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Chokwe Antar Lumumba

Running for Mayor of Jackson
Election: June 6, 2017

Chokwe Antar Lumumba is running on the People’s Platform, which his late father ran on and he co-authored. It is a platform which arises out of several years of discussion on human rights, political, economic, and social empowerment.


  • Initiate aggressive & holistic solutions to reducing crime (e.g. teen centers, intergenerational community engagement, program-based alternatives to crime).

  • Draft credible messengers from the community to engage with at-risk youth.

  • Create citizen review board

Economic Development

  • Automate and simplify licensing and permit process for city businesses.

  • Provide meaningful support for existing Jackson businesses.

  • Generate an incubator fund to aid in the creation of new businesses in areas ripe for growth and renewal (i.e. farish street, medgar evers blvd, hwy 18, hwy 80, lake hico, etc.)


  • Initiate a legislative agenda to have school board members elected

  • Address pedagogy to benefit our children’s specific learning needs

  • Promote the incorporation of entrepreneurial relationships within the learning process

Effective governance/budget

  • Alleviate top heavy administration (encourage shared sacrifice

  • Resolve city employee furloughs (by making viable and researched adjustments to the current city budget).

  • Update city parking meters to increase revenue


  • Reinstitute Lumumba administration 1% sales tax infrastructure plan

  • Introduce legislation for equitable water usage rate

  • Encourage 60% Jacksonians “boots on ground” for city contracts & 50% minority contracts for subcontracting