid Response Team and be ready to take action at a moment’s notice.

Your support enables our team to plan ahead and make the investments necessary to be nimble and effective. Become a recurring donor today to strengthen our work in the fights to come.

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Thank you for helping Our Revolution play a decisive role in re-electing Senator Warnock and defeating Trump’s handpicked candidate Herschel Walker!

Not only did we clinch the 51st vote in the Senate, but we also diminished the power of Joe Manchin to obstruct the Democratic agenda.

Warnock will be a powerful voice in the Senate in the fight for voting rights, expanding the child tax credit, and countering the influence of far-right Republicans hellbent on moving our country backward.

Our Revolution staff and members made more than 4.5 million voter contacts through Nov. 8th and the Georgia Runoff. Your support powered our direct voter outreach to more than 150,000 Our Revolution Georgia members!

This election came down to voter mobilization, and our one-on-one conversations with young, progressive, independent, and working-class voters helped overcome voter suppression and lift Senator Warnock to victory.

Add this to our list of victories in the 2022 midterms, where our movement helped fend off a red wave, flip a Senate seat, and send 9 new progressives to the House!

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Kyrsten Sinema has predictably chosen to defect rather than take on corporate power. Ironically, she calls herself independent when she’s so clearly shackled to big money interests.

Sinema being an “independent voice” is absurd when she’s so completely bought and spoken for. “She knows that she’s going to have a serious challenge in 2024,” Our Revolution Campaigns Director Paco Fabian told The New Republic.

She can change her party but she won’t change her stripes. Sinema always put the government on the side of herself and her donors, not of the people — and that won’t change.

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Bernie Sanders is planning to force a vote on a war powers resolution aimed at blocking U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

On Wednesday, Our Revolution joined a coalition of more than 100 advocacy and news organizations to urge members of Congress to adopt Bernie’s War Powers Resolution, Common Dreams reports.

“It’s been almost two months since the truce in Yemen expired, violence on the ground is escalating, and there is still no formal mechanism preventing a return to all-out war,” our letter reads.

Shortly after taking office, Biden resumed hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia; and, in October, we supported US Rep. Ro Khanna’s bill to cease sales.

Stay updated as this fight unfolds by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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U.S. Reps Ro Khanna and Mark Pocan teamed up with health insurance whistleblower and Medicare for All advocate Wendell Potter to debunk the scam that is “Medicare Advantage” in The Nation this week.

“In reality, so-called ‘Medicare Advantage’ is neither Medicare nor an advantage,” they said. “It’s actually just private insurance that uses the trusted Medicare name to trick seniors and people with disabilities into enrolling, then profits by denying coverage for necessary medical care.”

Become a sustaining member of Our Revolution to keep up the fight for Medicare for All. We must improve REAL Medicare and expand it to everyone.

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Our Revolution Maryland leader and State Del. Sheila Ruth led the Forum on Legislative Priorities with five additional progressive state lawmakers this week to gear up for 2023.

Sens. Jill Carter and Paul Pinsky, and Dels. Gabriel Acevero, Sheila Ruth, and Vaughn Stewart discussed top action items for the year and ORMD members’ top issues — from criminal justice reform to healthcare to raising wages, Maryland Matters reported.

“Now that we have a Democratic governor, even bigger supermajorities, what are we going to do with it?” said State Sen. Julie Palakovich Carr. “Our responsibility is to hold our party accountable. It’s tough to challenge your friends, especially when they happen to be your leaders.”

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Join Our Revolution, Bronx NYPAN for a virtual monthly event on Dec. 14th at 8 pm ET, and meet the newly re-elected State Senator Gustavo Rivera!

This is a great opportunity to share what issues you’re most concerned about, and what issues you think should be prioritized in the New York State Legislature with one of our newly elected officials.


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Our Revolution’s targeted campaign helped kill Manchin’s dirty deal in September and again in the US House last week.

Join us for a call storm showing the strength of our numbers demanding the Senate now reject attaching this fossil fuel giveaway to the National Defense Authorization Act.


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As we head into a new year, let’s remember what “Not me, Us” is all about! When you become a sustaining member of Our Revolution for $5 or more, we’ll send you this limited edition Bernie holiday ornament.


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