HEADLINES: Bernie vs. Big Pharma | Medical Debt Team | Bernie Takes on Amazon | Chicago Action to Raise the Wage | Virginia Victories | & MORE!

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Summer is in full swing, and things are heating up in the progressive movement!

Our Revolution is in the midst of major campaigns to raise wages, cancel student debt, end medical debt, lower drug prices, stop fossil fuels, and more.

Our founder, Bernie Sanders, is going to the mat right now in the Senate, leveraging his power as Chairman of the HELP Committee to take on Bezos and Big Pharma in the fight for labor power and healthcare justice.

As challengers arise against Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, the President has a choice to make: boldly deliver for people and the planet or alienate progressives and young voters ahead of 2024.

Democrats cannot afford to side with the status quo at this moment. That’s why we hope you’ll pitch in an extra donation to help us meet our end-of-month goal and support our critical organizing work this summer.

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Our Revolution’s campaign to Raise the Wage and End Subminimum Wages for tipped workers is gaining steam state by state!

In Chicago, Our Revolution activists joined youth workers, small restaurant owners, and dozens of city aldermen for a news conference ahead of Wednesday’s City Council meeting to push for fair wage legislation organizers have worked hard to get on the table.

Read all about it in the Chicago Sun Times. Chicago Alderman and City Council Floor Leader Carlos Rosa laid out the stakes of fair wages (with tips on top!) and how it’s good for workers, customers, and businesses.

“When you put money in the pockets of the people that spend it, they support businesses like ours,” said Jesse Iniguez of Back of the Yards Coffee in Chicago.

And, thanks to the progressives you helped elect in Pennsylvania, the Keystone State finally passed a $15 minimum wage this week – after 16 years at a stagnant $7.25 per hour!


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Our Revolution’s campaign to End Medical Debt is taking off! Last week, we flooded the CFPB with comments to take medical debt off credit reports, and our work to expose the role of hospitals in the medical debt crisis is paying off!

A recent New York Times story and a new report by Human Rights Watch are opening many eyes to how hospitals are raking in billions in federal funding and tax breaks while failing to provide care to those who need it.

This is why we’re organizing patient activists from our membership ranks all across the country to demand action from Congress and the White House and call out hospital chains, credit card companies, and anyone who profits from this sickness in our healthcare system.

Our Revolution member Mary Willis of Texas joined our meeting with Ro Khanna’s team and shared her story of being price-gouged by a hospital and sent to collections – despite paying her bill!

Another patient activist, D’Anne MacNeill of Arizona, said she beat cancer multiple times, but now lives with her daughter after losing everything – including $250,000 she’d saved up for retirement! “If you aren’t resilient, this medical system could kill you,” D’Anne told us.

These stories are painful — but more than getting angry, we need to get active. Join Mary, D’Anne, and our growing coalition of patient activists and allies to get involved in this fight. Our next meeting is Thursday (June 29) at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 PT.


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Our founder, Bernie Sanders went to battle this week for lower drug prices, and we’ve got his back!

Chairman Sanders is using his power as head of the HELP Committee to block all health nominees until the Biden administration puts forward a clear strategy to “lower the outrageously high cost of prescription drugs.”

Bernie introduced his drug pricing bill in May and has been grilling Big Pharma execs under oath. With PHrMA suing over 5 drugs set to be negotiated under the IRA, now is the time for the White House to act boldly.

Our Revolution is bringing together a massive coalition to speak out. Tell us how you or someone you know is being impacted by high prescription drug prices and we’ll send it along to Bernie!

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As the rightwing Supreme Court stands poised to overturn Biden’s first attempt to cancel student debt, Our Revolution is ramping up the fight and calling for Plan B.

We’re joining US Rep. Ro Khanna to call on President Biden to use the Higher Education Act to forgive $50,000 in student loan debt, expand relief programs, and extend the payment pause.

President Biden’s promise to cancel student debt helped land him the White House in 2020. He must now invoke his authority and stay true to his promise.

Folks are sending in stories from coast to coast to show the real-life impacts that will come from turning on student debt in the middle of an affordability crisis — with interest!

How would you or someone you love be affected by resuming student loan payments? Speak out now and share your story!

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On Wednesday, Chairman Sanders got 3 bills through the HELP Committee in a major push for landmark labor legislation in America:

1. The Paycheck Fairness Act to require equal pay for equal work.
2. The Healthy Families Act to guarantee up to 7 paid sick days for every worker in America.
3. The PRO Act to make it easier for workers to form unions.

“At a time of unprecedented income and wealth inequality, we must pass legislation which meets the needs of the working class,” Bernie said.

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Our Revolution has been working with the coalition to Make Amazon Pay — pay its workers, pay its taxes, and pay for its damage to the environment.

On Tuesday, Bernie launched an investigation into Amazon’s disastrous safety record. As one of the richest companies in the world owned by one of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos, Amazon should not be one of the most dangerous places to work in America.

As workers fight to organize unions at Amazon, Starbucks, Chipotle, and other big corporations – and as workers with Teamsters, UAW, and others prepare to strike this summer – Our Revolution is proud to stand with a rising labor movement.

Stay tuned to Our Revolution for ways you can help build worker power!

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Progressives claimed important wins against conservative Democratic incumbents in Virginia’s elections on Tuesday, where Our Revolution member Rozia Henson pulled off an exciting victory and now likely heads to the State House!

As a result, we’re going into the November election with stronger, progressive candidates on the ballot to safeguard the last haven for reproductive healthcare in the South and hold rightwing Gov. Glenn Youngkin in check.

Our Revolution made thousands of calls into the state, and while not all of our candidates made it over the finish line, we made lots of connections with voters that will help grow our progressive movement in Virginia and beyond.

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Our network of Progressives in State Democratic Parties had a great meeting this week in which we began planning a role for progressives at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago next year.

Are you an official in your state or local party? Get involved! Click here to fill out our survey.

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Our Revolution is waging campaigns to raise the wage, abolish medical debt, end fossil fuel subsidies, and more. Consider becoming a member or bumping up your monthly contribution to get some of these great gifts. We truly appreciate everyone who supports this progressive movement.


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