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Aaron Ammons

Running for County Clerk, Champaign County
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Aaron would be the first African-American County Clerk in Champaign County. Aaron is the only candidate that has personally and voluntarily organized numerous voter registration drives, is demanding IL ends its participation in the Interstate Crosscheck program, & spent hours educating students on the importance of voting to create a lifelong habit of civic engagement. Aaron’s progressive views and work extends to voter access for all citizens, alternatives to incarceration, protecting net neutrality, LGBTQ equality, environmental justice, protecting labor rights, a progressive tax for Illinois, free & quality public education, and regulation and control of cannabis. Aaron Ammons is currently the Alderman for Urbana City Council Ward 3. In 2016 Aaron was honored to serve as an elected delegate for Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Aaron has lived in Champaign-Urbana for over thirty years with his wife, state Representative Carol Ammons, D-103.