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Blake Morris

Running for State Senate, District 17
New York
Election: Sept. 13, 2018

Blake Morris has lived in Ditmas Park for nearly 20 years. He is married with a teen daughter who attends Brooklyn Tech. He has been a practicing attorney for almost 30 years. Blake has fought and won on issues including preventing nuclear weapons from being stored in Staten Island, building an underwater motorway in the Hudson River, and permitting 50-story skyscrapers to dominate the skyline in Downtown Brooklyn. Blake’s family has 19th century beginnings in Brooklyn, ranging from one grandfather’s coal delivery business to his maternal grandmother who would drag race teenagers on Eastern Parkway for extra income during the Depression era. Blake is proud to say that well over a century later, his family still calls Brooklyn home. Since the borough has nurtured his family for so long, Blake says he feels a connection with the past and a responsibility to ensure the vitality and prosperity of Brooklyn for future generations who will call this borough home.