HEADLINES: Deep Dive with Delia Ramirez | Chicago Teachers Union Pres. Stacy Davis Gates on the Big Mayoral Race | Building Local Power in Lawrence, IN | One Fair Wage Update | NEW! ‘Birdie Sanders’ Sticker | & MORE!

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This month marks the 7th anniversary of the famous bird landing on Bernie’s podium — and we’re commemorating that moment of hope and joy with a brand new limited-edition Birdie Sanders sticker!

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Don’t miss our LIVE National Organize-to-Win Call with US Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-18) on Monday, March 27th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT!

Rep. Raskin will help us mount a defense of the Right to Protest, and we’ll be joined by Deepa Padmanabha of Greenpeace USA as we ramp up to stop the Dirty Deal 2.0.


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US Rep. Delia Ramirez joined us for a powerful conversation Monday Night, tracing her journey from the daughter of immigrants to becoming the first Latina from the Midwest to serve in Congress.

Years ago, Delia helped found Our Illinois Revolution. And this year, she gave the progressive response to Biden’s State of the Union Address, calling for bold urgent action before 2024.

“We must push back against MAGA but also prove to people that we’ll actually deliver — that means doing everything in our power with executive action in this moment,” she said.

“We shouldn’t make an excuse that we’ll get to things when we get a majority again. Let’s be honest, we had the House and there were things we just never delivered on,” Delia said. “DACA can’t wait til we get a majority, rent price-gouging can’t wait, prescription drug prices can’t wait.”

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Our Revolution is backing Brandon Johnson, a former public school teacher and union organizer, for Mayor of Chicago.

Like Delia Ramirez told us Monday, “This is a unique opportunity for our progressive multicultural coalition to elect one of our own to the Fifth Floor.”

Brandon’s opponent? Conservative Paul Vallas, who is flush with corporate cash and calls himself “more of a Republican than a Democrat.”

“This didn’t happen overnight, that all of a sudden Brandon emerged to run for mayor,” Delia said. “This is years of local grassroots movement-building, and now we’re in a moment when the soul of a city is on the line.”

Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates laid out the history leading to this moment where a middle school teacher could defeat a school privatizer to lead the city.

“It means when you fight you can win,” Stacy told us. “I am so proud of our movement in Chicago. I am so proud that we have the chance to bring forth a vision of co-governance.”

“Brandon believes every child deserves a fully-funded school and that safety begins with investment,” she said. “He believes if we don’t fight for it and organize for it, we don’t get it. In Chicago, we’re sending our best to transform this city with us.”

Chip in a donation to specifically help fund our work around the Chicago Mayoral Race — every bit helps!

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Martin Luther King Jr. said: “If we crack Chicago, we crack the world!” On April 4, the anniversary of his assassination, voters will decide in Chicago.

This race will have reverberating impacts, and we can each play a role to tip the balance. Make calls to mobilize 100,000 Our Revolution supporters to the polls in Chicago.


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Nearly our entire progressive slate in slate advanced to the general election, including Mayor Tashaura Jones, Board President, and former Bernie delegate Megan Green — and 9 of our 10 ward candidates!

Our Revolution has been working for multiple election cycles in St. Louis and now we’re looking to strengthen our progressive majority, which passed a Basic Income trial in the city this year.

Our team is making 150,000 voter contacts in the city ahead of the April 4th election, and we’re hearing a lot of excitement on the ground around our slate! Early voting starts this Tuesday.


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Building local power is critical, and Our Revolution is proud to endorse Shawn Denney for mayor of Lawrence, Indiana — a 50,000-person city next door to Indianapolis.

Shawn is a former teacher, school board member, and Bernie Sanders supporter, and he is the leading voice on the Lawrence City Council right now.

Shawn is also working with a diverse and progressive slate of candidates that are running for city council — and this is a winnable race against a Republican extremist who hangs out with Mike Pence.

“We are staying focused on the people that live in our community,” Shawn told us Monday night. “We passed a $15 minimum wage for city employees, and this past year, we helped 500 families facing evictions stay in their homes.”

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Power is up for grabs in major cities across the country, and we’ll be working to elect progressives in St. Louis, NYC, Philly, Nashville, Dallas, and more.


