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Yes on Measure 26-200: Honest Elections


What would the initiative do?

Limits contributions received by candidates, candidate committees in city elections per election cycle to:

  • No more than $500 from individual, political committee.

  • No more than $5,000 loan balance from candidate.

  • Any amount from small donor committee (defined), which may accept contributions of $100 or less per individual donor per year.

  • Requires each communication to voters relating to a city candidate election must prominently disclose information about the source of contributions, expenditures for communication.

  • Requires entities making independent expenditures greater than $750 must register as a political committee within three days.

  • Allows candidates to receive any amount from government public campaign funding system. 

  • Limits independent expenditures to $5,000 per individual, $10,000 per political committee, per election cycle. Unlimited independent expenditures by small donor committees.

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