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Ada Recinos

Running for Richmond City Council
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Ada Recinos is Salvadoran-American, and is proud of her heritage, bilingual language and culture. She was appointed to the Richmond City Council September 5, 2017. Ada is currently a nonprofit consultant, with a background in economic development and community organizing. She is running for Richmond City Council to support community members, especially advocates of color and youth, to steer policies in our city. Engagement is one of her core values because it is an effective strategy to create a resilient local government. She supports policies for working families, because she grew up watching her parents work hard to give her and her brother the best life possible, but struggled to find good paying jobs and affordable housing. Ada is committed to serve the City of Richmond, to be an advocate and facilitator for the people in the fight for: more jobs & affordable housing, better opportunities for youth, investing in commercial corridors & community art, and keeping parks clean.