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Anita Prizio

Running for Allegheny County Council
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Anita Prizio is a small business owner and lifelong native of O’Hara township, where she has lived with her husband and raised her two kids for the past 28 years. She earned both her MBA and her J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. While serving as a member of local council for 8 years, she represented O’Hara in the North Hills Council of Governments. As a court appointed special advocate, she was a fighter for the children in our community. Last year, she was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In addition to serving as treasurer of Healthcare 4 All PA, Anita owns and operates Pittsburgh Crankshaft, an engine parts company.

“In both her professional life and personal activism, Anita Prizio embodies the progressive values our county needs. She owns a garage that pays a living wage to her employees, and has been a lifelong advocate for universal health care […]She has been an active part of our group's activism, around drawing attention to Pittsburgh's clean water crisis, the fight against fracking, the fight for affordable health care, or any number of other issues.” Said a spokesperson for Pittsburg DSA about Anita’s commitment to her community.

On the local level, Anita wants to focus on:

  • Tackling The Opioid Crisis: More Treatment, Less Incarceration

  • No More Tax Breaks for Luxury Developers

  • Clean Water For All – No Privatization

  • Make wealthy “nonprofits” pay their fair share.

  • Flood control managed at the watershed level, and not leaving towns to fend for themselves