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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in our campaign with One Fair Wage to raise wages state by state — and not leave tipped workers behind!

Our organizers and worker activists in NY, MD, CT, and IL, have been busy rallying and lobbying lawmakers to make sure workers are paid a living wage with tips on top!

The federal tipped minimum wage has been $2.13 for 32 years because of corporate lobbying by groups like the National Restaurant Association.

Last week, Our Revolution joined US Reps. Ro Khanna, Jan Schakowsky, Debbie Dingell, and other progressive leaders in DC for a press event calling out the National Restaurant Association.

Sens. Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren and others have also stood with us demanding answers from the ‘Other NRA,’ which spent $25M in workers’ food safety dues to lobby against wage increases.

That’s why we’re calling on all elected officials to reject dirty money from the restaurant lobby.

Call your Reps and demand they join Ro Khanna, Greg Casar, and the many others who have already signed the pledge to reject NRA money.

Thanks to lobbying, the federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25/hr for 14 years, and the federal tipped wage sits at just $2.13/hr since 1991!


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Our Revolution and our coalition will rally on Wednesday for worker meetings with legislators in Lansing, Michigan to raise the state minimum wage and abolish the subminimum wage.

We’ll be urging key legislators to take the pledge to reject campaign contributions from the Michigan Restaurant Lobby or National Restaurant Association — and engage in some hands-on activities.


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Despite climate promises, the Biden Administration, unfortunately, doubled down on dirty energy this week and approved the Willow Project for more drilling in the fragile ecosystem of Alaska.

TAG24 featured our call on all Democrats to represent the young voters who delivered Biden’s victory and held off a red wave in the Midterms.

Now, they hope to resurrect Manchin’s Dirty Deal and fast-track fossil fuel permitting. With your help, we defeated the Dirty Deal three times last year and we can do it again.

For more info, RSVP to join Our Revolution’s next National Organizing Call with Greenpeace USA and US Rep. Jamie Raskin on Monday, March 27th!

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LOCAL VICTORY! This week, Our Revolution New Jersey celebrated the passage of another local resolution for Medicare For All — the 16th in the state and 100+ nationwide!

Our activists were welcomed at the council hearing by Neptune Township Mayor Keith Cafferty, who spoke out against medical debt and financial barriers to health care as a human right.

“Medicare for All is a serious solution for an armada of serious problems,” he said. “I’m proud that our Township Committee is joining the effort to make it law.”

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Our Revolution Harris County helped organize the Texas Grassroots Alliance Summit this month, with 300+ groups coming together to lay the foundation for 2025 legislative elections to reclaim Texas for Texans!

ORHC is led by LaTonya Whittington, founder of Cannabis Reform of Houston, who built a team of volunteer phone bankers to mobilize Our Revolution members to join the summit.

Folks also took a bus ride to Austin, TX to meet and organize with progressive legislators like State Rep. Ron Reynolds.

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Join Our Revolution Ohio for a statewide meeting Wednesday with Protect Choice Ohio Field Director Destinee Burse on how we can help pass an abortion rights amendment in the state.

This week, the abortion rights amendment filed by Protect Choice Ohio was certified by the Ohio Ballot Board! Now, our reproductive justice coalition is gearing up to gather 40k signatures to get it on the ballot by July 4th.

Also on the call, hear from Tara Mosley on her run for Akron Mayor and Adrienne Hood for Columbus City Council, and learn about Shaker Heights initiative for Fair Ticketing.


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RSVP today to join our LIVE National Organize-to-Win Call with US Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-18) and Greenpeace USA on Monday, March 27th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT!

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Half a million Americans go bankrupt every year from Medical Debt — a foreign concept to countries with single-payer healthcare. We’re compiling stories to bring pressure and we need folks to stand up and speak out!


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Join our coalition to push the White House to deliver for all of us through executive action. Even with a Republican-controlled US House, we can get action on our progressive priorities.


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Sign up to help us call all 100,000 Our Revolution supporters in Chicago to tell them what’s at stake in this race! Let’s take this shot to elect Brandon Johnson as mayor of the third-largest city in America.


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