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Bernie Sanders is taking on Big Pharma, union-busters, and other powerful special interests as the Chairman of the HELP Committee.

If you agree with Bernie that billionaires shouldn’t be able to buy political power, chip in $15 here (or $10 recurring) to help us have his back and we’ll send you this new Bernie HELP poster!


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Our Revolution is mounting a massive campaign to End Medical Debt, and we’re teaming up with US Rep. Ro Khanna and our coalition of patient advocates to do it.

Join our Live National Town Hall on May 8th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT to hear directly from Our Revolution activists who are bravely speaking out about their own medical debt and organizing for a cure.


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As you know, Our Revolution and One Fair Wage are working hard to raise wages and end the subminimum wage in cities, counties, and states around the country. And, as wages go up, we don’t want to leave any group of workers behind!

On Monday, US Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and OFW President Saru Jayaraman spoke to thousands of Our Revolution supporters on our National Organizing Call on the next steps in Illinois, Ohio, and beyond!

Earlier that day, they joined our organizers and worker activists in the Chicago Loop to call out the National Restaurant Association — the leading opponent of higher pay for restaurant workers.

The NYT recently exposed the group’s #ServSafeScam by which it collects workers’ money through food handling certification and uses it to lobby to keep their wages low.

“The Restaurant Association should not be taking this money as a ‘not-for-profit’ then spending it as if it was their own and using it to lobby against fair wages,” Rep. Schakowsky said. “I think we should ask the IRS to investigate that.”


And now, Saru told us, new info is coming out about the lobby’s push to weaken child labor laws in order to fill gaps left by thousands of restaurant workers refusing to work for poverty wages post-pandemic.

“We’re hearing stories of 11- and 12-year-olds working,” Saru told us Monday. “And now, we saw the Iowa Senate bill for minors to handle alcohol — wholly from the Restaurant Association driving this.”

“As horrible as it is, it’s a sign they’re losing and workers are winning,” she explained. “They’re resorting to this because adults are refusing to work for $2 and $3 for the first time since Emancipation when this wage structure was created.”


We’re on the winning side! Thanks to your support and activism, our bills are advancing at the city, county, and state levels across the country.

New Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson — who we helped elect last month! — has come out in a big way to support our Raise the Wage campaign in the city. And, US Rep. Schakowsky said the Illinois state legislation looks promising given the Democrats’ supermajority.

Our organizing work in Maryland is also paying off: “It looks like we’ll have the votes to end the subminimum wage in Prince George’s County,” Saru said.

In Chicago this week, IL Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid and Chicago Aldermen and Cook County Democratic Vice Chair Mike Rodriguez joined us in addressing the city council to push a city-wide tipped minimum wage ordinance.

And, Our Revolution Field Director Mike Oles and our crew activated our Raise the Wage Ohio Team at the State House in Columbus on Monday to launch a new petition for a higher state minimum wage and an end to subminimum wages.

If you’re in Ohio, sign up for paid and volunteer opportunities in this exciting initiative here!

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The subminimum wage invites wage theft, harassment, and discrimination. Everyone needs a full minimum wage. Our bill now has 33 cosponsors in the NY Assembly, and it’s time for the Empire State to step up to the plate.

“NY is our biggest fight,” OFW President Saru Jayaraman said. “Our big action is set for May 8th with lots of great moms and me getting arrested in the state capitol in advance of Mother’s Day.”

Our joint action with One Fair Wage will be held at 11:30 am May 8th in Albany, and we have some special guests who will be announced soon! There’s also a bus traveling from NYC for folks who are interested!


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We’re working hard to pass legislation in 11 states – RI, CA, IL, CO, HI, PR, MA, AZ, ID, MI, and OH. This fight is national, we’ve got to fight it in every jurisdiction. Plug in by joining our Raise the Wage Team at the link below.


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“Our Revolution’s executive director, Joseph Geevarghese, said local progressive organizing, from mayor to school board, is more effective now than it has been in decades,” The Associated Press wrote.

