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Chris Schwartz

Running for Board of Supervisors
“I've been fighting for social, environmental, racial, and economic justice for over 25 years. My calling into the greater progressive movement started at the age of 11 when I was inspired by my 6th grade teacher to speak out and say no to the burning of crosses and the Ku Klux Klan. Since that moment I have felt a flame of social justice burning from inside, pushing me to do what I can to make this world a better, safer, and more just place. I did not get into politics because I think it is fun, like reading polls or watching the horse race. I got into politics because I had no other choice. Sitting on the sidelines while powerful interest have all but eliminated the middle class, while they destroy our environment, while they lock-up our people has never been an option for me. If elected to the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors I will put the interest of the people first. Human rights, civil rights, worker's rights, and environmental protection are the values that will serve as my compass for every vote I take as a member of the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors. We need to build a local movement here in Black Hawk County to raise the minimum wage, reform our criminal justice system, protect worker's rights, improve public health, and protect our environment. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of imagination we can build that movement." - Chris Schwartz