Our Candidates / California / Cesar Armendariz

Cesar Armendariz

Running for School Board, District 3
Election: June 5, 2018

My parents brought me to the United States when I was 10 years old. Like the millions of immigrants who leave their homes, my parents were willing to work hard for little pay because it meant their children would receive a better education. For a period of time, mom worked as a restaurant hostess and dad as a dishwasher—all because they wanted my brothers and me to have a decent chance at success. Middle school and high school were difficult for me because English was my second language. Thankfully, I was blessed with amazing teachers. Their sacrifice ignited a fire in me to help others. I became a teacher to empower and inspire children. It is with that same heart and passion that I have decided to run for school board. After having taught for nearly a decade and having earned a Master’s Degree in Education, I am ready to give back to my community in greater ways. I am ready to fight on behalf of ALL children in my community so that they get a fair chance at success.