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Dennis Carlone

Running for Cambridge City Council
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

Dennis is a two-term, progressive Cambridge City Councillor, first elected in 2013. Originally from Brooklyn, he moved to Cambridge in 1974 to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Design, fell in love with the city and has lived here ever since. He and his wife, Katie, raised both their sons in Cambridge. With over forty years of experience as a professional architect and urban designer, Dennis brings an indispensable, unique expertise to the Council in the policy area over which it has the most direct control: zoning and new development. He puts this expertise to good use on the council, and as co-chair of the Ordinance Committee, by promoting economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and equitable development. Since joining the Council, Dennis has worked closely with fourteen different neighborhood groups to help them guide the future of their rapidly growing Cambridge neighborhoods according to their own needs and self-determined goals. He knows how to work with diverse communities and find a solution that benefits everyone involved. The son of a union carpenter and first in his family to attend college, Dennis knows he has been blessed in life and wants to give back in kind. Each phase of his life, public and private, has focused on promoting the public good. This work is never-ending and Dennis is seeking a third term to continue the progress he initiated.


  • Review all options to overcome Cambridge’s current housing crisis. This includes equitable zoning reform guided by urban design best practices, cost effective construction, requiring our local universities meeting their dormitory needs, increasing the amount of city funds dedicated to affordable housing efforts.
  • Implementing the city-wide Master Plan to serve social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Under this plan, Cambridge can continue to grow without overwhelming its existing neighborhoods and better integrate existing public transit into its urban fabric.
  • Fully implement the Vision Zero plan to make Cambridge’s streets as safe and efficient as possible for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.
  • Upgrade and expand public open space designs to provide a community benefit to Cambridge’s entire population, from families with children, to professionals on their lunch breaks, to college students.
  • Work with Cambridge’s local universities to develop job training programs for Cambridge residents living near their campuses and ensure they build enough graduate student housing on their own land to decrease the number of students who must compete with Cambridge families for the limited, reasonably-priced housing nearby,
  • Reform local elections with publicly financed municipal campaigns. Dennis refuses to accept donations from large real estate developers or special interests. He has returned one such donation this cycle.