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Brandon Johnson

Running for Cook County Commissioner, District 1
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I am a classroom teacher, well-known organizer, and lifelong public servant who has dedicated my life to winning justice and opportunity for Illinois' families. I taught social studies and reading in Chicago Public Schools, where I educated the children of working men and women in Cabrini Green and the West Side of Chicago. I was also an athletic coach, providing a safe place for working class children to excel. In 2011, I joined the Chicago Teachers Union as an organizer. In that role, I fought to keep schools open, to expand funding for schools, and raise the minimum wage to sustain the working-class communities in which these schools were located. I also was instrumental in passing legislation for an elected representative school board so that everyone could have a real voice in how their children are educated. As the host of "What's Left? with Brandon Johnson," I amplify the voices and struggle of poor and working people on the Chicago airwaves every Saturday.