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Yes on MARTA Referendum


Our Revolution endorsed the MARTA for Gwinnett County campaign to bring public transportation to and connect the county with the Atlanta area public transportation system. We know that low-income communities are often left out of public transportation planning making it harder for poor and working people to have a reliable mass transit alternative to facilitate their daily commute to and from work. While we are in support of expanding access to public transportation, we are disappointed the county government is not providing the revenue needed to fully fund this expansion. It is unfortunate and concerning that this ballot initiative proposes to fund the expansion using a sales tax - a regressive tax which disproportionately affects poor and working people who spend a larger percentage of their income on goods and services. Nevertheless, we believe that the benefits of expanding public transportation, whose access has historically been racialized in this part of Georgia, outweigh the potential consequences of a regressive tax and we urge voters to support this ballot measure.

What would the initiative do?

Finalize a contract between Gwinnett County and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) to have MARTA take over existing public transit operated by the county. Additionally, the initiative would approve a one percent (1%) sales and use retail tax to be used for rapid transit purposes, with payments from the county from these funds to MARTA based upon operating and expansion costs to be commensurate with what other counties and municipalities already included in the MARTA system.

How will the question appear on the ballot?

Gwinnett County has executed a contract for the provision of transit services, dated as of August 2, 2018. Shall this contract be approved? YES __ NO __

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