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Deborah Ross

Running for US Senate
North Carolina
Deborah had the opportunity to attend good public schools and learn from wonderful teachers. In junior high, she had an outstanding American history teacher whose lessons and passion built the framework for Deborah’s respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. She learned how individual freedom, equal opportunity, and personal liberty formed the foundation of our country. It has been her life’s work to make sure America remains a place where everyone has an equal shot to succeed. Unfortunately, today it is much more difficult for hard working North Carolinians to attain economic opportunity and security. Unbalanced trade deals and tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas have put people out of work. College is unaffordable for many young adults, and rising student loan debt makes it difficult for them to open businesses, buy houses, and start families. Seniors worry about their retirement security as politicians in Washington threaten to reduce retirement benefits. North Carolinians need a leader who will uphold our values and deliver on America’s promise.