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Yes on Initiative 1639: Safe Schools, Safe Communities


What would the initiative do?

Under the measure, no dealer could deliver a semiautomatic assault rifle to a purchaser until:

  • The purchaser provides proof that they have completed a recognized firearm safety training program in the last five years including instruction on basic firearm safety, secure gun storage, the safety of children and firearms, suicide prevention, safe handling, and state and federal firearm law

  • The dealer is notified in writing by the chief of police or sheriff in the jurisdiction of the purchaser's residence that the purchaser is eligible to own a firearm and that the application to purchase is approved. Under the measure, the chief of police or sheriff must use the national instant criminal background check system established under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and other databases and information centers to determine whether a person is eligible to possess a firearm.

  • This measure would expand existing laws to include all firearms and semiautomatic assault rifles as well as pistols, meaning that those with outstanding warrants or a criminal background would be unable to purchase a gun.

  • This measure would require individuals to be 21 to purchase an assault rifle.

  • This measure would establish a ten day waiting period to purchase a semi-automatic rifle.

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