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Bob Massie

Running for Governor
Election: Sept. 4, 2018

Bob has spent his life anticipating the future and fighting to make it better. Born with hemophilia — a rare, debilitating blood disease —as a child, he experienced repeated painful bouts of joint bleeding that left him unable to walk. Doctors told his parents he might never walk unassisted, but he struggled to prove them wrong. His parents eventually wrote  a book, Journey, about the struggles of raising a child with a painful illness and battling the health care systems. As an adolescent, his family lived in Paris where he was covered by the French national health system, and he was eventually able to roam the city on his own.

Back in the states, he became an activist at Princeton, and challenged the exclusion of women in the clubs and argued for divestment from South Africa. After college, he worked with Ralph Nader in Washington, and edited a volume on corporate power published in 1980. 

The bedrock issues of Bob’s campaign—climate change, social justice, and democracy — have been the focus of his life’s work. Since his organ transplant he has inaugurated two organizations for social change – the New Economy Coalition and the Sustainable Solutions Lab at UMass Boston. Bob has left UMass to run for governor, but his work with the challenges of climate change and socioeconomic inequity continues today.