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No on LR-129: Ballot Collection Measure

What would the initiative do?
  • The measure was designed to prohibit a person, with exceptions for certain individuals, from knowingly collecting another person's election ballot. Individuals exempted from the ban would include: (a) election officials; (b) postal service workers or others authorized to transmit mail; (c) caregivers; (d) family members; (e) household members; and (f) individuals known by the voter.
  • Besides election officials and postal service workers, individuals exempted from the ban would be prohibited from collecting more than six ballots and would need to provide the following information: (a) the individual's name; (b) the voter's name; and (c) the individual's relationship to the voter.
  • Violating the measure would be punishable by a fine of $500 for each ballot collected. The measure would become effective on the day it is approved by voters, which would be November 6, 2018, if voters approve the measure

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