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BIG NEWS — Barbara Lee triumphed Saturday in the CA Democratic Party endorsement vote for the U.S. Senate seat in California — beating out opponents Adam Schiff and Katie Porter!

Our Revolution leaders and activists were with Barbara Lee at the convention, where she won 42% of the delegates in the endorsement vote for the U.S. Senate race.

“I am incredibly proud and honored to receive the support of so many hard-working Democratic Party delegates,” said Congresswoman Lee.

“From day one, this campaign has been focused on delivering the progressive agenda that working people in California deserve: a Green New Deal, single-payer healthcare, and economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all,” she said.

“Our momentum is picking up speed, and tonight’s vote is evidence that our movement is touching people across the Golden State. The people want a tried and tested progressive with the record to prove it. I’m ready to deliver.”

Thanks to our grassroots supporters, Our Revolution had a big showing at the convention, holding exciting progressive events with Barbara Lee and helping to organize delegates to back her candidacy!

On Friday, we joined her for the grand opening of her booth at the Convention Center and hosted our Progressive Party with CA Working Families Party, then kept it going with a special reception with Barbara Lee in downtown Sacramento — followed by a big volunteer event on Saturday!

Our Revolution Executive Director Joseph Geevarghese rallied the crowd to keep growing the upswell of progressive energy behind Barbara, which we see paying off with this major endorsement from the state party delegates!

For more about Barbara and to volunteer with Our Revolution’s organizing team, please visit our Progressives for Barbara Lee website and sign up today!

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2023 VICTORIES! Our Revolution endorsed more than 100 candidates for elected office at all levels of government, and over 74% won, thanks to our grassroots supporters and activists!

Bernie Sanders started Our Revolution to engage folks in the political process and grow power from the bottom up — and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Our candidates ran strong progressive campaigns, and your donations powered millions of direct voter contacts — email, texts, calls, and more — to mobilize voters to elect progressives coast to coast.

In his post-election analysis, John Nichols said on Democracy Now that Tuesday’s results show “a much more progressive country than a lot of the pundits would tell you. In election after election, people voted for abortion rights, labor rights, and progressive values.”

“This is a very powerful reminder that there’s a route forward. But it isn’t a route of concession,” Nichols said. “It’s a route of activism and engagement with communities that are rising up and saying they want a different direction, a more progressive direction, for this country.”

Read all about our 2023 victories below – but first! – if you can, please kick in a few bucks to help us staff up and gear up for the big elections ahead in 2024!

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Looking to the battles ahead in 2024, we know we must defeat the far right in the Presidential election while also electing more progressives to Congress — folks like Barbara Lee, who will be a powerful partner for Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

Our movement will also need to unify to defend progressive allies who have become a target of powerful lobbying groups hoping to oust them from office.

AIPAC is getting ready to spend over $100M to try to replace pro-peace members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Summer Lee, Jamaal Bowman, and Ayanna Pressley — at a time when 66% of Americans want our government to work toward a ceasefire.

Last week, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted to censure Rashida Tlaib – the only Palestinian-American in Congress – for her support for civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, which has earned her relentless slander from her colleagues in Washington and the press.

SIGN NOW to protect our hard-won progressive caucus from cynical dark money and rightwing attacks. The working class can’t afford to lose the power of these seats.

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In September of 2001, Barbara Lee cast the lone “No” vote in Congress against a blank check for war in Afghanistan. She endured death threats, hate mail, and media slander for years. But history vindicated her.

Today, Barbara Lee is the only candidate for U.S. Senate in California calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Check out this LA Times article on why Barbara is the Peace Candidate in this race compared to her opponents Katie Porter and Adam Schiff.

Join us in standing with her, and sign up to volunteer with Our Revolution’s team to help elect Barbara Lee to the Senate. Election Day is March 4th!


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We’rve added Pittsburgh to our list of progressive cities with the election of Sara Innamorato into the powerful seat of Allegheny County Executive.

We backed Sara as she beat big money back in May to win the primary and now she forms a progressive trifecta in the city with Mayor Ed Gainey and U.S. Rep Summer Lee, whom she ran alongside successfully for PA House back in 2018 with Our Revolution’s support.

As County Exec, Sara will lead the second-largest county in Pennsylvania and have the power to help protect abortion care, push for county-wide housing, and address human rights violations in the county jail.

