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Alan Richrod

Running for Aberdeen City Council Position 10 Ward 5
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Alan was a machinist for 13 years before setting up his guitar and woodworking shop. He was a judge for an independent panel elected to evaluate the 2016 Washington Coast Works sustainable small business competition. Is pushing for single payer with "Whole Washington". Fighting the storage of crude oil in Washington.

“I was born in Portland Oregon at a very young age and have lived my entire life the Pacific Northwest. I have followed with interest politics since I was five years old. My Wife and I are retired in Grays Harbor County, Washington. I turned 18 the year that 18-year-olds got the right to vote. I have voted in every single election since. I am now and have always been an old school, Roosevelt Democrat. I was a Bernie Sanders delegate at the county level in 2016.” 


  • Transition away from fossil fuel and develop renewable energy.
  • Grays Harbor County's economy is no longer based on harvesting old-growth timber. We must develop sustainable industries and technologies.