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Andy Thorburn

Running for U.S. House of Representatives, District 39
Election: June 5, 2018

Andy Thorburn is a former classroom teacher, workers' rights advocate and Democratic businessman who is running to represent California's 39th Congressional District. He has worked as an educator, union organizer, and entrepreneur, and at each phase in his life, he has prioritized the principle that any organization- a country or a company- gets the best results if it treats its people fairly, with dignity, and holds itself to a standard of excellence. 

In 1970, he and other classroom teachers with the American Federation of Teachers led a strike for better wages, better benefits, and better working conditions. Andy was jailed for the strike, along with numerous other teachers, but won the battle for livable wages, fair treatment for workers, and smaller classroom sizes. Thorburn founded a small business that specialized in selling insurance to working families, particularly classroom teachers. This launched a truly remarkable career in business and philanthropy that has led to him creating hundreds of jobs.