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Carina Driscoll

Running for Mayor of Burlington
Election: March 6, 2018

Carina Driscoll grew up in the city of Burlington, attending Edmunds and graduating from Burlington High School in 1992. Carina grew up in a working class household and has always had a strong work ethic, landing her first job at age 14 at the Burlington Bagel Bakery. Carina worked her way through high school and college at bagel shops, restaurants and retail stores, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Montana where she met her husband, Blake. After college, they moved together to Burlington. Over the years, Carina has lived all over the city from the Five Sisters and the Old North End, to Downtown, on North Avenue, in the New North End and now lives with her husband, Blake and two children, Cole and Tess in the South End.  


Between returning to Vermont and prior to starting their business, the Vermont Woodworking School in 2007, Carina worked as a Human Resources Assistant at Burton Snowboards; managed the Burlington Skatepark Taskforce as they launched their fundraising campaign and set up the first temporary skatepark in the South End on the dormant Champlain Parkway road; coordinated the 2000 campaign to re-elect her stepfather, Bernie Sanders to Congress, coordinating town hall meetings and spaghetti suppers all over the state of Vermont, and building national support for his grassroots campaign to represent working class families across the country.  Carina also worked in entrepreneurship and small business development as the Resource and Referral Specialist for the Vermont Women's Business Center and the Women's Small Business Program.  Before she left to tend to her new small business, Carina was the Communications Director of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.