Our Candidates / Missouri / Brady O'Dell

Brady O'Dell

Running for State Representative, District 11
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Another financial collapse is coming. Massive unemployment on a scale we haven’t seen ever in history is coming. Because every government regulation or safeguard put in place has been dismantled by the Republican supermajority. Union workers are being targeted. Our schools are being defunded and privatized. We are being burdened with more and more hardships and then expected to bail out capitalism when it inevitably fails again. We’ve been sold out to the will of the rich. And I’m done. No more. Some things in life are just not for sale. Our lives and our children’s futures are not for sale. Our health is not for sale. Our environment is not for sale. Our education system is not for sale. Our right to vote is not for sale. Our right to organize is not for sale. Our American democracy is not for sale.

My name is Brady Lee O’Dell. I’m running for State Representative of the eleventh district. And I’m not for sale.