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NEW STICKER! Tax day is just days away, and Chairman Sanders is taking on the billionaires — who now pay less in taxes than teachers, baristas, and the rest of the working class.

It’s absurd that billionaires pay just 3% of their total income in taxes. This isn’t rocket science, we need to tax the ultra rich and invest in public education, school meals, child care, and our future!

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Progressives won big last week, electing new Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and shoring up our governing majority in St. Louis — and we’re taking that energy city to city!

“The fact that we were able to out-organize big money with people power speaks to the growth of the progressive movement as a political force,” Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese told The Guardian.

Thanks to the surge of support from Our Revolution members and volunteers, we made nearly half a million voter contacts for our candidates — and it paid off!

Former public school teacher Brandon Johnson won on a vision of co-governance, which is precisely the inside-outside strategy we need for change.

Outspent 2:1, but with organizing power at his back, Brandon defeated tough-on-crime school privatizer Paul Vallas by 4 points!

“We were able to show a broader vision of community safety, which means investment in good schools, mental health, and good jobs,” Joseph said. “This is the fruit of organizing over multiple election cycles.”

We’ve got more work to do! Help our team make calls ahead of May 16th when Helen Gym will be on the ballot for Philly Mayor!

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Our Revolution is shifting our operations to Pennsylvania, where we’re putting our full support behind Helen Gym in an exciting race for Mayor of Philadelphia!

A former Philly teacher turned activist for public schools and immigrants rights, Helen served two terms on city council, where she helped pass fair work week, eviction diversion, and real material investments in Philly schools.

Helen has pushed Philadelphia Gas Works to cut ties with industry lobbyists and transition off fossil fuels faster, and she’d be one of the nation’s top climate mayors!

“This isn’t just about Congress, it’s about setting the blueprint for the country – city by city – and proving we have the kind of vision for our lives we all deserve!” Helen Gym said on our National Organize-to-Win Call Monday.

“This work connects all of us together,” she told us. “The fights here in Philadelphia are echoed throughout the country, and when we win on the ground in our cities, that’s the blueprint because we cannot wait for Congress to do what our people need.”

Helen laid out a powerful whole-city vision from guaranteed employment to transforming education, permanent affordable housing to clean water, better transit, and green spaces. WATCH HELEN’S CLIP HERE

“I hope that, wherever you may be, you’re going to look to Philadelphia over the next 30 days and you’re going to see a people’s movement really rise — not just to take on city hall, but the entrenched status quo politics that have held us down too long,” Helen told us.

Folks, we have a chance to elect a movement leader and longtime ally to the mayor’s seat in Philadelphia. We did it in Chicago and we can do it again. Let’s make some calls!


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Our Revolution backed Rep. Sara Innamorato in her run for PA House in 2018 alongside now-US Rep. Summer Lee, and now we’re proud to endorse for Allegheny County Executive — a key seat in Pittsburgh!

In office, Sara has led dozens of bills for affordable housing, higher wages, environmental protections, reproductive healthcare, and much more.

At the level of County Exec, she’d have the power to directly affect people’s lives — from county-wide housing to addressing human rights violations in the county jail to protecting abortion care.

“This is the level of government where we take the big ideas and make them real,” Sara told us on our Live National Call on Monday. “This is where we show people what’s possible and how we build a better world and what that better world looks like in our day-to-day lives.”

“Governing is a team sport, which means no one elected official does this work alone. It requires building coalitions within the halls of government and on the outside,” she said. WATCH SARA SPEAK HERE

These are the races that make the difference. We have an opportunity to elect a real agent of change and organizing partner to lead Allegheny County. Let’s get to work!


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“These are two incredible progressive women who are building power in cities with a real chance to win,” OR Political Director Aaron Chappell told Politics PA. “They’ve both shown an incredible capacity to stand up on the issues.”

“We’re not a money organization, we’re a people organization.” Aaron said. “We’ll be working to turn out nearly 100,000 members in Philadelphia and Allegheny County to propel them to victory and deliver progressive change.”


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In St. Louis, we held our progressive governing majority in the city, electing six to the Board of Alderman to join Board President Megan Green and Mayor Tishaura Jones.

“It was a good night,” Green, a former Bernie delegate, told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “The future of St. Louis is progressive.”

On our Monday Call, Megan explained how years of organizing and coalition-building in the city led to these wins, and how they passed a basic income program. Next up, a tenant’s bill of rights and houseless bill of rights! WATCH MEGAN’S CLIP HERE

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In Illinois, Our Revolution-backed Suzanna Ibarra — leader of our local Will County Progressives — won a seat on Joliet City Council! We also saw our slates in Kansas City MO and Lincoln NE advance to the general election.

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VICTORY! Our Revolution Nashville Leader Brenda Ross and OR-endorsed Metro Councillor Zulfat Suara celebrate with Rep. Justin Jones (above) after he was reinstated to the State House on Monday!

By Wednesday, fellow progressive Rep. Justin Pearson joined him in a victory for democracy — the result of years of organizing people power at the grassroots level.

For years, we’ve worked with Justin and other allies to elect progressives like Zulfat Suara, Delishia Porterfield, and Emily Benedict to the Nashville Metro Council — which is who voted to reinstate Jones and Pearson!

Justin Jones went from a community activist organizing with Our Revolution to State Rep to now a national hero. That’s why we must empower more folks like Justin, city by city, across the country.

Here’s a throwback to when Justin Jones spoke with our candidates and activists at the Our Revolution Nashville training in 2020! WATCH THE VIDEO

Nashville Metro Council member Delishia Porterfield joined our Monday Night Call to break the news about Justin’s reinstatement and lay out the stakes and the work ahead.

She said it’s no coincidence these young leaders are being targeted by Republicans for standing with the people in demanding basic gun reform.

“Watch what’s happening in Tennessee because it can come to your state,” Delishia told us. “We’re asking folks to invest in organizing. Support the good candidates, the nonprofits, and activists doing this work because without us working together, they’re going to try to take over.” WATCH THE CLIP HERE

As we see unfolding in Nashville, the organizing work we’ve put into building local power is crucial. But we need to put more of tomorrow’s fighters in office today — and power is up for grabs in cities nationwide this year.

We’re taking the energy from our wins in Chicago and St. Louis to our next big races in PA: Helen Gym for Philly Mayor and Sara Innamorato for Allegheny Co. Exec!


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Our Revolution NYPAN rallied on Wall Street Monday with NYC Comptroller Brad Lander and our One Fair Wage coalition, demanding publicly-traded companies end the subminimum wage for tipped workers!

We were joined by the National Center for Law and Economic Justice, Adasina Social Capital, and RFK Human Rights in issuing the call on shareholders.

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Don’t miss our next LIVE National Organize-to-Win Call with progressive leaders from around the country! It kicks off next Monday at 8:30pm ET/5:30 PT


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NEW STICKER! As we prepare for tax day, Bernie is battling the billionaires to make them pay their fair share. It’s time to take a lesson from Bernie: Tax the rich and invest in public education, school meals, child care, and our future.


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