Great news out of Virginia, all of our candidates won — holding the State Senate, flipping the State House, and forming a bulwark against Gov. Glenn Youngkin to maintain Virginia as a bastion for reproductive rights in the South.

Winners include Nadarius Clark, Rozia Henson, Adele McClure, and Joshua Cole for Virginia State House; and Jennifer Carrol Foy, Stella Pekarsky, and Lashrecse Aird for State Senate.

We didn’t overlook any progressive candidates in Virginia, including Steve Descano who won Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney, and Parisa Dehghani-Tafti who won Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney.

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Abortion wins in Ohio! Organizers fought hard to get out the vote and shut down the rightwing playbook — passing Ohio Issue 1 to enshrine abortion rights in the state Constitution.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a small but loud group of deep-pocketed extremists took to the states, determined to gut abortion laws. But the resistance has been successful.

Marijuana legalization also passed in Ohio, showing that Democrats need young folks and progressives to hit the ground and drive voter turnout.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re already kicking off organizing around Fair Maps to fend off Republican gerrymandering schemes in the Buckeye State.

Our Revolution candidates are taking over city councils in Ohio!

Congrats to OR members Trevor Elkins, who won Newburgh Heights Mayor, and Kim Mann, the newest member of Fairview Park City Council! Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney also won a seat on the Cincinnati City Council.

And, there was an exciting victory for our entire slate in Hilliard, Ohio, where progressives have now taken control of the City Council, including Cynthia Vermillion, Emily Cole, and Greg Betts!

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“Progressives took control of the Minneapolis City Council”Star Tribune

All 9 Our Revolution Twin Cities candidates won, taking over the City Council in Minneapolis: Jeremiah Ellison, Elliot Payne, Jason Chavez, Aisha Chughtai, Katie Cashman, Soren Stevenson, and Robin Wonsley.

In St. Paul, progressives snagged City Council victories with Mitra Jalali, Nelsi Yang, Anika Bowie, Saura Jost, and Cheniqua Johnson.

We’re also growing progressive power in Duluth, MN, where Our Revolution candidate Wendy Durrwachter won a tight race for City Council. If we win one more seat, Democrats will have control of the council.

Wendy is a single mother, restaurant worker, and accomplished composer — and she will bring a necessary working class perspective to the council: “When something needs to be done, I step up and do it. I’m not afraid to call out those who abuse their power.”

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Victories in the Seattle area!

As corporations broaden their dark money fundraising networks into city council and school board races, we need working-class champions ready to confront them head-on.

That’s why we were proud to endorse this winning slate of progressive candidates in Washington state! Our slate winners include Charles Adkins for Everett School Board, Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council, and Teresa Mosqueda and Jorge Baron King for King County Council.

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Our Revolution stood with Izola Shaw in her run for Rockville City Council At-Large and we are proud of her victory. Our organizers made more than 15,000 voter contacts in her district and turned out the progressive vote for this great candidate!

OR Member Izola Shaw was chair of the Montgomery County Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Committee, helped found the County’s Racial Equity Network (MORE), and helped pass the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act.

She has worked with the County Executive on public works, policing, rent stabilization, and environmental protection through the Rockville City Academy.

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Our entire slate of candidates won in New York City, making the council even more progressive to advance our priorities in the Big Apple!

These winners include Carlina Rivera, Althea Stevens, Amanda Farias, Tiffany Caban, Lincoln Restler, Jennifer Gutierrez, Crystal Hudson, Chi Osse, Sandy Nurse, Alexa Aviles, Shahana Hanif, and Rita Joseph.

And, the whole Our Revolution-endorsed Ithaca Solidarity Slate was victorious — Jorge DeFendini and Phoebe Brown won re-election to the Ithaca Common Council, and Kayla Matos won her race to join them on the council.

This is exciting news out of Ithaca, where these progressive council members can make a real difference in the everyday lives of working-class folks in the community.

In Onondaga County, Maurice Brown won a seat in the legislature with a pledge to confront vital community issues like the lead crisis, high housing costs, and unreliable public transportation.

These are the races that determine the direction of cities and help us build progressive power at the level of government closest to people’s lives.

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Our Revolution member Jared Evans was re-elected to the Indianapolis City Council with 53% of the vote in a district that Trump Republicans won in 2022 and which city media predicted would go Republican again.

We’re getting many Republicans to vote Democrat for the first time because progressive policies offer real material improvements to people’s lives and because of the direct voter mobilization operation that our grassroots donors make possible.

