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Bill McCamley

Running for State Auditor
New Mexico
Election: June 5, 2018

Bill has a Masters in Public Policy, Harvard University (2003). This included specific training in state and local public finance. He has 4 years County Commissioner. One year as Chair, membership in local water/wastewater, 911, solid waste, and zoning/planning committees. 3 years Executive Director of the New Mexico Rural Development Council. Bill oversaw education, job creation, and infrastructure projects for over 30 cities with less than 10,000 population across New Mexico. 6 years as a State Representative. 4 years spent on the Taxation and Revenue Committee. 2 years Chairing the Labor and Economic Development Committee. 1 year Chairing the New Mexico Finance Authority Oversight Committee. In short, I have a long and in-depth knowledge of state and local public budgeting, revenue streams, and loan programs. These skills and experience are vital for anyone running to be the Chief Accountability Officer for a State.