Our Candidates / Tennessee / Edward Nelson

Edward Nelson

Running for State Representative, District 19
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

I am a third generation US Navy veteran, lifelong Tennessean, and bold progressive. I grew up mostly split between a dirt road and a trailer park in rural Western Tennessee. Being the grandson and son of combat veterans, I learned at a young age that politics were important. I volunteered on a handful of campaigns as a teenager and then toured with some punk bands before joining the Navy at 19. After a decade of faithful service, I returned to Tennessee to finish my degree in Sociology and fight for the people and the state I love so much. I joined the Navy at 19 and as a leader, I instilled in my sailors that if they were complaining about something, they needed to also be working on a solution. Ten years and a half dozen deployments spent fighting for folks around the world, I came back to find that nobody had been fighting for us. I intend to fight.