Thanks to our members and volunteers, our 400k voter contact operation helped propel Mayor Brandon Johnson to victory in Chicago and elect a progressive trifecta to lead St. Louis.

Now, we’re taking that energy to Philadelphia, where Helen Gym is on the ballot for Philadelphia Mayor on May 16th- along with progressive city councilor candidates like Amanda McIllmurray.

A former public school teacher and community activist, Helen said on our recent Live Call: “When we win on the ground in our cities, that’s the blueprint, because we cannot wait for Congress.”

Local races are key to moving the progressive movement forward nationally, Our Revolution executive director Joseph Geevarghese told Billy Penn. “City and local governments are laboratories of policy experimentation,” he said.

Billy Penn highlighted our work to “turn out progressive super voters in Philadelphia,” where we’ll be mobilizing our 40k members and making 300k voter contacts over the next couple of weeks.

“Our theory of change,” Joseph said, “is if we can get that slice of the electorate out, through multiple contacts, that can be a game changer.”


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We’re also investing resources to elect a more progressive City Council to work with Helen, including Amanda McIllmurray — a working-class organizer who would be the first openly queer Council Member ever in the city.

In 2016, Amanda was working as a nanny, a law firm clerk, and a softball umpire when she got involved with the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and later started organizing for local power.

“I’m running to win good jobs, affordable housing, worker’s rights, and universal family care,” Amanda said. As the daughter of union members, she knows “everyone deserves the chance to have just ONE job, a family-sustaining job.”

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Our Revolution Board Member and BLM South Bend Co-founder Jorden Giger is running for City Council in South Bend, Indiana!

Jorden’s community organizing work has helped secure millions in home repair for low-income communities, led the city’s first racial wealth divide study, and provided $400k in rental assistance.

“For six years, we’ve been organizing in South Bend to hold our local government accountable to our low-income communities, raise wages, win housing, and rein in tax breaks to the wealthy and well-connected,” Jorden told us on our Live Call.

“So we decided to run and now we’ve built this coalition of progressive champions endorsed by Our Revolution and putting forward a unifying agenda for the city,” he said


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Early voting has started in Texas, and we’re excited to back community organizer and San Antonio Council Member Teri Castillo for re-election in District 5!

Teri helped pass a $17.50 minimum wage in the city and worked with the community to secure permanent affordable housing measures that passed by one vote on the council.

“We’re bringing more people into the process for solutions on housing, workers’ rights, development, and more,” she said on our National Organizing Call on Monday.


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Also in San Antonio, Our Revolution is also endorsing Jalen McKee-Rodriguez for re-election to San Antonio City Council (D-2).

Jalen is a former public school teacher, who is dedicated to housing as a human right and green building to meet the city’s climate goals.

Election Day is May 6th in Texas! We have to make sure that folks who are willing to stand up don’t lose their bid for re-election for standing against powerful interests.

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We have a chance to build more power in Philadelphia and San Antonio! The best way to make an impact from anywhere in the country is to sign up to make calls with our team of volunteers.

We can tip the balance in these key down-ballot races that will have a direct effect on people’s lives. Help us build local power as part of the Our Revolution Phonebank Force.


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Don’t miss our Live Town Hall to End Medical Debt this Monday, May 8th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT!

We’ll be organizing directly with US Rep. Ro Khanna and our patient activists, who are bravely speaking out about their medical debt and how we can cure this sickening injustice in our healthcare system.


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Bernie Sanders is taking on corporate power as the Chairman of the HELP Committee. To help us have his back, chip in $15 here (or $10 recurring) and we’ll send you this new Bernie HELP poster!


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The new Our Revolution Store is open! We’ve got lots of new items — from hoodies to coffee mugs, even a baby onesie! Grab some gear, make a statement, and help fund the movement.


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Join our Elect Progressives Team to grow our influence at the state and local level, where the policies we pass can change lives and change the national landscape.


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