Jared has been a strong progressive ally in Indianapolis, fighting for higher wages, good jobs, and more for the blue-collar neighborhoods he serves in District 17 — and we are proud to have his back!

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Our Revolution endorsed Sheila Jackson Lee for Houston Mayor, and on November 8th she got enough votes to make it to the runoff against John Whitmire — a Democratic defector who sides with radical Republicans on voter suppression and racist policing policies.

U.S. Rep. Jackson Lee is a long-time member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and she’s a fighter for Medicare for All, the Raise the Wage Act, and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

As the next Mayor, she’s committed to promoting policies to expand healthcare, create good jobs, increase affordable housing, promote safe and reliable public transportation, and protect the city from climate disasters.

She’s also been endorsed by SEIU Texas, the Communications Workers of America, and other key Our Revolution allies.

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Congrats to the Our Revolution Medford slate! OR members and progressives won big for the Medford City Council in Massachusetts: Anna Callahan, Zach Bears, Kit Collins, Justin Tseng, Emily Lazzaro, and Matt Leming.

Also, for the Cambridge School Board, winners include Richard Harding, Jose Luis Rojas Villarreal, David Weinstein, and Rachel Weinstein.

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The above wins from last Tuesday come on top of major victories earlier this year as Our Revolution has been blazing a path for progressive cities.

In April, we helped elect progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson to take the helm in Chicago – where he already delivered on a promise to raise wages for tipped workers in the city.

Our Revolution teamed up with One Fair Wage this year to make sure everyone gets a living wage and tipped workers aren’t left behind.

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And, our organizers were key to winning a progressive majority in St. Louis with new Board President Megan Green joining progressive mayor Tishaura Jones in Cori Bush’s congressional district.

They’re taking on developers in a fight for affordable housing, and they’ve already passed a universal basic income pilot program!

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This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for the solidarity of all our movement allies here and around the world.

This Black Friday, workers from around the world will stand shoulder to shoulder in a global day of action to Make Amazon Pay — pay its workers, pay its taxes, and pay for its climate damage.

Keep an eye out for strikes and protests in over 30 countries for dignity on the job and a sustainable future for all!

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Our Revolution partner U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna has introduced the State-Based Universal Health Care Act!

This is a bill that would allow states to develop their single-payer healthcare plans! This is instrumental in the pathway toward a federal Medicare For All program.

State by state, we are fighting for universal healthcare, but we’re also partnering with Ro Khanna and Bernie Sanders in a push to end medical debt, stop hospital price-gouging, and lower drug prices.

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Our Revolution Massachusetts organizers just won the state Democratic Party’s support for Medicare for All, union organizing rights for state house staff, and an audit of the state legislature!

Meanwhile, resolutions calling for a majority-elected Party leadership, more transparent governance, and incentives to get “dark money” out of primaries were defeated — but with major declines in party membership, the fight for a more democratic, grassroots-oriented party continues.

“We are thrilled that four resolutions were adopted by the state committee,” said Michael Gilbreath, a Wayland Democrat and leader of Our Revolution MetroWest. “However, we have to keep fighting for a more active, democratic, and transparent Democratic Party.”

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Corporate donors are planning to spend more than ever against our progressive candidates next year because they know the working class is taking back power. Donate now to grow our election fund so we can beat back oligarchy with democracy.


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Cost of food and housing continue to skyrocket, and wealth inequality continues to explode thanks to billionaires and corporations rigging our political system.

We need more voices speaking up and fighting back — on the streets and in the halls of power. That’s why we’re organizing the progressive movement and electing progressive leaders coast to coast who will actually get to work for the American people instead of serving Big Pharma, Wall Street, defense contractors, and other special interests.

Make a statement and help support Our Revolution’s critical work by pitching in $10 here to get these three new stickers for the price of one!

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You can help elect Barbara Lee to the Senate from anywhere in the country — making calls, sharing on social media, and more. If you’re in California, you can help by knocking on doors or reaching out to friends – even hosting or attending a house party!

We invite you to join Our Revolution’s Progressives for Barbara Lee’s organizing team. Let’s make this a people-powered campaign and send Barbara Lee to the Senate.

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From boots on the ground to the halls of Congress — we are building an organized progressive movement at every level of government. If you’re already a member of Our Revolution, THANK YOU! If you’re not yet an official member, please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation today!


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