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E.J. Zita

Running for Port of Olympia Commissioner District 3
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

E.J. Zita supports improvements at the Port of Olympia, with sustainable economics, job opportunities, and environmental integrity.

As Port Commissioner since 2015, Zita improved accountability at the Port, and supported responsible projects in local cities. Zita advances good ideas for infrastructure and environment, communication and community, renewable energy and agriculture. She encourages respectful listening and cooperative planning, to meet our challenges and reach our goals.

Zita is a farmer, teacher, and scientist. Leading the Thurston County Agriculture committee, she works to benefit food producers and invest in our community’s future by protecting working lands. With a PhD in physics, Zita worked in energy research, and now trains new leaders as a college professor. As a neighborhood leader and Port Advisory Committee member, she's held the Port to higher standards since 2005. Zita and her spouse have lived in south Thurston County for over 20 years.


  • Financial responsibility, for better economic development and jobs
  • Transparency and accountability, for greater public trust
  • Environmental stewardship, to protect our water, air, and land
  • Community planning, for a better future
  • Move toward renewable energy and resilience, away from fossil fuels and global warming