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Eduardo Martinez

Running for Richmond City Council
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Eduardo Martinez was elected to the Richmond city council in 2014, defeating a $262,000 campaign sponsored by Chevron to discredit his name. His campaign, one fifth that amount, was composed of corporate free donations and fueled by grassroots door knocking. In the few years that he has served, he has supported a stronger police review process, minimum wage increase; rent stabilization, the transfer of public monies from jail expansion to public services for the integration of returning inmates. Mr. Martinez has taught in a community school, juvenile hall and elementary school since 1989. He has been a teacher in the WCCUSD since 1993 retiring in 2010. Having taught many types of students, he learned of the needs and the challenges faced by our youth in an educational system and society that has failed to prioritize them. He is committed to challenging any policy that does not promote equity and racial, social, and environmental justice.