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Yes on Fair Maps Colorado: Amendments Y and Z

What would the initiatives do?
These amendments would create an independent commission for redistricting congressional and legislative districts in Colorado. The commission would be composed of 12 members: four from the state’s largest political party, four from the state’s second largest political party, and four that are not affiliated with any political party.
The amendments would:
  • Establish qualifications for members to serve on the commission and the methods used to appoint members;
  • Provide opportunities for the public to be involved in the process;
  • Mandate that any paid lobbying of the commission must be reported to the secretary of state within 72 hours of when the lobbying took place; and
  • Establish methods by which maps should be drawn and require at least eight of the 12 members to approve a map.

In the event of a deadlock in the commission, a nonpartisan staff member will submit a final map to the Supreme Court for review. The commission would allow judicial review of a map and limit Supreme Court review to the question of whether or not the commission or its staff members “committed an abuse of discretion.”

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